This entry was posted in Anti Angiogenesis, Chemotherapy, Surgical Therapy and tagged Affordable Life Insurance, Cancer Lung, Cancer Smoking, Cancer Survival Rate, Chemo Therapy, Dr William, Improvements, Insurance, Lung Cancer, Smokers, Ted, William Li. This is Gerson Therapy, however Gerson said not to take the drugs and get the chemo as they will only kill you and make it harder for natural fresh raw fruits and vegetables to help your body combat and in almost every case cure even terminal cancer.
Persecuting Gerson Therapy is a big deal in the USA even if there are clinics popping up all over the world, if I got cancer it would be off to Mexico, Japan or Sweeden if I didn’t feel I could manage the diet on my own.
Recommended BookRead more about food that fight cancer in this book, available from Amazon. Our scientific achievements and clinical trials enrollments of more than 1,000 patients a year speak to our efforts in bringing new therapies to patients and our excellence in research. By far, our clinical members provide the most care at our adult partner hospital, University of Colorado Hospital, which is the busiest adult cancer center in the state of Colorado.
In most cancer sites, more UCH-treated patients are alive five years after diagnosis than those treated at other hospitals in the state, the region and the country. If you’re an oncology-related physician who is a member of the American Medical Association, you may have received a poster in the mail that details our adult survival rates and highlights the “vast arsenal of techniques, methods and treatments” we use to make cancer “extinct.” The poster—the creative project of Cactus Communications, UCH marketing manager Brad Fixler and University of Colorado Cancer Center communications manager Lynn Clark—is themed off the “cancer hunter” advertisement the hospital created last summer to promote the cancer center in 5280 magazine’s Top Docs issue. For the 2011 campaign, the team created an “endangered species” poster showing cartoons of different cancer cells.

Other cancer centers may call themselves comprehensive—anyone can—but the University of Colorado Cancer Center is the only comprehensive center in Colorado designated by the National Cancer Institute. Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD, is director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center and professor of surgery and Paul Bunn Chair of Cancer Research at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Leukemia stem cells “hide” in fatty tissue, even transforming this tissue in ways that support their survival when challenged with chemotherapy. The content on this website is copyrighted by the full extent of the law by the University of Colorado Board of Regents. I highly recommend the Gerson Therapy book and there are tons of resources online about it. Last week, Andrew Thorburn, PhD, our deputy director, wrote about some of the wins over the past five years that we reported in our cancer center support grant, which is now with the reviewers at the National Cancer Institute.
UCH’s tumor registrars track and report each case diagnosed at the hospital, and each year they release new numbers comparing its five-year survival rates with Colorado and United States averages. When you look at Stage 4 patients, our survival rates are as much as double the national average. That ad, coincidentally, was named one of the best 50 local advertising ideas of 2010 this weekend.

We reported honestly, using data from the UCH tumor registry, the Colorado Central Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Database. I believe the answer lies in the true multidisciplinary nature of our adult care, our exceptional physicians and other health care providers, how our clinical investigations shared resource operates and the collaborations among caregivers in the clinic, scientists in the lab and epidemiologists in the community. The electronic version of C3 Magazine, our twice yearly magazine, is also published on this site. Some of the outcomes at UCH for certain sites and stages aren’t as good as others for this data set.
Theodorescu is a translational researcher with an active laboratory and a bladder cancer surgeon who practices at University of Colorado Hospital. Cancer treatment, early detection and survival has only gotten better in the past seven years due to our deeper understanding of the genomic and molecular underpinnings of the disease.

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