When the infrastructure of the country breaks down, there’ll be no more tap water, no more bottled water. Anonymous asked: I have a group of five very able people, all with specialties for when Z-Day hits. Anonymous asked: If you had to choose between a Bretta M9 or a Glock 17, which would it be?
In addition to the PS4, the game is currently anticipated to arrive next year for the PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One. Since development began on Habitat, it has always been our wish to bring our space survival simulation to as many platforms as technologically possible. Habitat had its origins on Kickstarter, where it successfully achieved $64,154 in funding last May, nearly $15,000 over its projected goal. The game takes place nearly ten thousand years in the future, when humanity has reached its technological apex, so much so that nanomachines have gone insane and overrun Earth.
Habitat‘s developer, 4gency, is based out of Seattle, Washington and consists of industry veterans from a variety of recognizable names like Zipper Interactive, Microsoft Game Studios, Amazon, Big Fish Games, Sierra Studios and Pipeworks. Kerwin has been a gamer for almost as long as he's been alive, ever since he received a Sega Mega Drive in 1989. Here’s a nice short and sweet topic:  What are yo going to do, where are you gonna go, and what are your plans when the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes?? I already have a pretty elaborate one that I’ll share with you after I hear some of your ideas!! A katana would be good but it would be incredibly difficult to find one in good condition, the only place I would be able to find a real one is a museum, even then They need alot of care to keep in good condition. The idea of a katana is creative but the extensive care wouldn’t work out well if you were on your own, I know how to make a simple crossbow in my home only using household items which are duck tape, skewers, string, pins, feathers, and some hot water. I would probably hook up the strathalbyn archery clubs trailer to my car (it’s at my house since some supplies from it got stolen a while back) and drive east to the river lands ( the river lands are up near Victoria) i would keep my long bow with me on the opposite seat of the car or the back seat and have my quiver hanging off my shoulder while driving. The trees and bushes surrounding the rivers could keep the zombies away, I could sleep in my car with the doors locked. Mainly what I shall be focusing on at first is getting together my team, getting supplied, and getting the hell out.
I will also add in that (Some may find this both a little crazy and displeasing) if a zombie outbreak were to occur that honestly I would rather have it happen to my generation then later on down the line when my children or their children’s children were born. My main plan is a slightly more detailed version of the one that Beach Boy posted prior to this post. I would then quickly make my way through my city, using all the back ways that I know of to be as safe as possible. See one of the more dangerous jobs that would be offered to those on the island would be the Scavenger Unit jobs.
Only people who volunteered for this job would do it though as I know some people after having gotten away from the zombies to find some peace on the island we inhabit, would not want to come face to face with the zombies again unless they had to.
If all went well then we would eventually be able to make a self sustaining society on the island and eventually through means of reproduction bring the population of the world, or pardon me, the population of living breathing humans back up and hopefully be the dominant species once again.
In closing on this main plan, I do realize that, as every other plan, it does have it’s flaws. If the above did come to pass then what I would do is grab my crowbar and as many beer bottles as I could get and head onto the roof of my house. The meaning of this would be to draw as many of those zombie scum who had killed my family, friends, love, etc..
I will not discuss my plan nor will I have much of a group unless its fat people for me to trip to use as zombie food to slow down a horde with or a hot chick to repopulate the earth with since she will be low on options. The remote island is a good idea but you must make sure you have enough supplies to last for the long haul. A zombie apocalypse is basically an epidemic, the same rules apply, the only difference is that when things go pear-shaped and civilization collapses you will need a plan.
I also really love you ideas about a zombie outbreak lasting only about a decade before the zombies die of starvation and waste away to nothing!!
First order of business would be to find the nearest warehouse of food and hole up there with whoever was with me. Depending upon the extent of the warehouse complex and the nearness of the buildings, we could even make rope bridges between structures to ensure we had as little contact with the ground as possible.
I like the idea of making a network of bridges on the tops of buildings to avoid the ground. He has some good rules, but I’d definitely carry around mire than a double barrel shotgun!! Hell on Wheels is the new supercharged show created by Endemol for AMC, the folks that gave the world Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.
With the tagline: ?Blood will be spilled, lives will be lost, men will be ruined,? this gritty cinematic Western focuses on mid 19th century post-Civil War America and the building of the first transcontinental railway. But it?s not all about steam trains, it?s mainly about riveting characters who go off the rails. It stars steely hunk Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon, a former Confederate soldier dead set on avenging his wife?s death. Two British talents also take lead roles ? Irish stars Colm Meaney, who plays ruthless railroad head honcho Thomas Durant, and Dominique McElligott as sensitive but strong English widow Lily Bell.
And I was one of the first reporters in the world to be allowed onto the set where they?re now filming the second series.
Spending a day taking part in gunslinging and horseback riding along with exploring the specially built set transported me 150 years back in time.

Nearby is a town straight out of the 1860s complete with a saloon, gun makers, hardware store and *****house.
