Foods for Ultimate Health is a welcome follow-up book about disease-fighting powerhouse foods. Introducing the exclusive tokidoki back-to-school collection, featuring innovative bags, stationery, and coloring products. Read an Excerpt Survival of the Sickest The Surprising Connections Between Disease and Longevity By Sharon Moalem HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. Some diseases, however, are actually a design made to increase your longevity and this books points out several of them and goes deep in explaining the science behind them and what we know about human physiology. Connect with the AuthorAdriano MarquesAdriano Marques is Co-founder and CTO at Startup Foundry. He delves into our evolution to reveal the previously unknown and astonishing ways the human body is built to endure.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Sharon Moalem turns our current understanding of illness on its head and challenges us to fundamentally change the way we think about our bodies, our health, and our relationship to just about every other living thing on earth.
It is not restricted to diseases, though, as it also explains some ethnic differences that also improve a person’s longevity.
I was specially amused by his explanation on how the Wood Frog manages to freeze and halt his whole body to a complete stop during winter and thaw and come back to full functionality during spring, and how some of that related to our own body as well as our mechanisms to regulate temperature and how it works to protect internal organs by making some sacrifices. In his quest to travel more than Gerard Moss (the first South American to fly around the world), Adriano graduated, married, and traveled with his wife to live in Brussels and work for Belgacom, where he learned a bit of French and to love that country.In 2014, Adriano was accepted as an alternate for the Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University, and is pursuing a Masters in Computer Sciences degree from Georgia Tech, as he continues to strive to make a dent in the universe.
Moalem reveals how many of the conditions that are diseases today actually gave our ancestors a leg up in the survival sweepstakes. It goes on to demonstrate just how little modern medicine really understands about human health, and offers a new way of thinking that can help all of us live longer, healthier lives. He told his running partner he wasn't sure he could go on with training, with running at all.

Doctor after doctor—they couldn't account for his symptoms, or they drew the wrong conclusion. When his illness left him depressed, they told him it was stress and recommended he talk to a therapist. New tests revealed massive amounts of iron in his blood and liver—off-the-charts amounts of iron.
Normally, when your body detects that it has sufficient iron in the blood, it reduces the amount of iron absorbed by your intestines from the food you eat.
So even if you stuffed yourself with iron supplements you wouldn't load up with excess iron. Once your body is satisfied with the amount of iron it has, the excess will pass through you instead of being absorbed. But in a person who has hemochromatosis, the body always thinks that it doesn't have enough iron and continues to absorb iron unabated. The excess iron is deposited throughout the body, ultimately damaging the joints, the major organs, and overall body chemistry. Unchecked, hemochromatosis can lead to liver failure, heart failure, diabetes, arthritis, infertility, psychiatric disorders, and even cancer.
Since then, we've discovered that the gene for hemochromatosis is the most common genetic variant in people of Western European descent. If your ancestors are Western European, the odds are about one in three, or one in four, that you carry at least one copy of the hemochromatosis gene. Yet only one in two hundred people of Western European ancestry actually have hemochromatosis disease with all of its assorted symptoms.
In genetics parlance, the degree that a given gene manifests itself in an individual is called penetrance. If a single gene means everyone who carries it will have dimples, that gene has very high or complete penetrance.

On the other hand, a gene that requires a host of other circumstances to really manifest, like the gene for hemochromatosis, is considered to have low penetrance. Fortunately for Aran, one of the oldest medical therapies known to man would soon enter his life and help him manage his iron-loading problem. You see, hemochromatosis isn't an infectious disease like malaria, related to bad habits like lung cancer caused by smoking, or a viral invader like smallpox.
Hemochromatosis is inherited—and the gene for it is very common in certain populations. If a given trait makes you weaker, you're less likely to survive, reproduce, and pass that trait on. Over time, species "select" those traits that make them stronger and eliminate those traits that make them weaker. But before we do, think about this—why would you take a drug that is guaranteed to kill you in forty years? Iron carries oxygen from our lungs through the bloodstream and releases it in the body where it's needed.
Iron is built into the enzymes that do most of the chemical heavy lifting in our bodies, where it helps us to detoxify poisons and to convert sugars into energy.
Iron-poor diets and other iron deficiencies are the most common cause of anemia, a lack of red blood cells that can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, and even heart failure.
That may be the case in as much as half of all pregnant women as well—they're not menstruating, but the passenger they're carrying is hungry for iron too!) Without enough iron our immune system functions poorly, the skin gets pale, and people can feel confused, dizzy, cold, and extremely fatigued.

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