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However, from a different perspective, the Boston Port Act of 1774 could be seen as parliament’s acknowledgement of the importance of ports to colonial life. Political Cartoon first published in London Magazine in 1774, entitled "The able Doctor, or America Swallowing the Bitter Draught." The cartoon depicts Lord North, Prime Minister, forcing tea down the throat of America, depicted as a partially draped Native American female. This was evident even as far back as the 19th century, when the French political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville visited the US. In addition to the freshwater spring near Trimountain, which was what Salem and Charleston lacked, the peninsula’s connection to the Charles River proved worthy colonizing incentives. Titled "The Repeal, Or the Funeral of Miss Ame Stamp," the cartoon shows English officials weeping and carrying a casket to a "Family Vault" of other dead acts.
Without any imports or exports of goods in the port, the commercial enterprises of merchants were deeply affected. The maritime implications of this Act are often overlooked, but serve a salient purpose in regards to the American Revolution. He was at once impressed and appalled to discover a new kind of society where values such as noblesse oblige had no meaning: being upper class was more or less synonymous with being rich and since, in the land of the free, anyone could supposedly make their fortune through hard work, there was much less social guilt or sentimental pity for the plight of the poor.
This Act served to both prove the British maritime superiority and control of the waters and ports in the colonies, while proving to the colonist how important the control of their ports were. America's arms are restrained by Lord Mansfield, the Lord Chief Justice, while her legs are restrained by Lord Sandwich, First Lord of the Admiralty, who looks up her skirt.
This uproar was not just felt within the patriot, or anti-parliament camps, but within the pockets of the loyalists as well.

Since taxes had been placed on all commercial activities, merchants in particular were greatly affected. However, most colonists still opposed the act on principle and refused to validate taxation. The full text of the Boston Port Act can be found here.Three additional Intolerabele Acts were emplaced in response to the Boston Tea Party in order to make an example of Boston.
Everyone living in the Massachusetts Bay area was severely economically affected by this act. They would attempt to use rivers and ports, like the Port of New York City, to base their operations and conduct their campaigns. This cartoon was reprinted in many colonial newspapers and publications after its first appearance in London Magazine, both in Boston and throughout the colonies. These include the Massachusetts Government Act, which brought the Government of Massachusetts under English purview, the Administration of Justice Act, which allowed trials of royal officials to be moved outside of Massachusetts, and the Quartering Act which affected all of the colonies by allowing governors to house soldiers in unoccupied buildings. Furthermore, the use of the port by the British military gave a sense of dominance and imposition that the colonists were not fond of. In essence, they would try to exploit the colonial source of commerce and their naval inferiority.
A fifth act, the Quebec Act, was not passed in response to Boston resistance but is generally grouped with the Intolerable Acts. This, along with the rest of the coercive acts, led to the calling of the First Continental Congress on September 5th, 1774. A number of brave & resolute men, determined to do all in their power to save their country from the ruin which their enemies had plotted, in less than four hours, emptied every chest of tea on board the three ships commanded by the captains Hall, Bruce, and Coffin, amounting to 342 chests, into the sea!!

This was the greatest step taken by the colonies towards the political unification of the colonies. The outcome of this congress was the Declaration of Rights and Grievances in 1774, which did more than just declare the rights and responsibilities of the colonies, but gave the colonies a single voice. Additionally, the assistance from other colonies, like South Carolina, for sources of necessary goods for Boston and Massachusetts furthered the image of a unified front within the colonies. I stride around his Capability-Brown-landscaped estate like I own it, whereas he acts more like the junior undergardener.
To a visiting American, say, a big house that had been done up to the nines with everything beautifully finished by artisan craftsmen would be an obvious status symbol: this person has made it, they’ve arrived! Besides how well paid or wealthy you are, the study posits, your class is also a function of your social capital (how many people you know and what their status is) and your cultural capital (the extent and nature of your cultural interests).
The glory of our class system is not that it’s constricting but rather that it offers endless opportunities to become whoever you want to be. It’s the equivalent of that marvellous changing room in the magical shop visited by Mr Benn where he escapes the dreariness of Festive Road to become an astronaut or deep-sea diver or knight errant. Born into a desperately poor working-class household in Nottingham, he realised that he would never get on unless he learnt to mimic the ways of the middle classes.

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