The penultimate survival guide is written by best-selling author Tess Pennington,A who wasA formally trained in emergency and disaster management response with the American Red Cross. This is THE definitive guide to emergency medical care when assistance may not be available.
In the vein of medical preparedness, this guide helps you to prepare for the strong possibility of an Ebola pandemic.
Prolific preparedness author Jim Cobb helps you make a plan of action to survive if you’re in the city when disaster strikes. The author lived through the economic collapse of Argentina, and we can all benefit from his first-hand experience.
In a true disaster scenario, the tactical skills of your group my be all that stand between you and hordes of looters, starving people, and brutal criminals.
True, this isn’t a survival guide long the same lines as the other books, but we have to eat after the end of the world, right?
First Biometric Credit Card Arrives in 2015: Pay with Your Fingerprint Is God Slaying The Bull (Market)? Nukemap is an app that can simulate what would happen if a 100 megaton nuclear bomb was detonated in a given area. Also in my picture, I have included a few of my favorite titles for entertainment, prepping, and constitutional education.
Then you're gonna love my free PDF, 20 common survival items, 20 uncommon survival uses for each. With all the choices of AR manufacturers today, a person must decide what their primary use for owning a weapon of this platform is.
Cerberus Capitol group owns Remington, DPMS, Bushmaster, Marlin, LC Smith, EOTAC and The Parker gun company.
A word of warning, not all AR parts are interchangeable between the various makers and sometimes models. The fit and finish of the machine parts is on par with any other Remington rifle, parts have smooth edges, color is consistent throughout hardened parts.
Break down is the same as any other AR platform, two locking pins separate the top and bottom, pull on charging handle to remove bolt assembly, and follow the owner’s manual from there for liability reasons. A qualified gunsmith could thread the barrel if that is something you are interested in, it is not an option to buy that way at this time. Some will argue to spend as much on a scope as you did the firearm, others will say at least half. Predator and varmint weapons from any maker are essentially military and law enforcement grade weapons, just not advertised as such. First Prize) Winner will receive a Wise Essentials Kit courtesy of LPC Survival and an EcoZoom’s Versa Stove courtesy of EcoZoom stoves..
The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook: Over 170 Pages of Food Storage Tips, and Recipes From Preppers All Over America! Watch for sales and pick what you really want and don’t spend money dressing up something less expensive, it cost more in the end. If your looking for something to burn rounds through get something with a chrome moly bull barrel that’s fluted. I haven’t had a smoking hot rifle since basic training using blanks, then it glowed red! I do like the way the free floating handguard gets air all around the barrel, much better and even cooling than the old GI handguard. I’ve traded or sold off more hardware than any of the 4 wheelers cost me over the years. Although the AR’s sound expensive, looking at the inflation rate they are on par with what people were spending 20-30 years ago. For closer in work, I have a Del-Ton M4 carbine variant with a 4x scope shooting 55 grain Hornady Amax. I used to have a Howa 1500 in 22-250, and it was a tack driver out to about 500 meters, but the twist rate was too low and the smaller bullets limited the effective range for what the gun should’ve been capable of. This scope also works great on my Savage 12 Varmint 12 FV Varmint Rifle in 22-250 with a 26″ barrel. Which is another great reason to carry binoculars in your field or hunting pack or around your neck. The R15 is a multi caliber chamber (RR calls it a Wylde chamber), most AR’s are with the exception of police models. I don’t admire any weapon with a cost of $1300 I just shake my head and wonder what he was thinking about.

I figure a gun sock made for an AR will easily go over my mini 30 without having to remove the magazine first . In no particular order, here areA The Daily Sheeple’s top picks for the best non-fiction survival books around. A The book is an anthology of information from some of the most popular preparedness websites and contains handy checklists to help you get ready fast for a worst-case scenario. A This is his newest offering, and it’s very pertinent since, according to the US Census Bureau, more than 80% of Americans live in urban areas.
A This book is a quick read that is loaded with helpful tips and shopping lists to help you create a nutritionally sound pantry on a budget.
The compact size makes it a perfect addition to bug out bags, automobile glove boxes, or even purses.
The book is very comprehensive, but many find the most valuable information to be Ferfal’s insights on personal defense. A The author is a tactical, self-defense trainer and a lifelong soldier with extensive military experience. A There is basically no question about farming left unanswered in the 40th edition of this comprehensive homesteaders’ guide.
When it hits the fan, and desperate neighbors are trying to escape nuclear radiation or government tyranny, the first place they will come knocking is your bunker.
For instance, if one were dropped in New York City, nearly 8 million people would be instantly incinerated, while 4 million more would suffer serious injuries. The American Concrete Institute says that steel-reinforced concrete walls have 20 times the compressive strength (weight capacity) of normal concrete. They include Rawles’s “Patriots” and “How to Survive TEOTWAWKI” , Forstchen’s “One Second After”, and Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny”. This will also subscribe you to my newsletter so you stay up-to-date with everything: new articles, ebooks, products and more! It comes stock with a black 20” heavy fluted barrel with a 1:10 twist, flat top receiver, a smooth trigger and the familiar design of an AR. The only downside I have is some of the camouflage coating is on the inside of the receiver, that is eventually worn away by the bolt carrier group or you can use Remington action cleaner (with great caution) to dissolve it and wipe it away. There are probably some minor differences but for the average shooter, not worth the expense. When it comes time to hunt two legged varmints, then I’ll use something a little bigger. He handloaded it nothing off the shelfe for him as far as ammo goes.It is a short actioned remington. Good for close up shots even in brush and the low magnification will keep you from shooting at terribly long ranges. The other reason is that im not gentle with my firearms when out and about , and scopes tend to get bumped out of alignment too easy . After I discovered my dessicant had allowed my match 1903 and 1922 to tarnish, I went to Bore-Stores and have not had a problem since. It DOES NOT GET BETTER than this.The book is a veritable tome of information that will benefit anyone from a complete beginner to a hardcore, long-term survivalist.
A former military man with one of the most comprehensive preparedness websites around, Rawles’ book is a reliablyA thorough overview of what you need to survive nearly any apocalyptic scenario. A His no-nonsense guide outlines how to protect your family and property, alone or with a trusted group. A The original book was written in 1969 and has been revised many times since, with up-to-the-minute wisdom. The residual radiation from the bomb would linger anywhere from a few minutes to several years, according to the U.S.
This will not only come in handy if an initial nuclear blast is within a few miles of your bunker, but will serve as a near-impenetrable radiation shield. Remember you may not be able to leave the shelter for a year in the event of nuclear holocaust. When considering our doomsday lead slingers, I desired well made weapons that were: A)mostly metal and wood, B)military design, C)common military calibers, D)be reliable, and E) semi-auto. Shooting factory loaded ammunition off of a bipod I was easily able to get 1.5” groups at 100 yards.
I can shoot my friends Colt AR Stainless 20” heavy barrel just as accurately and I paid $450 less. For me , anything that is over $750 is when I start looking for an alternative ( or two ) .

