I asked these three questions to my ski partners today and below are their answers.  There is some great insight into what rescue gear we should all be carrying when we venture into the backcountry. Q1 = “Lots of Gorilla tape, p-cord, voile straps, leatherman, headlamp, compass, thermal reflective bivy bag, extra clothing.
Q1 = “Emergency bivy, basic first aid kit, compass, headlamp, voile straps, leatherman.
Emergency beacons save lives and are great for sending OK signals to girlfriends, wives, and moms.
Q2 = “Depends on what kind of injury my partner has and what kind of terrain we are involved in. I myself don’t bring enough rescue gear into the backcountry when touring with friends. Tonight, we went to a Mountain Rescue seminar given by Menno Boermans, a mountain rescue medical technician from Switzerland. That being said, it took me tearing up both knees in the backcountry and needing to be self rescued to realize there is a lot more stuff you should carry. Headlamp and spare batteries are a no brainer, day trips can easily become unplanned overnight stays. Then when you use Survival Instinct a column of blue light will indicate the location of the cache. As you enter this abandoned encampment, a flare lights up the sky and Lara hears a commotion over the radio. Head away from the abandoned camp toward the northwest until you spot a wooden wall that Lara can scramble up.
Here you'll find the Archivist Map, which reveals the locations of the remaining documents on your map.
NOTE: The on-screen message says the map shows the location of murals, but since there are none in this level, that is not true. Snowtroopers were a variant of the stormtrooper approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor.
Snowtroopers first appeared in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens in the form of First Order snowtroopers. A rescue beacon is a compact device that can be carried in your pocket, pack or vehicle, which you can use to summon help via a satellite network when a life threatening situation arises and you are unable to call 911. A 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) transmits to a government satellite network which, for the inland United States, routes the alert to the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, which in turn alerts the relevant search and rescue jurisdiction.
PLBs use the same frequencies (406 MHz) and protocols as EPIRBs on boats, and ELTs on private and commercial aircraft. A PLB requires two steps to activate the emergency beacon, typically by pressing two buttons at the same time, or moving aside a cover and pressing a button.

The Rescue Coordination Center is able to access the information associated with the beacon identify at time of registration.
This registration information along with the best location available is then sent to the search and rescue authority for that beacon’s reported location.
When the King County Sheriff’s Office receives a beacon activation alert, it is dispatched to the Search and Rescue deputy on call, who will alert the King County Search and Rescue ELT team.
We will dispatch resources to the area, and begin to use our ELT locators to track the 121.5 MHz signal the “final mile” to the beacon location and render appropriate assistance. Some PLBs also support non-emergency text messaging and tracking subscriptions, though typically the number of transmissions possible per year is limited. A Satellite Emergency Notification Device (SEND) transmits to a commercial satellite network and then to a commercial rescue coordination center which will in turn alert the relevant search and rescue jurisdiction. Because they use commercial satellite networks and RCCs, the exact process varies by device or manufacturer. SENDs typically require you to pay an annual subscription for emergency coverage, and offer various packages that include emergency and optional non-emergency text communication and “bread crumb” tracking viewable by friends and family. Unlike a cell phone call to 911 where the dispatcher or deputy can have a discussion with the reporting party and establish the exact situation and find out what type of assistance is needed, activation of a beacon typically does not provide us with much information about the nature of your emergency. You should activate your beacon in a life threatening emergency, where you are injured and need medical assistance and cannot travel to safety, or when you are lost and think you cannot find your way back to safety.
Rab Is Committed To Making Outstanding Gear For Climbers And Mountaineers Who Take It To The Extreme In The World's Harshest Environments.
As you should have bandage scissors in your first aid kit, get a multi-tool with pliers instead of scissors. Also, one of the documents shown on the map has a padlock icon over it, meaning you cannot get it yet. You may be looking for cold weather assault stormtroopers, nicknamed snowtroopers, of the Galactic Empire.
In the costumes used for the film, the troopers' armor, helmet, and backpack were made of molded polyurethane, while their gloves also included molded polyurethane elements along with nylon. There are many areas within a few miles of the I-90 and SR-2 corridors where cell phone coverage drops very quickly.
For King County, they are sent to the Washington state SAR coordinator, then King County Sheriff’s Office. PLBs do not require an annual subscription for their primary function: emergency activation.
PLBs work worldwide, and the appropriate rescue coordination center for the area will route it to search and rescue authorities for the country or region you are in, though outside the US, they do not have access to the NOAA beacon registration information. SEND devices do not have a 121.5 MHz homing beacon, so our ELT team is not activated – our teams will use the location reported by the rescue coordination center.

Obviously your supply of food and fresh water, availability of shelter from weather conditions, and medical condition should be factors in your decision to activate your beacon.
As with a 911 call, if you are injured or lost, you should alert authorities to your situation promptly. If you travel outside of your cell phone coverage area, we recommend that you carry a beacon as part of the Ten Essentials. Also you’ll want a saw blade in the tool for turning your space blanked into a stretcher, making a splint, or creating a crutch. It's marked by a flashing light in the snow, and and in the Xbox version of the game your controller will vibrate as you pass over it, assuming you have vibration enabled.
This works with any item that is marked on your map but that you have not dug up or examined yet. The high ledge to the east is where you will eventually need to go, but first let's finish exploring here. Most of the screenshots included here were made with the Xbox One version of the game using an Elgato Game Capture HD, Bandicam, and Photoshop. If someone is injured, you may have to travel many miles to summon help, potentially leaving the injured party alone, and adding an hour or more delay for activation of a search and rescue mission. NOAA will send you a registration sticker to affix to your PLB, and reminder emails when renewal is due. Waiting to call us – especially when your situation is unlikely to improve – could reduce your chances of survival, and possibly increase the risk to our volunteers. He’s been a ham radio operator since 1978, a qualified electronics technician, a software developer and worked at Microsoft and Expedia in a variety of important sounding roles. It seems that a compact cutting tool (to save on weight) would extremely helpful for this purpose (in addition to enhancing one’s ability to make a quick fire under stressful conditions). It transmits a signal to the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite network, which includes both the unique identity of the beacon, and also the GPS location (about 100m resolution) if one has been established.
When he’s not driving down snowy, icy forest roads rescuing people, he’s driving down snowy, icy forest roads competing in car rallies.
Despite growing up in Australia, Glenn is a self-proclaimed know-it-all about winter driving and has driven to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT (69°26.6? N) in the dead of the Arctic winter, twice. If you found the first document earlier, you'll now be able to translate Level 1 Mongolian. He is married with two teenage daughters and they live in unincorporated King County together with their Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and three bears.

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