As a new real estate agent or Realtor in a particular farming area, one of your first orders of business is to build name recognition. There are actually dozens of potential real estate marketing strategies you can  use to introduce yourself as a real estate agent to your local area, including social media marketing, real estate video marketing, publishing a monthly newsletter, and content marketing (having your articles published on websites related to real estate marketing, home ownership, the local real estate market, the desirability of living in your community, and so on).
As you’ve heard countless times, prospects generally need to be exposed to your name, your face, and your message several times before being receptive to doing business with you.
In many ways, a real estate agent introduction letter is like the foundation of a new building.
Visit this website* for more information, including a free sample of an expired listing prospecting letter.
Stay tuned to this real estate marketing blog for more prospecting ideas, marketing tools, and lead generation strategies.
In many ways, the real estate prospecting letter is one of the most basic, yet powerful marketing tools available to real estate agents and Realtors. First Impressions: Is your real estate prospecting letter visually inviting…  or cluttered-looking and verbose?
Incentives and Curiosity Factor: Have you immediately aroused curiosity, grabbed attention, or given your prospects any incentive to open the envelope or click on the subject-line of your marketing email?
Realize that sending out prospecting letters is an ongoing process, in which success can be defined in more than one way. Real estate prospecting letter templates are a good starting point for crafting a well-written marketing message to prospective clients in your farming area. Thanks for checking out my latest thoughts and ideas on real estate prospecting tools and lead generation strategies. Real estate marketing letters can serve many purposes beyond just staying in touch with prospects in your farming area.
Your priorities: Your prospecting letter needs to emphasize the fact that your top priorities include providing exceptional service, making yourself available on an as-needed basis, and producing the best possible results for your clients. Credibility: Distributing marketing letters, helpful homeowner and home seller tips, and real estate newsletters to your farming area (and your email subscriber list) can help establish you as a source of timely information, relevant insights, and important updates about the local real estate market, as well as the process of selling and buying homes.
Establishing and reinforcing an image of professionalism: Real estate marketing letters and news letter sent out on a regular basis can help cultivate a reputation for you as a proactive, resourceful, and dedicated real estate professional. When it comes to making real estate marketing letters an active part of your marketing strategy, success is often determined by your ability to catch people’s attention, present your message in clear and persuasive way, and motivate them to take action. If writing real estate marketing letters seems too labor intensive or time consuming, then you’ll be relieved to know that there is an alternative. Real estate marketing letters sent to your farming area and your email subscriber list can be an effective way to maintain contact, reinforce awareness, and keep your name in front of your target audience. Thanks for checking out my latest blog post on real estate marketing tips and techniques for writing effective letters — including prospecting letters, introduction letters, farming letters, and real estate agent marketing letters. Stay tuned for more marketing strategies, prospecting tips, and ideas for real estate agents and Realtors.
Question: Can real estate prospecting letters be used to produce sales leads, increase name recognition in an agent’s real estate farming area, and generate inquiries from prospective clients? Then, a month later, you sent out a real estate marketing newsletter updating your farming area on the latest news, trends, and relevant statistics in the real estate market. So whether you’re mailing out real estate prospecting letters, publishing weekly blog posts, sending out real estate marketing newsletters to your farming area, or creating top-of-mind awareness through a real estate postcard marketing campaign, a combined approach to real estate farming is one of the most effective ways to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. Visit my website for helpful tips on postcard marketing, social media marketing for real estate agents, business-building articles and real estate marketing strategies. Thanks for checking out my latest blog post on marketing for real estate agents and Realtors.
Whether you’re new to the real estate profession or just new to a particular real estate farming area, introducing yourself is a key element to generating leads and attracting new clients.
If real estate agent introduction letters are such a great way to kick-start a real estate career, you might wonder, then why do they produce such inconsistent results — sometimes bringing in just a small trickle of inquiries and responses? Another possible reason for a marketing letter or new real estate agent announcement letter to get a low response rate is a lack of engagement. If you’re at a loss of what to say in an introductory letter, you can download 12 variations of new agent introduction letters at this website*.
