From hurricanes and flash floods to major disasters, chances are you will have at least a few tin or aluminum cans of food set aside for a time of need. Here are 10 ways that every prepper can use aluminum and tin cans for direct survival needs. If you expect to use aluminum and tin cans to their fullest potential, you need a few simple tools on-hand, and some of them are mandatory to get the job done. Heavy, fireproof gloves – no matter whether you cut into a a large food can or a “thin” soda can, the edges  of the metal are more than sharp enough to cut into your skin.
Tarp or other coverings to cover the work surface and work area – working with metal cans is one of those things that makes more little snips of stuff than you might expect.
A magnet – if you are working with metals that are drawn to magnets, you can use the magnet to retrieve shavings or other sharp bits of metal that are hard to find.
Goggles – when you are cutting metal, there is always a chance that pieces will snap off, fly into the air, and land right in your eyes.
Rulers, compasses, paper, and cardboard – there are few things sloppier and more wasteful than going into a building project without a solid plan and patterns for each part of the object being built. Vices and clamps – No matter whether you are using power tools or hand tools to cut or drill into metal, keeping the work piece stationary makes it much easier to make precise cuts and also reduces the risk of injury and damage to the item you are working on. A solar can heater is the easiest and most inexpensive way to heat individual rooms now and in a crisis situation.
The basic solar heater design will not heat up water, however you can amend it by simply running copper or other metal pipes through the core area for each can. You will also find it more efficient to pump water in through a pipe than trying to vent hot air into a window. For a final innovation, make your solar heater cells portable or build smaller units that take advantage of sunlight from different areas during the day. If you have two tin cans, you can make a stove that will burn paper, small bits of wood, and just about anything else. In a world without electricity, you can rest assured that candles will be primary source of light. You can also get creative with these cans and make different slit designs for the light to go through, as well as bend the metal to make legs,  or for purely decorative purposes.
When there are few sources of flat metal available, you will need a source of heat so that you can flatten available metals into blades and other important items.
While you will still need some other tools to repurpose different metals into other shapes, having a metal forge is still an excellent start.
As wonderful as light bulbs are, they still require a fire proof enclosure for safe operation.
You can also make shields for the light bulb in case you are going to use the lamp as a utility light.  For an added bit of innovation, bend some metal into a hook so that you can suspend the lamp from beams, nails, or anything else that suits your needs and safety concerns.
If you love camping, hiking, and hunting, you may be led to believe that there is very little use for fan blades in a pure survival scenario. Even though you may be able to use lighter weight, plastic fan blades for some applications, remember that you will still need to use metal for high heat areas or others where a plastic blade simply isn’t good enough. Even in these “relatively safe” times, there is increasing interest in figuring out how to survive a live shooting situation. On the other side of the equation, the average citizen that truly needs bulletproofing  is denied access to the best in terms of quality and efficiency. For example, if you want to bullet proof your home, six inches of sand will stop most bullets. When the warranty runs out on your vehicle, most car dealers figure that you will buy a new car rather than try to deal with all the expenses associated with repairing an older vehicle.
To add insult to injury, if you are a dedicated prepper, then you may already know that the older vehicles are sturdier, easier to fix, and better for survival situations because there is no way for computers to shut down your vehicle from a remote location.
But what happens when a radiator blows or something else springs a leak?  If you have a few tin cans, you can cut the metal to cover the leaking area, and then braze the tin to cover the leak.
Container gardens are very nice and useful for prepping, however the cost of commercial planters can be prohibitive when you survive on a budget. Also, most planters that you buy aren’t suited for vertical gardening or other situations where space and water may both be at a premium.
For hot weather and cooler weather loving plants, paint the planters white so that they reflect heat outward.  This will keep the roots cooler and also help reduce moisture evaporation. Aside from acting as a valuable storage vessel for emergency and daily use foods, metal cans can also be used for many other things. While some of these ideas may seem redundant to other equipment that you may have on-hand, remember that physical possessions can be lost, stolen, or ruined at any moment.

