In this archive we have outlined several reasons to be a prepper while outlining basic steps individuals should take to begin prepping. Ok guys, in this guide we are going to talk about fitness and how to lose weight for overweight preppers and old-timers.
GI’s (general infantrymen) have been modifying their gear as long as they have been bitching about their Officers. While nothing can replace hands-on training, the following resource and videos cover the essential life-saving skills you need to respond to a wide range of medical emergencies.Get the Red Cross First Aid AppThese days there seems to be an App for just about everything, and that includes first-aid. The moment our offspring’s threatened the instinctual reaction is to immediately engage the threat. So if you’re leading troops one of the things you have to consider is Preventative Medicine.
The BOB should be prepared in advance since you won’t have the luxury of time to purchase or gather the supplies you need. In many areas you can find First Responder Training through your local hospital, fire department, community college, or local ambulance service.
I suggest taking a look at our article on the 30 essential items you need to have in your First Aid Kit. From dealing with a lack of sleep and inadequate hydration to dealing with hunger pains and other stressors, survival can take a huge toll on your body. If the ebola virus comes to this country and you have to give CPR and the person has the disease, what do you do?
Animals are experts at survival; they have adapted to their environment and can give you clues on what to do. The Group is warning they have shooters stationed throughout the country ready to attack.“More Will Be Assassinated In The Coming Days! The Gunman who was killed by police last night during a standoff, was named as Micah X Johnson, aka Micah Xavier Johnson. He followed a number of pages related to the Nation of Islam, including a page dedicated to Elijah Mohammed , the group’s deceased founder.
Johnson also liked several militant and black separatist groups such as The New Black Panther Party and the African American Defense League.The African American Defense League is one of the hate groups calling for the death of not only the police but also Firemen who they claim are the same thing.

The mainstream media is refusing to show it because it doesn’t fit their political agenda that these activists are all peaceful.
Facebook, a company that routinely censors conservative news outlets allows these groups to use their platform to organize and threaten civil society.
And Twitter, only hours before the Massacre, used their main corporate account to tweet out “These tragedies must lead to action. These groups are not only targeting the police but anyone who stands up against them and their agenda.
Make sure you know what’s going on in your town, and be prepared for large-scale attacks that may force you to evacuate.Be aware that Gun-Free Zones are always on the top of their list. There are some in government that will use it as a pretense to clamp down on the public first.
I also watched your videos from yesterday and you can clearly hear the gun fire coming from multiple locations when it started happening.Why are they covering for these people? This wasn’t a lone shooter it was a terrorist organization that is discussing itself as a civil rights group. And funny how Loretta Lynch immediately came out and said the Obama administration will not be investigating this as a hate crime. It’s also too bad that the media portrays these police officers who help protect innocent blacks in these communities as thugs. Wake up, come on over here to Chicago and tell me how peaceful these gang members are!This is not a race problem, it’s a culture problem that has invaded the black community thanks to Democrat policies that have held down an entire race. More of us older men need to start addressing the problems in our communities and the root cause. We need fathers back in our homes and to stop electing democrat politicians who do nothing but keep us down and promote this type of behavior for their own political power.In my day my dad would have whooped my ass for going out there and inciting this. As my Fiancee and I were discussing earlier today, it isn’t just Blacks that can act out. Hispanics, Whites, Asians, ALL ethnic groups have bad actors willing to get ignorant when it suits their agenda! I guess I am ignorant because I work hard forever thing while black lives matter tries to destroy our great city of chicago.

A Ballwin, Missouri, police officer is clinging to life after he was ambushed during a traffic stop.
A Bristol, Tennessee, police officer was shot by a man who was allegedly targeted whites in what the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says was revenge attacks for recent police shootings of blacks.
Search the #fuck12 hashtag that many of the posts above have on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! And don’t let those sick liberals on your Facebook page who are harassing you get you down.
They, just like today’s white youth, have grown up being told this is acceptable behavior. Also blacks normally only buy a box or 2 of ammo to go with the popgun they have, most white people (other then woman who also don’t buy much ammo) buy a LOT of ammo (enough to keep Obama up at night) and several extra mags to go with the gun and also go out and regulatory shoot and that means they are likely a better shot.What happens in a person with a small gun with very limited ammo comes up against a guy with a 357 Mag and a shotgun or a 3006 or AR? Mould July 11, 2016 at 6:43 pm You should all take a class on history, critical thinking, and logic.
You’ve brainwashed yourselves into believing things are as simple and plain as you beleive them to be.
But good lord, consider just for a second what you might actually discover if you look at the nuance of the situation.
Some of your premises may be correct but your conclusions are narrow, aggressive, or even literally insane.
You will encite the kind of violence and hatred you condemn here through rhetoric riddled with racist and socioeconomic-centered thinking.
These small portable solar chargers will ensure you have emergency power when the grid goes down.

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