This extensive marketing kit of real estate letter templates and marketing strategies also includes a collection of 260 professionally written articles to catch the interest of homeowners in your farming area, other prospective clients, and your real estate newsletter subscribers. Stay tuned to this blog for more new real estate agent tips, marketing ideas, and prospecting strategies. Some real estate agents produce successful results with real estate marketing letters, while others find it to be an exercise in futility. So, how can you can you increase your chances of a successful outcome with your next real estate marketing letter campaign?
Start out with professionally written real estate marketing letter templates* to save time, avoid reinventing the wheel, and increase the probability that your farming letters and prospecting letters will generate leads and help you establish a connection with prospective clients. Make use of simple, but effective graphic design elements, such as paragraph breaks, text bullets (like I’m using in this list), and the selective use of bold lettering, underlining, headlines and subheads, italics, highlighting, and other devices (when appropriate) to call attention to key points. There are a lot of variables, when it comes to launching any kind of real estate advertising or marketing campaign, but by keeping certain tactics in mind and avoiding common pitfalls of sending out prospecting letters, emails, and real estate introduction letters, you’ll enhance both the quality and quantity of your sales leads and inquiries. Thanks for checking out my latest blog post on real estate marketing strategies, prospecting letters, and direct mail techniques.
If you’re about to sit down in front of a computer screen and write a real estate marketing letter from scratch, I have good news: There is no need to reinvent the wheel!
Instead of wasting hours of unproductive time writing prospecting letters, you can download an entire collection of 320 marketing letters, client prospecting letters, and farming letters that can be used for a wide variety of marketing and networking purposes.
There’s also a free example of an expired listing prospecting letter, which provides you with the basic ingredients for communicating with prospective clients and generating inquiries, leads, and new client relationships. Visit this site for the free real estate marketing letter sample (expired listing prospecting letter template). Perhaps the most important element of effective real estate marketing is your level of personal commitment, motivation, and mental focus. One of the best pieces of success advice I every read was in a book, called The Confidence Gap, A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt, by Russ Harris.
Enclose a small, free gift inside the envelope, such as an imprinted packet of garden seeds or a small calendar displaying your photo and contact information.
There are different schools of thought when it comes to the return address on the envelope and what information to include in it.

One way to help catch your prospects’ interest at the beginning of your real estate marketing letter is to ask a relevant or intriguing question. Stay tuned to this blog for more tips on real estate marketing letters, staying motivated, and maximizing your productivity as a real estate agent or Realtor. Reminder: As a starting point to writing more effective real estate prospecting letters, take a look at the free sample of an expired listing prospecting letter* that I mentioned earlier.
The analogy of tending to a garden or crop field (farming) is a perfect metaphor for being  a real estate agent or Realtor. As an example, it wouldn’t be too productive to plant some seeds in the ground, and then return a few months later hoping for an abundant harvest.
I don’t want to get all spiritual on you, but faith also plays a role in both real estate farming  and agricultural farming. Drip marketing is most closely associated with email marketing because of the ability to automate email messages. Visit the website* for more details and to check out a free sample real estate farm letter targeting expired listing prospects. Those are a few of my thoughts on cultivating a real estate farming area using marketing techniques, such as email drip marketing, real estate prospecting letters, and direct mail marketing. Many Realtors and real estate agents excel  in the areas of salesmanship, negotiating the best deals for their clients, and problem-solving skills, but when it comes to sitting in front of a computer screen and writing an effective farming letter, referral request, or even a real estate thank you letter, they get bogged down. The solution is to download a collection of professionally written real estate marketing letters that only require some minor tweaking and customization.
Visit this website* to get access to an extensive source of ready-to-use real estate marketing letters (320 letters) that can be used for dozens of different purposes and situations. When you order this kit of real estate letters, you also get 260 news letter articles you can use in your real estate email marketing program, direct mail campaigns, client welcome folders, open houses, home buyer seminars, and so on. Another real estate marketing tool that every Realtor and agent needs is real estate flyer templates. If you need a cost-effective marketing tool to solve this problem, there’s a kit of 53 real estate flyer templates* that are easy to use, professionally designed, and versatile.
Real estate marketing products and gifts (Real estate marketing idea: A unique and cost-effective real estate marketing idea that occurred to me while perusing a promotional products website is seed packets imprinted with your name on the back. According to the triune brain theory, our grey matter is actually three brains in one: The reptilian brain controls the body’s vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance. The limbic system, in particular the amygdala, is the first part of the brain to receive information and react to it.