I would be interested on the performance after some fast action as to how both weapons respond. While the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have both expressed serious concerns that we are on the brink of disaster, border enforcement agencies seem blithely unconcerned.
A “In a serious post-event scenario, one of total collapse with several months or years before recovery, families, groups and communities may be forced to create such tactical defense forces to protect personnel, loved ones and resources against hostile forces. You can do it the old-fashioned way by hiring workers to dig with shovels, or have dig parties with friends who are guaranteed a spot in the bunker when it becomes necessary. Make sure to leave small openings for an air filtration system, sewage elimination and even a spout to capture rain water for drinking.
The bare minimum amount of water humans need to survive is about 68 ounces (two liters) per day, according to Human Rights Watch.
I also felt it necessary that both my wife and I had weapons that were similar in design so either weapon could be handled and disassembled in a similar fashion. The head of my Rott security team, Danzig, is in the picture, there was no way all 3 of them would sit still for the picture.
With the wide range of munitions you can use in it, from slug and flechette rounds to bolo and frag, you can quickly load and adjust to your situational needs. Underneath there is a point for a sling attachment and one further forward to allow a bi pod to be mounted.
Like any machine, it gets smoother with use, do not over oil or it will blow back with the bolt and cover your shooting glasses.
Truth be told , its for that reason that every rifle I have has had its stock sights modified . I tend to look at firearms in terms of practicality , and realistically how im actually going to use it . It assumes that no hospital or doctor is available in the aftermath of a catastrophic event. The King County, Wash., Health Department recommends a concrete shield to protect yourself from gamma rays. It also comes with a hunting magazine that holds five rounds and can take any AR style magazine. Currently the list price is $1,236 but watch for sales at large sporting goods retailers and pick it up for around $999.
I despise peep sights , cant see shit lol , so I took the Mini 30 to a gunsmith and had him put on the same sight configuration as the Mosin-Nagant . This book will give you the tools to handle injuries and illness for when YOU might be the end of the line with regards to your family’s medical well-being.
The bunker should be 10 feet deep minimum, but for maximum protection from just about anything, go to at least 20 feet. The M1A is a real tack driver, and the Ruger is just a fun enjoyable rifle my wife excels with.  Both rifles are straight forward to operate, and my wife can operate either one, although the Ruger is much lighter for her. For whatever reason , the Mosins front ring and peg and rear standard groove fit my eyes and shooting perfectly .Next best thing for me is the sight arrangement of the Ruger 1022 .
I like the Garand style design in that it has been a design that is battle proven and superior to most if not all other weapons.
I personally like having the safety within the trigger guard, the heavy charging handle, and open bolt design. Heck even the sound of the pump of a shotgun is universally known and many times may be all you need to scare off intruders. Firearms, ammunition, flashlights, matches, hygiene and first-aid supplies are the other essentials. I had considered the AR design, but hate the tiny ejection port to clear jams, as well as the fact that non-piston AR’s fart carbon all over the inside receiver  and onto the bolt and chamber area. I also considered the AK design since it has cheaper metal mags, and a segregated gas system, but still didn’t like the clunky safety or the small port for clearing jams if necessary. Crappy magazines may be salvaged by filing and or bending lips, sanding the follower or other methods, spend the extra five bucks and save $20 worth of time.
The Garand design offers a simple and heavy duty design that is easy to clear, operate, and has a the segregated gas system to prevent fouling of the chamber and internal components.
I enjoy looking at what others have done to their AR’s with all the fancy gizmos, bipods, flashlights, storage for whatever, extended this and thats, but there is something nostalgic and beautiful about my M1A.

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