Charles Krauthammer, highly respected syndicated columnist, recently described Trump’s campaign as “fact free.” When you’re on the campaign trail, no one holds you accountable for rhetoric free from facts. Trump is on record in the past as favoring single-payer healthcare; a system where the government is the sole insurance company that pays all the bills. Canada is a true “single-payer system” because the insurance system is controlled by the government, but the hospitals and doctors are privately owned.
Martin Samuels, founder of the neurology department at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, says it could be worse. The results of the study showed the United States performed better than every country in Western Europe.
In Canada, Scotland, and every other country where single-payer or socialized healthcare systems exist, the costs are controlled by rationing; making people wait. Our own VA system, which is true socialized healthcare, is doing the same thing after the scandal of 2014 revealed that veterans were dying while waiting to receive treatment.

Real estate billionaire Donald Trump has tapped into that anger with bombastic rhetoric designed to feed the public’s hunger for politically incorrect straight talk. But the recent first Republican debate gave the public the chance to see Trump exposed when facts are important.
Although his current position is to repeal and replace ObamaCare, he was challenged to defend his support of a single-payer system in the past.
Scotland is a true socialized system, like the rest of Great Britain, because the British National Health Service runs everything.
After working as a visiting professor in Canada, he said, “The reason the Canadian health care system works as well as it does is because 90% of the population is within driving distance of the United States where the privately insured can be Seattled, Minneapolised, Mayoed, Detroited, Chicagoed, Clevelanded and Buffaloed. In 2008, a group of investigators conducted worldwide study of cancer survival rates, called CONCORD. The problem is so bad that even in these countries the government has been forced to pay private healthcare providers to relieve the extreme waiting times.

Roberts has been in active, private practice since 1984 and has served as Chief of the Department of Orthopedics and Chief of the Medical Staff of Princeton Hospital, Orlando.
As a result, he is currently leading the polls for the Republican nomination for president. Roberts’ earlier book, The ObamaCare Train Wreck – How Every American Will Be Affected. He has also served on numerous non-profit boards and currently advises businesses on healthcare reform related issues.

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