The television show 60 Minutes dramatized confirmation bias on a show with polygraph examiners. Each of the four examiners was subtly led to believe that one particular person was the likely thief. If the initial impression you make is negative, it can have devastating long-term consequences for your business dealings – and even your career. Made of 7 Years Premium quality Outdoor Vinyl Material, waterproof, self-adhesive, and removable. Decal will come as 3 parts – the backing paper, the sticker itself, and the clear transfer tape. BLOODY ZOMBIE HAND PRINT(Right Hand) - 5.5" RED (IKON SIGN ORIGINAL) - Vinyl Decal WINDOW Sticker - NOTEBOOK, LAPTOP, WALL, WINDOWS, ETC. One of the most important principles in real estate marketing is that people gravitate to Realtors and real estate agents who they know, like, and trust. The intro letter sets the stage for future contacts and it opens the door to inquiries, lead generation, and potential client relationships. Obviously, the intention of any real estate marketing strategy is to acquire more clients and generate additional income. As an example, you can tailor your marketing letters to generate leads and forge relationships with specific segments of your target groups, such as FSBO prospects, expired listing prospects, and first-time home buyers.
Demonstrating the ability to sell homes quickly also carries a lot of weight in the minds of potential real estate clients. By downloading a collection of ready-to-use real estate marketing letter templates to your computer, you can save countless hours of time, boost your mailing campaign response rate, and generate more leads. More importantly, though, you’ve begun the process of familiarizing people in your farming area with your name, your photo, and your proactive approach to marketing real estate listings.
Those individual contacts need to be nurtured, though, so they can grow into profitable client relationships. UPDATE: In my geographic area, for example, a local association of Realtors announced today that pending sales of new and existing single-family houses were 14 percent higher last month, than they were last year during the same period.
You can reinforce that image and expand your visibility by creating a real estate blog and posting articles to it at least once a week. Feel free to contact me at my email address if you have any comments, questions, or points of clarification.
Real estate agent introduction letters have been a staple of real estate marketing plans since time immemorial (well, maybe not THAT long), and will continue to be a valuable marketing tool for the foreseeable future. In other words, is your real estate introduction letter engaging your recipients by either asking a question, citing a relevant statistic, or making a thought-provoking statement that would draw people into your message? The real estate marketing website also features a free sample of an expired listing prospecting letter. So if it’s not the marketing method itself that fails to generate the desired results, then why do some marketing letter campaigns produce a much higher response rate than others?
Although this marketing letter example is geared to expired listing prospects, it also contains a lot of verbiage that can be used in real estate prospecting letters, real estate agent introduction letters, and other types of marketing letters for real estate. The marketing kit also contains a wide selection of ready-to-use real estate thank you letters, requests for referrals and testimonials, new agent announcements, new Realtor introduction letters, and prospecting letters targeting FSBO prospects, short sale prospects, and apartment renters. You’ll also find other marketing tools for real estate, including 260 client-oriented articles you can use in your real estate news letters, direct mail campaigns, and other real estate prospecting activities. Two books I’d recommend reading (and then rereading) are Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.
However you decide to handle it, one thing appears to be certain: A return address that identifies the letter as being from a real estate agent, agency, or Realtor will tend to reduce the number of prospecting letters that are actually opened, read, and responded to.
Although it’s geared to expired listing prospects, the template can be modified and used as the basis for a variety of other real estate marketing letters.
As a side note, some of the links I post are provided solely for informational purposes and as a helpful resource.

When you stop and think about it, there are a lot of parallels between real estate farming and agricultural farming. It’s necessary to till the soil, add fertilizer, pull weeds, make sure the seeds receive enough water, and take measures to protect the seedlings from a variety of natural threats. Web-based email marketing software, for example, enables you to set up a predetermined schedule for sending out a series of sales messages to your email subscribers, a system which can help automate and streamline your real estate farming letter campaigns.
By downloading this real estate marketing tool to your computer, you can have instant access to professionally written letters for real estate agents and Realtors.
