In "Ender's Game," Hailee Steinfeld, left, plays Petra, the sole female fighter in the international child army who spends much of the film training Ender, played by Asa Butterfield, at right.
Tao Okamoto, left, plays mysterious martial arts-trained heiress Mariko Yasida opposite Hugh Jackman's Logan in "The Wolverine." Okamoto's character is one of many women paramount to Logan's journey, says director James Mangold.
But the wily teen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who trades places with her sister only to emerge as the unlikely victor in a battle to the death, didn’t only inspire Collins’ readers and the filmgoers who turned up for Gary Ross’ 2012 movie adaptation of “The Hunger Games” to the tune of $408 million. Fandom has never been off-limits to men or women, and science fiction and fantasy have long cast confident, competent women in starring roles — Sigourney Weaver’s legendary heroine Ripley is one of the most powerful examples. Before there was Katniss, of course, there was Bella Swan, the pale, clumsy Everygirl who found herself in love with a brooding vampire in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight.” That wildly successful franchise proved that an audience composed of young women could turn a series into a juggernaut.
Of the many places that the intensity of “Twilight” fanfare could be observed, Comic-Con was chief among them. This year it’s “Hunger Games” that might elicit the loudest cheers as Lawrence enters the San Diego arena for the first time on Saturday, as Lionsgate touts the upcoming sequel, “Catching Fire,” due in theaters in November.
It’s Katniss’ resourcefulness that keeps Peeta alive, and in the upcoming “Ender’s Game,” the adaptation of the 1985 sci-fi novel from Orson Scott Card, Hailee Steinfeld plays a similar type of character. It’s the first screen appearance from Steinfeld since she rocketed to stardom and an Oscar nomination with her portrayal of the plucky, determined Mattie Ross in the Coen brothers’ 2010 western “True Grit.” Choosing a follow-up role wasn’t easy, the 16-year-old said. Woodley, too, auditioned for the role of Katniss, but she said what drew her to play Tris Prior was the character’s drive to pursue a dangerous, unknown future that would separate her from her family yet allow her to find her own path. Despite the inspiration — and revenue — generated by “The Hunger Games,” female roles in films are still a fraction of the total speaking parts in movies, according to a study released in May by the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Screenwriter Vanessa Taylor, whose credits include HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and the latest draft of “Divergent,” is hopeful that the current wave of female-driven parts is indicative of something more permanent, however. According to Mangold, the female characters are of paramount importance to Logan’s journey: “It’s not a matter of them pitching in here or there — Logan wouldn’t survive the picture without them. Films depicting women acting just as violently and ruthlessly as men is nothing to applaud. I like all this female characters but THG only BO in US not worldwide, even in my countty THG not BO and people dont care this movie but Twilight Saga…wowww you must in line to get the tickets!!!
The sad part is that the film adaptation of Hunger Games did to men what so many movies and books did to women for so long. Our legion of super contributors includes Noelene Clark, Tracy Brown, Patrick Kevin Day, Blake Hennon,, Todd Martens and Jevon Phillips. Thanks to 20th Century Fox, a bunch of Comic-Con attendees got to watch a special screening of THE MAZE RUNNER last night here at the Gaslamp theater in San Diego. MAXIMUM RIDE The Movie, Based On James Patterson’s Book Series, Hits Digital HD August 30th.
These are all questions that we’ve seen played out plenty of times in books, movies, and television, and for good reason. Those examples all bring us to The Culling, the multiplayer-oriented survival game that pits player-against-player in a brutal, fast-paced bloodsport on a remote tropical location.
However, what developer Xaviant has done with the title so far (which is currently available through Steam Early Access) shows that even an idea that’s been well explored in other places can work incredibly well elsewhere. Like many other survival games (whether they are single or multiplayer oriented), crafting is essential to success in The Culling and knowing where to gather resources and how to capitalize on them quickly will play a large part in whether you face life or death on the battlefield. Learning the ins and outs of the crafting system will certainly help players in the early stages of the game — the period where most of the casualties will take place. As the title is in Early Access, much of The Culling is subject to change or (in many cases) is still undergoing some desirable polish before we see what will (eventually) be the finished product.