The tough terrain at the heart of the Native American Tsuu T'ina Nation reservation rises all around as the weather swings from a snowstorm to the baking heat of the sun. People died every day working on the feat and the town itself was a dangerous habitat to live in thanks to gunfights and battles on all sides via racial strife and conflicts with Native Americans. I?m sworn to secrecy about what happens but I did get to mingle with Bohannon and dozens of moustachioed confederate soldiers, wander around the town, get handy with guns like Bohannon?s weapon of choice the Griswold, learn on-screen fighting techniques with one of the best stuntmen in the business and hone my riding skills just like the stars of the show. With countless years of experience in the business and the proud owner of one of the biggest and best antique gun collections in North America, I?m in good hands with Brian. Even so, safety, he says, is his prime concern and he always casts a keen eye over each scene, ready to pull the plug if it gets too dangerous for the actors. Stunt co-ordinator Brent Woolsey has been behind big screen action sequences in everything from Inception to Rise of the Planet of the Apes to Romeo + Juliet. I stepped straight into the scenes of Hell on Wheels thanks to an hour?s horseriding at the Rafter Six Ranch. This is where Angelina stayed with Brad while he shot The Assassination of Jesse James and isn?t far from where Brokeback Mountain was filmed. And it has been in existence since the 1880s ? not long after the era depicted in Hell on Wheels. You?re matched with a horse who has a similar demeanour to you and I?m paired with Chilli ? who is chilled with a touch of fire in her spirit. We go on an adventure through alpine forests, on mountains high above the Kananaskis River, across expansive plains and along muddy trails.
The show?s set is just 30 minutes southeast of Calgary in the spectacular province of Alberta ? where many films have been shot including the original Superman movies, Unforgiven, Legends of The Fall, Open Range and even Inception, which was partially made there.
The Sun can now join their ranks, along with the likes of Pope John Paul II, the Dalai Lama, US presidents and British PMs, to be ?white-hatted? ? the equivalent to being given the keys to the city. After spending time following in the tracks of the characters from Hell on Wheels, I?ll definitely have that heartwarming Western spirit in me for quite some time to come. Brand new cinematic American Western series Hell on Wheels premieres on TCM from Sunday May 20 at 9pm and is repeated on Thursdays at 9pm. Quote: Originally Posted by wulfie68I watched a couple episodes last season and enjoyed it but my TV time is pretty limited as of late.You don't have TIVO or a PVR?? It already is the end of April, so it’s time for the Post Apocalyptic Wallpapers collection of April 2014. David Liban on Post Apocalyptic Wallpapers March 2014:I was wondering if you know the artist of Apocalyptic City? Amazon“Broodstock,” this particular installment, has one very special trick up its sleeve, and his name is Aaron. The point is that even as he’s walking around being an indelible villainous badass a la Gus Fring or Lorne Malvo, and even as he’s accelerating the show’s perpetual motion machine of terrible shit happening all the time, he’s helping to reveal the character of the leads, forcing them into positions where their innate traits are brought out and placed in conflict.
Though, as far as blunt weapons are concerned, nunchucks would be best used against the living rather than the infected. My z-day group is called the Blackouts and we decided to use the cover of night to scout and raid rival groups.
If zombies ruled the Earth, there would be no internet and you probably wouldn’t have much time to even think about the internet.
PC, Mac and Linux users are able to participate in its ongoing development via Steam Early Access for $14.99, though it is available at other digital distributors like Humble Store, Gamefly and Nuuvem. Since then, the game has garnered a respectable amount of attention for its unique and wacky premise. In a scenario reminiscent of the TV show Junkyard Wars, players have to scour space for parts and push their creativity to construct any space habitat they can dream up.
Having graduated to the upper echelons of PC gaming, he now boasts a number of major gaming accomplishments.
If I got over run i have no idea what I would do, I have 12 arrows in my quiver, which means i could kill 12 zombies unless i missed. You need something that can crush skulls but which won’t be too heavy to carry around. All I will say is my escape plan will involve avoiding population centers and will take me to a place that will turn zombies into frozen corpses. Food taken care of, I assume there’d be other warehouses in the area (since they tend to clump together) and assess what other supplies we had on hand so that we knew what we needed to bring back to make ourselves comfortable. The crops and water collection would ensure eventual self-sufficiency with plenty of room in the warehouses to store excess for later use or trade with nearby groups. Survivors wouldn’t be thinking of the warehouses until much later and most of them are built in small complexes, rather than stand alone, and fortress-like. This month we have some game related wallpapers, like DayZ, Metro Last Light, The last of us and of course Stalker.. He’s the mystery bicyclist last seen shooting the Cat through the eye with a crossbow, he’s a CIA agent overseeing some kind of drug operation, he’s our four friends’ last best hope of getting out of Belize alive, and he’s a genial sociopath straight out of TV-villain heaven. From Lost and Ben Linus to the X-Men and Magneto, a genre franchise is only as good as its villains. Unfortunately, due to my busy life, I’m unable to give this blog the proper attention it truly deserves. That means if you stock it up, it'll have no use when you need it because it won't work anymore. This blog is designed to help people understand what REALLY goes on during a Z-outbreak and how to better prepare yourself.

