While flipping channels you may have stumbled upon “Doomsday Preppers” on the National Geographic Channel, a show that highlights the great lengths some Americans will go to in order to ensure they are prepared for apocalyptic events.  Cameras follow survivalists preparing for various end of the world scenarios – war, pandemic, economic peril – and an expert assesses their preparedness efforts and determines if the “prepper” would survive the catastrophe. Jokes aside, the article ends with the premise that gaps do exist in the government’s ability to respond to mega-disasters and that essentially, everyone (extremist or not) becomes a first responder who must be ready to take on that role. The ability of individuals to prepare themselves for emergencies can likely mean the difference between life and death in the face of a disaster. Comment All comments posted become a part of the public domain, and users are responsible for their comments. Your home is one of the safest places to be during a tornado or severe storms, but most homes aren't built to withstand sustained winds exceeding 90 miles per hour. If you live in an area where tornados, or severe lightening storms frequently occur, you may want to consider building some kind of cement or underground shelter. The purpose of a shelter or safe room is to provide a space where you and your household can seek refuge that provides a high level of protection.
The walls, ceiling, and door of the shelter must withstand wind pressure and resist penetration by wind-borne objects and falling debris. If sections of either interior or exterior residence walls are used as walls of the shelter, they must be separated from the structure of the residence, so that damage to the residence will not cause damage to the shelter. Just like a shelter area in your home, this room should be stocked with supplies to last for at least 3 days (72-hour kit).
If your chosen room has no windows, you'll definitely need a good, reliable source of temporary light. Now that you've built your safe room and everything is sealed up tight, what about oxygen to breathe? Knowing that you want to keep outside air from infiltrating your room, you will need to take into consideration how many people are going to be in that room and allow 10 square feet of space per person to provide enough oxygen for each person for approximately five hours. When you will run out of air in the room depends on how big the room is, how many people (or pets) are in it, the lung condition or capacity of the occupants, and whether someone is prone to panic or hyperventilate in a crisis situation.
While confined in your safe room, make sure to take everyone's pulse every 10-15 minutes and write it down for each person. I hope you never have to make that decision but it may come down to breathing contaminated air or slowly be unable to stay awake and eventually pass out - and die. You may live in an area where building a concrete storm shelter would be overkill or do no good at all. We have had exactly one tornado here (Utah) in the recorded history of our state, and hurricanes will never happen here.
Whether you create a safe room in your home or build a storm shelter is considered a temporary protective measure to create a barrier between your family and potentially contaminated air outside as well as protection from flying or falling objects.
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The secret “underground” building market for what are now being called doomsday shelters is on the rise in our country.
There are many different types of shelters that you can have built in an array of different price ranges that fit your survival needs.
Luxury Survival Condo Complex – If your pocketbook can afford it this, it is the ultimate luxury residence for any prepper.
Ready Made Family Structures – These types of shelters will run you approximately $50,000-$100,000. DIY Shelters – Many preppers on a budget of $50,000 or less choose the option of DIY when it comes to their survival. What started as a two-person remodeling company over 35 years ago has grown into a multi-state construction and home improvement enterprise boasting more than 75,000 happy customers. You can certainly use a throwing stick or survival bow to obtain food, however, active hunting can be a very time consuming pursuit. A snare is essentially a loop that is set up to tighten around an animal as it passes through. Deadfalls utilize a completely different strategy than snares and are often much easier to create. When in a survival environment, materials and tools available can vary greatly from situation to situation. Traps and snares for wilderness survival applications are taught as part of our Wilderness Survival Courses. While the scenarios profiled on “Doomsday Preppers” are extreme, there are actual disasters – like Superstorm Sandy or the recent tear of extreme storms across the southeast and up the eastern seaboard – that are much more likely to occur and for which personal preparedness is essential. While you may not need an underground bunker with a year’s supply of canned food, it is a good idea to have a weather radio, flash light, and some non-perishable food items on hand in case the power is knocked out by a storm for example.
Shelters built below ground level provide the greatest protection, but a shelter built in a first-floor interior room can also provide the necessary protection. Well, if there is a need to tape up all windows, doors, and vents, there is probably a chemical or biological reason to do so.

Even though your pulses will probably be a bit higher from stress or from rushing to get into the room and tape it up, what you're watching for is a sudden spike in anyone's pulse, especially after the 5-hour mark.
