July 2015 Basic Intensive Training in Choice Theory & Reality Therapy groupAdvanced Training with Garry GarnautCongratulations to all for completing the training!
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Hence, all behaviour represents the individual’s constant attempt to satisfy one or more of the five basic inborn needs. It is called Choice Theory because the only behaviour a person has any control over is their own. In other words, one cannot “make” another person to do anything that the person chooses not to do.
This differs greatly from our earlier understanding of human behaviour, known as stimulus-response theory.

From the stimulus-response theory, behaviour is viewed as a caused by something outside the person or the stimulus.
While stimulus-response theory believe that human behaviour is “caused” by outside events, the basic premise of Choice Theory holds that human being are internally motivated and that outside event can never “make” us do anything. Choice Theory helps us become aware of our own Quality World and how to respect the Quality World of others.

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