In the diagram above, the line is tied to a tree, but sometimes people will bury a PVC pipe in the mud and tie the line to the PVC pipe to make everything as hidden as possible.
Depending on the area you live, bank lines can draw up many different kinds of fish—most prominently catfish in the south.
If you aren’t catching anything, the fish either aren’t there or they do not like the bait. In conclusion, a survivalist scenario requires you to cover all your bases because you never know what will happen. The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook: Over 170 Pages of Food Storage Tips, and Recipes From Preppers All Over America! Trotlines or banklines are not illegal in any state some do require names and similar identifiers. I also enjoyed the article, I wish our area had more waterways where this information would be more useful. During a TEOTWAWKI event, you will need to find ways to harvest your calories in the most efficient way, using as few as possible. Many people up here are under the impression that they will hunt and fish their way out of it.
Many a time I could have harvested several deer at one time but for the restrictions of having sufficient tags. I believe unconventional methods will help during a Collapse but everyone and their uncle will be banging away at the available critters. Another technique we used in survival school in Panama and Northern California was with our pack hammock in conjunction with rocks and limbs formin a channel the fish would flow into the net and we had a line attached to bring it up and in. Seen Asians up on a camping trip with long limbs slapping the water knocking fish out and the kids going into pick the up. A technique I saw in Africa was with woven baskets on channels they would dam up and the base of the basket is thatched with small openings were water flows through and the fish channel in and the scoop them up and out onto large baskets. When it comes to TEOTWAKI, ditch the milk jugs and attach your trotlines to pieces of tree trunk, large branches, etc. While other regions look forward to the summer months to provide them with some respite to the cooler winters, summer in the GCC is intense. There are, however, a few simple things that managers and workers themselves can do to help reduce the risks posed by working in extreme temperatures. Normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees F (37 degrees C) and, when you exercise, your temperature increases. To make camping trips enjoyable and not stressful you’ll want camping equipment you can rely on.

For those that do not know about trot lines, they are a way to fish without being present watching the pole. If you have the time and live in an area where fishing would be important in a survivalist situation, I suggest making an emergency trotline ahead of time. People commonly drop off these fishing rigs in the morning and pick them up at night or the next day, thus you can be off getting other things done while the trotlines do the fishing for you.
If you were to survive by yourself hiding the bank line isn’t too much of an issue, but if there was a survivalist situation where many people were looking for food to steal, hiding your bank line is a must.
Experiment with some different baits on the line to conclude if they like one bait or another. However, that was in another country under exigent circumstances – we was out of C-rations and very hungry.
I would use my ultralight tackle and the guys from Louisiana would laugh and break out the seine. They had a ser distance between each line and with rings attached with a pull line tether sort of like a flag pole so they could be pulled in and set back out. We fished a flooded river in ’93 for bait we were using little bitty blue gills we seined from a pond. It drives people indoors, stops construction in its tracks and makes life unbearable for those forced to struggle through power outages and a lack of air-conditioning. Though many GCC countries have implemented work bans during peak hours which have helped reduce the risk of accidents, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, the risks remain for anyone exposed to the intense summer temperatures for prolonged periods. In all circumstances, prevention is better than a cure - and the measures required are reasonably simple and straight-forward. It doesn't increase a lot surprisingly - the human body is highly susceptible to fluctuations in core temperature - and your body reacts fairly quickly to any major changes . It sweats, which cools the skin through evaporation, and it increases blood circulation to the skin surface helps transfer heat to the cooler atmosphere. They take up very little space and weigh next to nothing, but can be a fair amount of labor upfront to get it correctly setup. Keep in mind, however, that depending on the presentation, many trot lines and bank lines end up getting stolen by other anglers. If they aren’t taking any of the baits the fish probably aren’t around—move the bank line to another safe location. While bank lining can be fairly easily done with the right supplies, it doesn’t hurt to have things sorted out ahead of time. I would add a couple wire or bottle traps for bait (and eating if you don’t catch anything bigger).

I have used a weeding hoe to pull a limb back to the bank to tie a line on then drag it back to check and retrieve our turtle.
One sweep through the pond or tank with the seine and it was fish fry time for the whole rig. Then I explained that we had burned hundred’s more calories than the little lizard was going to supply us. The work ban has reduced the number of incidents but it will never eliminate the risk entirely.
Well-hydrated workers with good nutrition and reasonable fitness skills rarely suffer, even in the most extreme circumstances - but there is no room for complacency when working in such extreme conditions.
The water anchor can be a rock or branch, make sure the anchor isn’t too small or too large—you will need to throw it out as far as you can in order for this setup to work well. If you don’t know where to put the trot line in the first place, find a place that has some deep water and looks like an “active” area. Depending on your situation, it may even be worth it to stake out some areas ahead of time to figure the best or most hidden places to put out the bank line.
Nobody traps because the no fur crowd killed the hide market years ago but the rats are not bad eating especially when they get fat on field corn. Upon doing autopsies of the fish we caught, we found they were stuffed full of nightcrawlers. But, if you are new to the whole experience of camping, there are few items of essential camping gear without being weighed down by too much equipment. There are many custom things that can be done to a trotline, but at bare minimum you only need line, knot-making skills, swivels, and hooks. By active, I mean an area that has a fair amount of wildlife around—birds, bugs, frogs, minnows, usually when there are these organisms around, the larger fish are never far away.
In terms of saving calories and remaining efficient with time, bank lines represent one of the most efficient survivalist strategies out there. Of course, your destination and what is provided there (if anything) will be an important factor in working out what you need to take along with you.

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