Set among the beautiful redwoods of Santa Cruz and Marin, the 1-Day Wilderness Skills clinic is a great way to escape the hustle-and-bustle of the work week and get back to nature! This class is 100% hands-on and appropriate for all ages, but the pace is geared towards teens and adults (children 12 & under must be accompanied by an adult).
This class is about getting back to the earth, learning how our ancestors lived in harmony with our planet, and experiencing nature to its fullest. Clinics are held in two locations: the beautiful redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains (south Bay Area) and Marin (north Bay Area). It is quite common, especially as you get to large enterprises, that you look at established vendors who can provide you with all the tools that you need.
The “we’re all in this together” prepping mantra was definitely not lost on Doctor Joe Alton and his wife, Amy – better known as Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy. Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy just released the third edition of their potentially life-saving best-selling book, The Survival Medicine Handbook.
The Survival Medicine Handbook has grown by several hundred pages and now includes some information which will most likely help readers survive active shooter situations and the rapidly growing number of possible pandemic diseases around the planet.
When talking with Doc Bones about the release of the third edition of the book, the conversation was once again an enlightening one. Learning how to shoot a gun, grow your own groceries, and raise livestock to prep for a TEOTWAWKI scenario all take time, effort, and money. The active shooter portion of the book will likely be a favorite among readers, whether or not they have read the first two edition of The Survival Medicine Handbook or not.
The Orlando shooting merely highlighted the threat we all face on a daily basis from mass shooters now, before a TEOTWAWKI situation occurs. Doc Bones shared a multitude of information about dealing with mass casualty incidents in the active shooter section of the third edition of the best seller.
Some of the other medical preps discussed in the latest version of the book include items that can be used to stop bleeding, how to react if you are find yourself in the role of a medic under fire, and the myriad of infectious disease which are showing up more frequently across the globe right now. Doc Bones and Nurse Amy also recently released a Zika virus handbook and an Ebola handbook to help others prepare for and prevent the spread of the evolving infectious diseases. The good doctor also pointed out the expected 500,000 tourists for the Olympics in Brazil, which is basically ground zero for Zika, has the potential to cause an even larger spread of the virus.
The medical preparedness skills you can learn from Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy do not end with the printed work.
Joe and Amy are also popular presenters at preparedness events, such as the massive 3-day hands-on training offered at the annual Prepper Camp in the hills of North Carolina. The Alton’s took their prepping education goals old school last year when they created the Doom and Bloom Survival board game. Camping gear costs thousands of dollars for products, that if used enough, are going to fail when you least expect it. I will base this off of a summer loadout that I built in 2009 after I lost my job in the economic collapse.
Do build your own frame saw.   A nicely tempered 24 inch Bahco saw blade is much lighter in your survival pack and more efficient than an expensive folding saw that tends to bend and break. Do Not buy heavy, expensive canteens.   I already touched base on this one, but a cheap billy pot and a Gatorade bottle are every bit as efficient as a heavy and costly metal bottle.
Do Not buy expensive custom knives.   A laser sharp Mora in the right hands is pretty hard to beat for $10.
Savings: Savings here are not monetary but the quality of 550 over the quantity of bank line gives us a real peace of mind savings. Tent stakes you bought at a store and need replaced occasionally = $10 – $20 every few months. Hopefully you have found something useful here, so maybe if you’re just now planning a low-budget camping backpack, you can save some coin and headache.
So, when and if disaster, or worse, Armageddon, strikes to make sure you’re prepared with a quality air rifle.

