Whether you have a “green thumb” or you are totally new to gardening, it’s worth your time to become an expert at growing vegetables. Some people will turn up their nose at this project but I promise it will change your life. These are just a few of the skills you could learn in 2015 to help you become a better preppers. 2016 waterproof jackets preview - backpacker, Note: this is a preview of new technologies being introduced at the outdoor retailer show. Expanding your mind is a great way to stay young and to keep your brain running at full capacity. While I am not interested in this process right now, there could come a time when we need to do this in order to eat.
It takes a lot of work and a lot of time, but it is well worth it when you can feed your family fresh, organic produce without worrying about chemicals and pesticides. But if you take the time to learn several fire making techniques, it could save your life in a survival situation. Beer has been around for thousands of years and it will hopefully be around for many more after this. But if we entered another great depression or a major catastrophe shut down the stores, would you be able to keep your family clothed?

I have been crocheting for years and we have so many blankets and hats and scarves that it is not funny. There are lots of other ideas too – you could learn to make soap, raise bees, cook from scratch, or even make cheese.
Best Foods Mayonnaise with Olive Oil holds the flavorful mix of cilantro, ginger, bread crumbs & jumbo lump crab meat together.
Having the ability to put fresh food on the table is something that a lot of other people do not have. This is an awesome skill that few have and many will need in the crisis situations we are preparing for. Having the ability to repair rips, hem pants, or sew new clothes would be vital in a SHTF scenario.
But we have also been able to donate a ton of these items to the local homeless shelter as well. Take the time to learn the in’s and outs of this trade and you will have a leg up on the competition. As we move into the spring of 2015, take time to learn some of these new skills that could make you a better prepper and ultimately be the difference between life and death in a survival situation. Raising chickens offers a lot of benefits and it’s actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it!

Growing your own garden will provide a ton of food for your family and it could even be a great way to give back to your community.
There is a ton of information about this process and you can find several free books online as well. If you can sew, you have a powerful bartering skill that could buy your family much needed supplies. It took some time and some trial and error but I now have a clear understanding of how to properly raise chickens. Beer brewing is not only a great skill to have but it could also lead to a great bartering skill.
People love to drink and if you have the ability to make your own brew…people will trade almost anything for that.

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