When someone else requests a radio check respond with READ YOU LOUD AND CLEAR or READ YOU 5-BY-5.
When you want to raise someone specific, identify yourself twice with THIS IS (YOUR CALL SIGN), wait for a couple of seconds and call out the intended person's call sign twice and say COME IN.
When multiple people are in range, do not answer a transmission unless you know the call is for you. When you finish transmitting your message clearly end with "OVER" and release the PTT button so the other person can start transmitting.

At the end of the conversation say the words "OUT" or "OVER AND OUT" to signal the end of the conversation. Wait for at least a second after pressing the PTT button and before beginning your message.
When you need to use "BREAK-BREAK", do not interrupt an ongoing transmission but wait till you hear "OVER".
These may be used during events, expeditions, security personnel, adventurers, search and rescue parties, HAM radio enthusiasts, etc.

It is worth remembering that a two-way radio is not like a cell phone and the rules that govern the conversation over radios is quite different from cell phones, even though both are meant essentially for voice communications. Basically the rules and etiquette for radio communications is based on common sense good manners and can easily be applied to cell phone conversations as well for better understanding between the two people in the conversation.

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