If you have garden and you enjoy spending your time in it, then these projects are for you! These projects will help you to improve your garden and to make it look more beautiful and more organized. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. So I’m going to do you all a big favor and answer those questions about myself because I went hands on with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at the Gamestop Expo this week and want to share my first impressions! What I liked about Call of Duty: Movement, weapon perks and customization, objective game modes. With all that said, I haven’t bought a Call of Duty since Black Ops 2 and I sold that within a month.
Which brings me to my next point, this game will probably get you frustrated like any other recent Call of Duty.
One huge relief is that many people asked me if Advanced Warfare is better than Ghosts, and without any hesitation I say “yes!” Miles and miles better! One item that can take up a lot of space and potentially the most weight in your bug out bag is a tent. Tarps are a great idea if you are looking to shed pounds from your bug out bag and they give you most of the protection from the elements of a tent. There are a lot of varieties of camping tents out there and some are of course more expensive than others, but you will appreciate the time and weight savings. From simple, “bare bones” essential vital devices to more decorative options, you can truly use aluminum cans in more ways than expected. Without these tools and the skill to use them, you will either fail to finish your project, or you can get hurt if you don’t know how to handle and dispose of sharp metal edges and can remains. Unlike paper or fabric, these little bits of metal splinters  can get embedded in your feet or hands and wreak havoc. If you decide to use power tools for drilling holes, the risk of flying debris will be even higher.
Always start your designs on paper using rulers, compasses ,and protractors so that you get precise parts and sizing.   You will also always be well served by building cardboard models so that you can recheck measurements and make sure that most, if not all the parts are accounted for. Aside from giving you a medium that holds heat longer, it is much easier to pump water through radiators located in other rooms. You can also modify the basic design to burn rubbing alcohol or other liquid flammable materials. A tin can forge is easy to make and can be used to flatten out everything from  iron to drill bits.
On the other hand, if you need to generate power, dry off damp areas, cool down electrical equipment, or even repair the fan blade attached to an automobile radiator, being able to make fan blades from tin cans is a very important skill. This includes scenarios where bullets from a surrounding area may find their way into your home.
If you cannot afford to build a fortification all at once, then just start with a few cans at a time. Even though some parts may not hold up very long after being patched this way, others may remain in good working order for years on end. This process is helped immensely with tinder cloth as well as other materials that catch fire easily. If you are concerned about white being easy to see by other people, try using very pale greens, blues, or even tans. If you are serious about being ready for as many disaster situation types as possible, master the use of tin cans and make sure that you can build and operate some basic equipment made from metal cans.
When all you have is are a few tin cans and other used materials, knowing how to turn crap into something useful is one skill no one can ever take from you. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. When it comes to shooters like Call of Duty especially, I’d like to know: Did they pick this franchise up for the first time or have they been playing it since the beginning?
Once you jump, you can hit A again to double jump and while you are in mid-air, you can boost forward or left or right. If you felt Ghosts was boring like I did, you will like Advanced Warfare a whole lot better. I think hardcore COD fans; the ones who buy these games every year will enjoy Advanced Warfare. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, she was privileged to have experienced the NES, SNES, TurboGrafx 16, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, N64, amongst many other consoles.

That is unless of course you are spending a lot of money to get an ultra-light tent that folds up into the size of an Altoids tin and expands to sleep 20 people comfortably. True, they don’t enclose you completely, but they can keep the rain off just as well and the size and weight savings is nothing to sneeze at.
The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. No matter how hard you try to avoid all those sharp edges, it only takes one cut to create a wound that can take a long time to heal or become easily infected. Keeping the work area and floor covered makes it easier to simply pick up the whole mess and discard it. Even in the best of times, eye injuries are some of the most tedious and difficult to deal with.
The secret to your success will not be so much in the cans themselves, but what you put in the cans.
You can even choose to build eight inch fortification walls or more and enjoy the insulative properties of the fortified wall at the same time. If you do not have a shiny or smooth enough surface, you can also try fitting tin foil over the can to make it shinier. There are many pastel shades that can still mimic dried grass or other natural materials if you paint them as camouflage patterns.
I felt a desire to get better at my movement, which is always something I like to master in shooters and what typically keeps me playing.
Those whom are skeptical will have to try it themselves and those who absolutely hate Call of Duty can keep on moving.
Actually, when my family and I went camping in the great outdoors a while back, I had two tents in my pack because my children were too young at the time to handle the extra weight. It is a lot of weight and space when you consider that I could have carried a tarp system which weighs less than one pound.
The guys at ITS Tactical have a set of videos that show a tarp rigging system that will allow you to add this gear to your pack, save weight and eventually set up time. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. If you know that you are going to have to work with metal in the post crisis world, now is truly the best time to learn how to solder and braze. You get the point, we all know that you can panic or hip fire in COD and get kills you probably don’t deserve. As for myself, I’m not sure if I would buy it but it is a refreshing step forward away from Ghosts and Black Ops 2. She is up to date with gaming news, the gaming community, as well as the social aspects of gaming. If I had 8 less pounds in my pack that would have made a huge difference in weight, but the sheer volume those tents occupied meant that I had to offload some of the food on my wife. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. Even if you do not have access to a welder or do not know how to weld, brazing is still a valuable survival skill that you can use for your own needs or barter in exchange for other goods and services. At one point, I slid into a room and took out 2 enemies, landing the double kill and it felt pretty satisfying. She is fascinated with men and women and how they each view and treat gaming, and above all she keeps gaming in check for what it is meant to be: for fun. Because there is double jumping and dashing, many are seeing this game as a Titanfall clone.  Titanfall as we know, has wall running and parkour, giving pilots the ability to maneuver away from enemies and titans.
Eventually, it became a little too easy because our team was dominating the other and it was funny seeing them across from us looking flustered. So if you want some down to earth commentary and opinions, look no further than Ericutz4thewin.
If you can picture Titanfall, imagine Advanced Warfare as a much faster and exciting Titanfall, without titans of course.

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