There is something here for everybody – come with an open mind and be ready to learn! Click one of the REGISTER links below and you will be taken to our online reservation system where you can view schedules and locations. It’s the oldest football tournament in the world and consists of teams from the English Premier League down to 5 leagues below which can include some amateur teams.
The same thing can happen internally when 2 different products are bought by two separate IT teams to solve different problems. The two learned medical experts are on a mission to educate the masses in the hope that their words and guidance will help save lives after the SHTF.
And, it is written in plain English so we can all understand the text and learn how to follow the mountain of survival medicine data contained inside. Joe and Amy fully understand that medical preps are the most difficult aspect of living off grid or preparing for a disaster.
But, these skills can be accomplished without many years spent in medical school – making the survival training advice in the Dr. During a long-term disaster when society breaks down within weeks, perhaps even days, the likelihood of being faced with the barrel of a gun pointed in your face increases substantially. The new chapter also deals with, and strongly encourages, enhancing situational awareness skills. He questioned the wisdom of encouraging so many people to attend the epicenter of the outbreak, fearing an epidemic could stem from the infected tourists traveling back home after the festivities in Rio end. Alton noted the ongoing exercise in futility being undertaken in Brazil to stop the Zika virus before the Olympics begin.
The enigmatic couple also shares health and safety information and medical prepping advice on their website, Doom and Bloom. On their American Survival radio show Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy discuss the pressing events of the day which can impact both our Constitutional rights and very existence – now and into the future.
Your mission is to have your character accumulate supplies like food, fuel, weapons, and medical supplies, as well as recruit followers.
The tips you learn and knowledge you gain could very well save your life during a disaster! Some folks use catfish line, but I’ve tried it and never have found the quantity to trump the quality of paracord. Of course, they are not indestructible, and you’ll likely be replacing them if you are a hard-use type. And if you’re an experienced camper, I hope this has inspired you to reevaluate your current investment and needs. I know what you’re thinking “what in hell is this crazy white boy talking about BB guns for?” Well, allow me to present my case. No matter what your background, from the novice camper to the seasoned backpacker, there is something for you in this class. Learning these timeless traditions, such as native shelter building and fire-by-friction, helps to build self-esteem and awareness from knowing YOU CAN SURVIVE! Exact directions, maps, recommended packing lists, and other details will all be provided during the registration process. The final was played between Manchester City, a team that finished the season in 2nd place in the premier league against Wigan Athletic, a team that finished in 18th place and is therefore relegated to league below the EPL for next year. It is quite common to look at companies such as BMC, Dell, HP, and IBM as the vendors of choice. At some point you need them to work together and it becomes a nightmare trying to make the pieces fit.
You see a company that is using SharePoint internally and then one business unit goes out and purchases Box so they can have access while mobile and then a second purchases Dropbox while a third decides to go in the SugarSync direction. IT needs to stop saying no and trying to control everything and the Business needs to learn to let IT participate.

Readers will learn in greater detail how to treat both gun and knife wounds, and even changes to military procedures regarding how to stop bleeding when dealing with ballistic wounds. Many medical conditions could be aided by herbal remedies – the supply of conventional medications will quickly come in short supply during a long-term disaster. Armed soldiers are currently going house to house and forcing residents to allow spraying inside their homes. They also create highly detailed and easy to follow videos on their companion YouTube channel, and share their own knowledge and that of other prepping experts on the The Survival Medicine Hour podcast.
That includes hail storms, damaging winds, a few feet worth of rain, and general drunken stubbornness.
With ammo for popular weapons being in short supply as a result of Homeland Security buying up all the ammo, conserving your defensive munitions has become a top priority. You WILL build a shelter, you WILL make fire, you WILL learn about edible plants, see and learn about native style traps, and experience several other indigenous skills. Childcare is not available at this course – it is the responsibility of parents to monitor their children so that our instructors can focus on teaching to the group.
You build a great Active Directory infrastructure and you incorporate a Virtual Directory Service that isn’t compatible with the latest SSO tool that you have picked. It becomes a question of both groups sharing a common goal and understanding the needs to get there.
An infected man’s sperm can cause birth defects in a pregnant woman up to a year after the bit from an afflicted mosquito. There are tough decisions to be made along the way, and there are others that want to take what you have,” Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy shared. Besides, with the savings you’ll make from the other tips in this article, you can afford it. It was a terrific match and in the end, Wigan won the cup by a score of 1-0 and by far looked liked the best team on the pitch. The problem is, you have all of these premium products and many of them just don’t work well together.
You have a PKI infrastructure that isn’t compatible with your Enterprise Mobile Management tool either. Now they have to figure out how to work with all of these different solutions because the Business and IT all forgot that they were working as a team, and they needed to partner to get the job done. It can be great for IT to have the best file sharing system in the world but if the Business doesn’t use it what do you have, a steaming pile of useless cow chips.
Neither of them may have good APIs and it becomes a 6 month to a year struggle to figure out the best way to hook the two products together to achieve something that should have taken less than a week.
It’s great that the Business picked 3 different file sharing systems, except for when the three divisions needed to share documents with each other and no one could figure out what to use.
They can solve a bunch of problems in a specific area, but as MCFC demonstrated, unless you play like a team, it’s very hard to win the game. In the end, the business strategy is to be more productive and efficient while making more money.
Fuzzy, a trail friend, had a poly tarp last six months and he was every bit as hard on his as I was on mine. The problem being, if you can’t play like a team, no matter how much you pay for the individual players,  you’ll never score and you’ll eventually lose the game.
Many stormy nights for him, as well.  I know because I rode out a night filled with rain wrapped twisters with him on more than one occasion, so I can vouch for his tarp. There’s a reason why there are two different sales teams for the products even though it’s the same company.

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