In particular though, The Culling will be a title that (so far) seems to have a fairly steep learning curve, and may need some dedication on the part of the player to fully grasp its mechanics and how to live longer than 30 seconds (which is a lot harder than you may think, surprisingly). Having first played the game earlier this year at PAX East and spending more time with the currently-available build on Steam Early Access, The Culling is clearly the type of game that, at a first glance, is riding on the coattails of popular genres and outside media. The thrill of seeing humans clash with humans can be dated back all the way to ancient history.
The Culling is available now through Steam Early Access for PC and Linux, while the game will also come to the Xbox Preview Program on Xbox One later this year.
None of the opinions featured are written by me, and I may or may not agree with the submissions posted. Tomasz Dutkiewicz has made considerable progress since he first introduced us to his idea for a survival horror game about a tormented soul who possesses demons in order to escape from Hell. Last Agony (Sacred Agony) Kickstarter campaign was complete failure, good to hear that this promissing is still in development. I hope they get an actual writer to script this even though they Kind of lost me by being developed by team members of The Divison. Yet the scrappy, resourceful heroine at the heart of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling “The Hunger Games” trilogy, with her signature braid, incomparable archery skills and defiant spirit, became a rare sort of pop-culture touch point precisely because she came to be embraced by a sometimes lost, sometimes achingly restless tribe: adolescents. Her success has also helped fuel a continuing, voracious appetite in Hollywood for sci-fi inflected tales featuring young women in empowered roles. The convention does not reveal precise attendance figures, the demographics for the event skew male, though the number of women attending has increased every year for the last 10 to 15 years, with the ratio now 60 to 40 male-female. But at a time when genre properties are enjoying more widespread mainstream popularity than ever before, many find it encouraging that young women have more role models on the page and on screen— heroes as physically adept as their male counterparts but admired more for their internal strength than their fighting skills. And though critics charged that Bella was too passive a character, a young girl too dependent on her boyfriend for her happiness, actress Kristen Stewart flatly rejected that view. Fans would sleep for days on the sidewalk outside the San Diego Convention Center in order to be assured a chair in the facility’s Hall H, the first-come, first-seated 6,500-seat arena where the majority of the major film and television presentations took place. But what’s different about the “Hunger Games” is that, despite the presence of Katniss’ two male allies, fellow tribute Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and longtime friend Gale (Liam Hemsworth), it’s Katniss that the audience is cheering for. In the film she plays Petra, the sole female fighter in the international child army who spends much of the film training Ender, played by Asa Butterfield (“Hugo”). Katniss and her league of determined female survivors just might have helped blaze a path that other cinematic heroines can follow.
It's just another example of Hollywood continuing to drag culture down to a depraved and sadly unimaginative level. This is the difference between Katniss and even the later Disney princesses like Belle–yes, they had a brain and their own desires beyond being a perfect wifey in her domestic realm. What would happen if random strangers were dropped into an isolated location, with only weapons, resources, and a desire to be the last man standing?
Timeless stories like The Most Dangerous Game showed us the struggle between the hunter and the hunted, while Lord of the Flies gave us a look at how nature can always get the better of our human tendencies.
Case in point — a Hunger Games-styled deathmatch where players need to think fast, and kill even faster, to remain alive and (successfully) be the last man standing from their 15 other competitors.
With a strict 20-minute time limit, The Culling challenges players not only to take out the remaining competition, but also to be as efficient and cunning as possible to gather, craft, and outsmart their opponents as much as they need to rely on survival.
However, within a few minutes and with the player pool greatly decreased, the focus then becomes and learning where to hunt down the remaining players while working towards bigger, stronger, and more deadly weaponry and traps to take them out, whether it’s instantly or weakening them for an easy kill.
Once the required number of FUNC points are earned (by either killing other players or collecting them in the environments), various loadouts and crates can be summoned that may just help even the odds in your favor, whether it’s a supply of deadly melee options, firearms, or more devious traps and equipment to silence your enemies.

Though the environments are often striking and offer as much beauty as they do strategic opportunities to take out opponents, the character models in particular suffer from some stiff animation and strange modeling.
This aspect of the game isn’t helped by some of its more random oddities and quirks, in particular with the spawn points being sometimes inconsistent on keeping players at equal distance from other opponents. As much as the Roman gladiatorial games were one of the heights of competition for ancient civilizations, The Culling shows that spirit is alive and well with gameplay that’s as much fun to watch (making it a prime title for streamers) as it is to engage in. No official release date has been given yet for the game’s full release, at this time.
That was a year ago, and after watching this nightmarish opening cinematic, I think it’s safe to say that Agony is no longer merely a concept. Movie trailer voiceover guy, apparently with advanced throat cancer, croaking something vaguely portentuous, 90% of which I couldn’t understand a fucking word of. Most sessions usually featured new footage from a given project and appearances from cast members and behind the scenes talent. Butterfield and Steinfeld will be among the actors making the trip to San Diego to promote the movie at Comic-Con. The movie did not have a direct bearing on “Ender’s” nabbing a greenlight, but Steinfeld credits it with putting some extra oomph in the cast’s performance.
How would bloodshed and the fight to survive overcome our more “civilized” tendencies?
Likewise, combat can suffer from some odd timing and lag issues, all the more detrimental in a game where a wrong move can mean a player’s quick death. I’ve had a truly mixed bag when it came to matches where I could successfully get my bearings and stand a chance at survival, versus times where I was (sometimes unfairly) bum-rushed by other players by spawning right into the middle of a particularly heated area of the map. Though it has its rough edges right now, ultimately The Culling shows that players shouldn’t be afraid of death, but instead take it head-on before it has the chance to strike. People need to understand that her character is hungry, and that not everyone should look the way she was supposed to look. The screaming of the “Twi-hards” excited to see Stewart and her costars, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, were deafening. We shouldn’t have to keep thin people out of Hollywood just because some people are weak enough to be triggered by it.
When I see Les Mis, I don’t want to starve myself just because Anne Hathaway looks skinny. I realize that her character is starving, and that that is not how people should always look.
Everyone acts like she’s such a fucking inspiration just because she does something that is necessary for human survival. She was actually willing to rip a dress (especially one that expensive) just to get a little more attention.
People should have just understood that not everyone is a starving peasant in a fight for their lives, so not everyone should look like it. And some of us have always wondered if anyone else is unable to find a Bible reference that fast in church.

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