It is especially useful in areas where it is not safe to be above ground during a storm, such as tornados.
Self-proclaimed Doomsday Preppers are spending thousands to millions of dollars on their innovative shelters.  They envision a scenario, in which it is no longer safe to participate in society at large.
We are going to start from the top luxury comforts of shelters down to the most economical that exist today. Located in Kansas, and called the Survival Condo, your living space would contain approximately 1,800 square feet of living space for 10 people for a full floor layout and 900 square feet  of living space for 5 people for a half floor layout.
The most common types of shelter material are thick walls of poured concrete, old semis or large shipping containers. Delighting our customers, whether they are building new or remodeling their home with a new gutter system or roofing installation, is easy to do with the great products we offer and our staff of hardworking employees. Though one can certainly eat numerous edible plants while out in the back county you can't get nearly as high a caloric return from plants as you can from meat. Modern steel snares have a mechanism that allows them to tighten but loosen only when manipulated in a specific manner.When an animal is snared its natural reflex is to flee using all of its strength to "pull" away. Rather than storing energy to indirectly dispatch an animal, as in the case of the snare, deadfalls utilize stored energy to crush an animal directly.
For this reason it is important to practice and master many different types of snares and traps so that you will have a well rounded knowledge base to work from.Snares and traps for survival trapping can be a very challenging pursuit.
To get this information across, CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response and National Geographic Channel announced a joint venture to have CDC public health preparedness and response messages appear on the program to get rational, credible information to a segment of the viewing public curious about preparedness.
While you’re putting together your emergency supplies talk to your family about where you would go if you needed to take shelter in your home or if you needed to leave town for an impending hurricane. Below-ground shelters must be designed to avoid accumulating water during the heavy rains that often accompany severe windstorms. That would signify that you're running out of air and would need to make a decision on whether it is safe to leave the room or not. These will protect you from germs (like swine flu, etc.) and particles in the air that might be left from a tornado or earthquake. Please contact me for permission to reproduce this content in full or in other media formats.
They choose to live in an underground bunker, a converted missile silo or an above-ground fortress until the doomsday disaster passes. You luxuries would include, but are not limited to, full kitchens with stainless steel appliances, LED lighting throughout, Kohler fixtures, 50 inch LED TV’s, biometric key access (finger print reader), comes with a five-year food reserve for each person and is fully furnished and professionally decorated. These types of shelters typically will hold at least a 2 year food supply for a family of five. If you are serious about becoming a prepper you might want to rethink DIY shelters because you can end up sinking a lot more than you planned if you would have just went with the professionals to do it. If you live in an area prone to tornadoes, it is particularly important that you have a tornado plan in place.
Modern snares were designed with this in mind and utilize the animal's forward momentum to tighten the snare. The goal of the deadfall is to create a trap that supports a heavy object that, when triggered, falls on the animal, crushing it instantly.The two most commonly taught and easily created deadfalls, are the Figure Four and Paiute Deadfalls (pictured below).
It is very common for wilderness survival skills students to spend a lot of time learning how to build and trigger primitive snares and traps, and not so much time on a much more in depth and challenging study, where to set traps for a successful harvest and what to bait them with.I often say that wilderness survival, tracking, and naturalist knowledge cannot be separated from one another.
Not sure what disasters are likely in your area or where you should go during an earthquake or tornado? There are plenty of resources online to get informed about disaster preparedness. You can combine these types of steel structures to hold larger amounts of people usually up to 20. There are also a lot of preppers that are having their shelters built in the ground before their house is done so they have their living space under their current residence. There are several things you need to do to prepare for any tornado.Every family should have an emergency kit ready to go in the event of a tornado. Therefore modern snares used in survival trapping scenarios can be set nearly anywhere and only require that one end be staked into the ground or anchored to some sturdy object.Primitive snares do not commonly have a one way slip mechanism and generally utilize some type of stored energy to tighten the snare around an animal's neck.
You can have these built custom made or bare bones and you can also have them completely stocked with supplies if you want to leave it up to the experts. This way you could have a tunnel going down to your shelter and quick access to safety would outweigh these other options unless you were currently living in them already. This should include enough food, water and other essentials for every family member for up to three days.
The most frequently used method of storing energy is a bent sapling, however, don't let yourself be constrained by this method. A great trap in a bad location is a bad trap.Figuring out the best place to set a trap can be extremely challenging without knowledge of animal behavior and tracking.