Additionally, because this is also a game about surviving, players must also fix weaponry and rockets to their constructions so that they can both move and fight back against the nanomachine threat and other unknown foes. These include getting through all three Deus Ex games without killing anyone, clocking in over 700 hours of gameplay time in Skyrim without ever finishing the main story, and nearly shattering every bone in his hand from punching the wall when his soldiers in XCOM missed a shot with 95% chance to hit. If you can figure that y’all can buy me tequila shots as I start my new utopia with unlimited blowjobs and bacon.
However, I have MacGyver like knowledge of herbs and am naturally ingenious in so far as adapting the use of one thing to something else is concerned, so providing I could find other survivors, I might not do too badly. Say a cluster of five buildings were available… I think that could probably support at least 50 people once the first group got things started.
If neccessary, there are mountains literally in her backyard with plenty of plant life for foraging and tons of animal life for hunting.
Have a road map highlighted with yur escape route taking back roads which goes thru less populated towns (no big cities).
Like Breaking Bad and Fargo before it, Mad Dogs depends on a plot structure of interlocking catastrophes so intricate you’d practically need those robot arms they use to handle plutonium to pull it off. He’s played by Coby Bell, who’s a proverbial revelation in the role—his cheery can-do demeanor and disarming upspeak (So that’s something we’re, uh, really proud of?”) positioning him as a cross between Mike Milligan, the low-key hitman with a name from a children’s book played by Bokeem Woodbine in Fargo Season 2, and Jack Lint, Monty Python veteran Michael Palin’s incongruously cheery torturer from Brazil. On top of that, we've all known each other since kindergarten and we know we can trust each other. A knowledge of physics is essential, as attaching rockets on the wrong parts of your habitat could send your people careening wildly into oblivion, something anyone who has played Kerbal Space Program will know all too well. We’d also set up wind generators and solar panels to collect energy with gasoline powered generators to supplement our energy needs.
With enough time and care, eventually we could fence in the complex, providing more ground area for ground hugging crops… all the taller crops would have to be grown on the roofs simple to ensure line of sight. In reality: I will probably be here at my home,uncomfortably near the Arizona State University Bioengineering labs, where it will all most likely start. The go-to comparison is dominoes, with one thing falling on top of the next as everything speeds out of control, but that implies a linearity that doesn’t exist here.
His personality is a heady blend of ruthless killing machine, fitness nut, master of corporate personnel management doublespeak (“it’s good to know the weaknesses of your team”), and dyed-in-the-wool patriot (“our ancestors harnessed the power of the atom to bring an empire to its knees!”). Even with all these pros, I was wondering if we should get more than just 5 people?It sounds like you have a really great crew! It's made of more organic materials that don't go bad, so you can stock it up without worrying about future use.Thanks for the tip!
Everyone is different and it will mostly come down to personal preference since both are really great sidearms. Depending upon how many of us there were and the nearness of the other warehouses, we’d haul dirt to the roof and plant crops.
At this point, we’d put up motion sensitive lights on the buildings just in case a stray zombie or raider got in. I live in a heavily populated area that will most likely be overtaken quickly and my options for escape are limited.
Don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out of this beautiful country, anti-Canuck.. TV shows like this are like dominoes if and only if occasionally new dominoes spring up from the ground, or drop out of the sky, or materialize from space, or are fired from a drone piloted by the CIA.
Does anyone know how to pass ownership of this blog along to someone else WITHOUT granting said person my login info for my main blog?
Lights on the buildings prior to the construction of the fences would be a waste of resources since any and all zombies would set them off.
They’ve got to simultaneously maintain the tension of knowing something bad’s going to happen and wanting to avoid it, the suspense of not knowing something bad is going to happen but suspecting that it will, the shock of having something bad happen completely out of the blue, the plausibility that all these events could conceivably occur (within a TV show or movie, anyway) without knocking you out of the story with their ridiculousness, the raw mechanical skill to make the action plain entertaining, and the emotional stakes of protagonists and antagonists you enjoy watching, if not care about as people. If you were wondering how the show would replace an enemy as compelling as the Cat, now you know.
Aaron displays a similar facility for getting the location of the stolen money out of Erika’s family, the matriarch of which (Erika’s grandma) is the real culprit behind the theft: When no amount of gentle pleas, shouted threats, or warning shots do the trick, he murders her dog.
The motion sensitive lights wouldn’t even be necessary until we managed to create a zombie free zone around the buildings.
Even to a writer who can see the wires, so to speak, pulling off this feat feels close to magic. If you picked up a survivor here or there, I’d still try to keep focus on your core 5 members.
For the sake of safety, there’d be two sets of fences around our claimed area, simply to create buffer that would slow down any intruders, zombie or human. When hope runs out, then it’s time to just slit my throat and join the conquering dead. Of course, eventually expansion would become unwieldy and we’d have to focus on maintenance over construction. This would mean fences of chainlink would eventually give way to brick and mortar with defensive observation towers at strategic locations along the perimeter. In the meantime, careful trips to surrounding areas would allow us to stockpile sufficient supplies to take in more refugees as they were found or arrived on their own.

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