For all the talk that gets bandied around, you’d be forgiven for thinking that every band needs to be on some ceaseless quest for progress. As the third album since their inglorious rebirth, this comes with a lot less pressure than Macabre Eternal did not quite three years ago. Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves is more of the suffocating, doom-soaked primal death metal that Autopsy are so damn good at. Tweaking and refining what’s already practically perfect can sometimes be a thankless endeavour, but it works superbly here to bring us the strongest Autopsy record since their reformation, and one of their greatest to date. Sounds Like: Grimy, horrible death metal roughly stitched together with huge slabs of skin-crawling doom.
September 26, 2008, perhaps the most famous independent wrestling tournament of all time.
Prince Mustafa Ali has been wrestling since 2003 and has competed all over the United States in some of the biggest tournaments, some of the biggest promotions and against a virtual who's who in the wrestling world. Christian Rose had one thing in his life he could depend on growing up and that was professional wrestling. Ali, much like Rose experienced discrimination against him because the color of his skin, his views on religion, the American government, and virtually any political topic you could imagine. Ho ho ho!  With that ode to KISS in the last line of the opening track, on December 16th Saliva returns to the scene with Cinco Diablo, their long-awaited follow up to Blood Stained Love Story just in time for all of you boys and girls to pick it up for the holidays.  For those who have followed Saliva’s career from the very beginning way back in the late 90’s, they will hear the band’s evolution and polished sound shine through on this record, but if you’re somebody who listened to Saliva seven years ago and are just getting into them again, it’ll sound like two different bands to you. All in all, although records have been second fiddle to Saliva’s live show, Cinco Diablo is a solid rock record from start to finish that will fit in just fine in your CD collection, or on your iPod… obviously just to tide you over until the band rolls through your city.  So pick up Cinco Diablo and check out Saliva’s tour dates below. Visit our extensive concert photo galleries where our talented team of photographers hit the pits night after night to capture the essence of a live show. It simply isn’t true; not everyone wants to ‘push the boundaries of what’s possible in music’, or whatever other guff gets spouted around this conceit.
Coming off the back of two mostly excellent full-lengths, it feels like the band are setting into a really nice run of form in this incarnation.

It hearkens back to the vileness of Severed Survival and Mental Funeral in all the right ways, whilst taking advantage of more modern production techniques to really slam their disgusting message home. Such men as current WWE superstars Antonio Cesaro and Seth Rollins, legends like Tracy Smothers, Too Cold Scorpio and Dave Taylor all competed A in this two day tournament. Everyone looked at him and judged him by the fact he dressed differently or had a questionable haircut, the only place he knew he would be accepted is in that ring. He has slayed countless Dreamwave superstars in the ring, including running through Matt Hardy and John Morrison at two of the biggest shows Dreawmave produced.
Autopsy did their innovating as one of the very earliest bands at the birth of the death metal scene, and their particular brand of gore-flecked nastiness has proven hugely influential for the best part of thirty years. Autopsy MkI had already started to warp their sound towards more of a punk feel by this point, with Severed Survival proving to be a harbinger rather than an aberration. There are enough things it does better than its most recent predecessors to more than warrant its existence – being shorter than Macabre Eternal by about 20 minutes means there’s no filler, and it has a more compelling atmosphere than The Headless Ritual (which was good, but Reifert’s vocals felt oddly one-dimensional). While many looked at these men as the best wrestlers in the world, one man emerged from the shadows and did what he did best: stole the show. Twenty minutes after he set foot in the ring during this tournament, he became one the most respected names on the independent circuit. If I was white, had nice eyes and a nice body these people would listen to every word I have to say.
On one hand there's Rose, he has done everything he can to prove to the fans and locker room hes not just a flash in the pan, he's not going anywhere but up, then there's Ali.
If you're not ready to play on his level, you'll find out very quick that you don't belong in his ring.
If 1995’s Shitfun was to be their future direction, then the breakup shortly after wasn’t exactly mourned by many – it looks as if Abscess (their post-Autopsy project) was quite enough punk to last Chris Reifert and Danny Coralles a long time, though. His cut throat style of wrestling and unique look did catch the attention of wrestling fans but it was incredible presence on the microphone that made everyone in attendance stop and take notice of him.

The fans wanted to know who he was, management had no idea what to do with him and a lot of other wrestlers were hoping that Rose wouldn't come back. A contest with such great interest from not only the fans of Dreamwave Wrestling but also from some of the wrestlers. Rose will learn more about wrestling in one night than he has in the last few years, would be my guess. Without knowing it, these two men would begin a journey on two separate intertwined roads that would eventually collide. The people started taking to Rose, listened to his words and after almost 2 years, the same fans who wouldn't give him the time of day now listen to every word he has to say. So look who they flock to, look who they cheer for and look whose T-shirts they spend $15 to buy. I spoke to a few members of the DREAMWAVE lockeroom and this is what they had to say about Ali vs. In my personal opinion no one wins, not Ali, not Rose, not Dreamwave, and believe it or not the fans won't win either. I'm scared because Rose had so much conviction in his voice that I truly believe nothing can stop him.
I am scared now because I realize that one man believes in his heart that he is unbeatable and another man believes that he is unbreakable.

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