We would recommend contracting your local construction company as how to accomplish the shelter the fits your needs most. As with all primitive skills learn the principals of the skill, in this case snares using stored energy, and then adapt your traps to the environment in which you find yourself.One of the most simple and useful snares that can be utilized for survival trapping is a rolling snare (pictured in the photographs below). The only way to truly learn these things is to spend time in the outdoors looking for tracks and sign that can give you a window into animal movement through a landscape.
Having a general contractor on your job will not only save you money, but it could end up saving your life! A good field guide to animal tracks and behavior can supplement your time in the field and boost your knowledge so that you don't have to have a lifetime of experience to predict where a specific type of animal is going to be at any given time of day or year.I urge you not to discount the importance of these skills. As a trapper, if I had to choose between naturalist knowledge and knowledge of trap dynamics I would choose naturalist knowledge all day. In an emergency situation, local authorities will advise you on where to go and what to do to stay safe. If designed correctly, the trigger mechanism will hold the energy until just the right moment, which is the moment an animal enters the snare and lightly tugs on the snare loop. A creative mind can come up with a device that can trap or kill an animal with a minimal amount of trapping theory, but if you can't find the animals in the first place you will never be successful at trappeing.Disclaimer - Primitive animal snares and traps for survival trapping are illegal in many states, and in the states where they are legal one must typically purchase a trapping license similar to a hunting license.
Generally, rolling snare triggers are designed to hold stored energy in the form of upward tension created by a bent sapling, as is the case in the photographs below. Make sure you are familiar with the local regulations regarding snares and traps and are working within the local laws.If trapping is illegal in your state you can still practice using snares and traps by making your traps non-lethal. Deadfalls can be rendered non-lethal by simply putting stopper sticks in the ground to catch the deadfall before it crushes an animal.
This can be helpful tool to give you information about upcoming storms and tornadoes.)When you go outside keep an eye on the sky to determine what might be coming your way. Once the energy is released the snare tightens around the neck of the animal hopefully ending its life quickly and humanely. Signs that a tornado is approaching include rotating clouds laying low in the sky, a sky that is dark green in color, or a loud roar of strong wind or large hail.When a tornado strikes be sure to stay as far away from windows as possible and even barricade yourself and your family in a room without windows if possible. I often do this by utilizing sewing thread to create a weak spot in the snare that will break away when it is triggered by an animal.
Make sure you are wearing sturdy shoes in case you need to sprint away from danger in a hurry. If you are in an apartment building or other building with many levels, go to the bottom floor and stay in the hallway.If you live in a trailer or mobile home you will need to take more precautions against tornadoes than someone living in a house. You will always be safer in a building than a mobile home because even if it is tied down you won’t receive much protection in the event of a tornado.In the event that you are outside when a tornado strikes, your first priority is to get someplace safe as quickly as possible.
If you are able, get to a place where you are lower than the road is, then you will want to cover your head with your hands until the tornado passes.Tornadoes often come out of nowhere, so you need to be familiar with your emergency plan at all times and make sure your family is equally aware of the plan. You may even want to agree on a family meeting spot in the event that you must leave your home and you get separated from your family members in the process. This will give the whole family peace of mind in an emergency situation.While, statistically speaking, tornadoes most often begin between 3pm and 9pm, you need to be aware that they can begin at any time of the day or night.
Being prepared for a tornado whenever it strikes is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and your family. You can never be too prepared for the danger of tornadoes.Are you aware that a storm shelter or safe room can save you and your loved ones lives? Both shelters were completed successfully and adds value to both the physical property and to our peace of mind. We commend you, your company, your product and your expertise!” David and Loree Allen “Since the installation, several bad storms have threatened Birmingham. Neither my wife nor I have given a second thought as to where we will shelter during a tornado or if we will survive such a storm safely.” David and Kris Peat The shelter was delivered when it was promised and Mike and a workman had it installed and anchored to our garage floor slab in about an hour. Ken and Phyllis Trotter In the past few years my family has had a couple of tornadoes come close and each time has been terrifying because we didn't have a shelter to protect us.
Nick As we sit and watch the news about tornadoes touching down, we are reminded of the blessing to have been able to purchase a Great American Safe room last month. We moved to Alabama fourteen years ago and were suddenly thrusted into a new reality, Tornado season!
After years of talking about it and researching the topic of investing in a storm shelter, we chose Great American Storm Shelters!

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