We were also lucky enough to experience the true Alaskan wilderness, joining Craig and Don on their respective journeys from Fairbanks and Juneau to their bug-out-location, a 12-foot diameter dome they have constructed 200 miles from civilization where we lived for three nights. The cacophony of snoring that occurred nightly in the dome, which, thanks to the acoustics created by its “cozy” shape and metallic nature, created an admittedly impressive and yet nightmarish orchestral effect, too powerful for even the best earplugs and a hefty dose of Nyquil. Not being able to go to the “ladies room” without taking my “bathroom buddy” with me (a .45). The special challenge of directing, and just moving around, while wearing every single article of clothing in my pack all at once, as well as every spare layer of clothing to be found amongst or thoughtfully donated to me by my crew. Sleeping, waking, eating, living in a 12-foot windowless metal shell hundreds of miles from civilization, with ten men who love to prank the boss and, god-bless-‘em, know no boundaries.
Tonight on Doomsday Preppers: Pain is Good, Meet Craig, a proud Alaskan living in the woods of Fairbanks fearing the collapse of the American economy. If you really want to experience the ultimate prepping scenario and in Alaska send me an email.
Glad to read this entry ~ I often wonder about the film crew on survival and the Doomsday shows ~ where are you when that boats going crazy down the river or that bear nonchalantly walks into the picture?

Looks fun and can be paddled if you run out of gas or it breaks down but it is a Honda so it will probably out last your gas supply if you can’t replenish it.
And still, Alaska took my breath away and put me at a loss for words – the latter, truly a rarity. It’s commonplace to those who live in Alaska, but a rare and lucky treat for those of us from “the States” to walk where no one has ever walked before.
I’ve come to understand that this may be the only time I will ever have belly strip in my life – it’s so good that most fisherman keep it for themselves.
He’s secretly built a bug out dome, designed by friend and Prepping Partner Don, 100 miles away in the feral Alaskan wilderness.
Folks interested in Alaska as a setting for an end of the world scenario will enjoy the novel.
It was hard to put the camera down, or to feel satisfied that you could do the beauty of Alaska any justice, no matter how many beautiful images you captured, with eye-candy galore everywhere you turned. It’s that remote, that untouched, and really hard to comprehend without having been there – but this fact which Craig shared with me, may help put it in perspective: if the population density in New York City was the same as Alaska, there would be a total of 15 people living in NYC.

Luckily for us, Don is both a great fisherman and one of the most giving people I have ever met – he wanted nothing more than for us to fully experience and fall in love with his home.
Then we follow David, a new age spiritual prepper from Hawaii who fears a catastrophic tsunami will strike Hawaii.  He plans to bug out to the top of a mountain with his girlfriend. This culture of people who have moved here saying they are Alaskans and not really getting what being an Alaskan is. It’s not shooting the most game and trying to impress everyone with your wannabe outdoor skills. If you want to see real outdoorsmen go visit the kids in the outlying village areas who have to use a chainsaw in the winter to cut ice for drinking water etc.
I understand this is for TV but it encourages the social misfits and morons to move here and destroy the real spirit of Alaska.

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