Rather than going off in a hundred different marketing directions in your quest for more clients, why not focus on a few tried and proven methods, and then branch out from there. That way, the hard work is already done for you, and all you need to do is insert the appropriate information in the designated spots and add your personal touches. It’s part of a client prospecting kit that includes the following real estate marketing tools. It’s a great promotional item to enclose in real estate farming letters (no pun intended!). Stay tuned for more strategies, real estate agent marketing tips, promotional ideas, and prospecting letter writing examples. The amygdala takes in all incoming stimuli and decides instantly whether or not it is threatening. So, once this unconscious evaluation has labelled you as trustworthy or deceptive, powerful or submissive, friend or foe, people will go through all sorts of mental gymnastics to hang onto their initial judgment: They will seek out information that confirms what they believe to be true, they will look for and take note of your behaviours that reinforce that opinion and ignore or downplay behaviors that are contradictory.
The show’s staff set up a mock situation in which four polygraph examiners chosen at random were asked to administer polygraph examinations to four different employees regarding the theft of camera equipment.
And so they found the identified candidates – a different one in each case — to be guilty, simply because that’s what they expected to see. While you can’t control other people’s biases or past experience, you can use your body language to send the right signals. Open your eyes slightly more than normal to simulate the “eyebrow flash” that is the universal signal of recognition and acknowledgement. Building recognition, credibility, and trust is an ongoing, gradual process comparable to building a house. However, if your real estate prospecting letter results in more visits to your blog, subscriptions to your email newsletter, or enhanced name recognition in your farming area, then your mailing campaign has achieved a degree of success. Whether or not you decide to download the complete kit of 320 real estate marketing letters, the website features a free sample of an expired listing prospecting letter, which can provide both guidance, usable content, and structure to your letter-writing efforts.
As a side note, there are a variety of ways to establish yourself as an authority on the subject of real estate marketing and the local real estate market, including blogging, distributing a monthly real estate newsletter (via email or postal mail), and being featured, quoted, or mentioned in media interviews, news stories, or popular local blogs.
Visit this website* to learn more about the wide assortment of marketing letters for real estate agents that are available for immediate use. You can either create a blog on your own website (contact your web hosting service if you have any questions about doing this) or you can publish blog posts through your Linkedin account and have it shared with everyone in your network. Thanks, in part, to all those unwanted credit card offers we’re all inundated with, people are becoming increasingly resistant to unsolicited offers and commercial messages of almost any kind. By the way, there are several elements of that sample letter that can be adopted for use in a neighborhood letter introducing you as a new real estate agent in your farming area. For example, if the email message or postal envelope isn’t opened,  then the real estate marketing letter won’t even see the light of day, so to speak! This relatively simple mental exercise can help strengthen confidence, motivation, and resolve.
Printing or stamping a short blurb on the envelope about the free gift, neighborhood news, real estate market update, or important information inside can also help increase the response rate of your mailing.
A real estate marketing plan will help give you a competitive edge in the marketplace, improve your time management, and increase your productivity and momentum. Although seed packets are not heavy or bulky, it will be obvious to the recipient that there’s something inside the envelope besides a sales letter. Before the conscious mind has had time to logically evaluate someone, the limbic brain has already made a decision. A study at the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging discovered it takes the brain just 200 milliseconds to gather most of the information it needs from a facial expression to determine a person’s emotional state.
It says, “I’m friendly and approachable.” A slow onset smile leads to even more positive reactions. People react to a great handshake (palm to palm, web to web, firm, but not bone-crushing) by judging you as open and friendly. You start with the foundation, construct the framework, and then methodically create a cohesive and long-lasting structure from there. Of course, if the marketing letter produces phone calls, email inquiries, referrals, or additional visits to your next open house, then all the better! It’s also a good idea to share your real estate blog posts with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social networks you post on. Visit the site* for an array of useful real estate agent marketing tools and prospecting letter templates for agents and Realtors. The author provides a free worksheet and guidelines for clarifying your values at his website. And, because these decisions are made without a logical process of deliberation, they impact us with the immediacy and power of an old-brain survival imperative – unconsidered, unannounced, and in most cases, impossible to resist. That’s why you can’t wait until you’re in the meeting room to “warm up.” You’ve got to walk in, already expressing the emotions you want to project. Decal has clear application tape over the top for easy application, Clear application tape is removed once Decal is applied. One way is to avoid using printed envelopes emblazoned with your real estate logo or even revealing the fact that the letter is coming from a real estate agent. Enclosing a one-page real estate newsletter can also be a value-added approach to getting prospects to open your envelope.

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