This is a good survival knife because it is contracted with a single piece of steel, leaving it with no weak points. This folding blade makes out list as a good survival knife, even though it’s a folding blade, because of the overall versatility.
The fact that this kniw has a built in LED flashlight, signal whistle, and fire starter, put it towards the top of this list. This knife was more for those jobs where a Machete is too much, but a small blade is not enough. The company that produces this survival knife claims that you will not be able to find a sharper knife on the market. This is a good survival knife because it include an integrated whistle, fire starter, and sharpening stone. The molded rubber grip make it a great fighting weapon because of the added comfort and mobility. You want to make sure that your knife is thick enough that it won’t bend and break while you are using it. Make sure that you pick a good survival knife that is going to last you for more than a day.
Do you have the skills you would need to survive a zombie apocalypse?  Would you outlast your neighbors are freinds?  Put your skills to the test in our zombie survival quiz.  Don’t Cheat! Its just a great quality survival knife, one of the best available and one that will serve its owner well for years and years to come.
Ka-Bar Survival Knife I want to say that the KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife is a great knife and its point break and for its intended use. It is thing and made from quality steel so that is can hold up to anything that you could throw its way. If can be used as a saw, can skin an animal, cut wood, or kill a Zombie if you needed it to. This knife could easily be compared to other folding knives of the same quality that cost over $300. The steel blade is smaller than most other knives on this list, so it will not be as good for fighting.
That makes this a good survival knife is that it is sharp and big enough to cut just about anything.
They say that they are sharper than any hand forged or custom built knife or sword that you will find. You won’t be paying extra for the “prettiness factor” with this knife, but it will certainly do the job and do it well.
The removable Micarta handles look like an old pair of jeans instead of a dragon that you paid something $40 to carve. Anything that can provide multiple uses while taking up the same amount of space is a great asset in a survival situation. You can’t expect to do much in a survival situation if you show up with a 1” pocket knife out of your grandmother’s purse. Since you never really know what you are going to be using it for, it is best to reside on the theory that thicker is better.
Read the reviews and recommendations from other people who have bought the knife before making your decision. Thats quite a statement but in the £30 price range, this knife just will not beaten, its a fantastic knife built to last many years.
The knife itself weighs a massive 520g without its sheath, that's one of the heaviest survival knives currently selling in the UK.
Now however as a Prepper or Survivalists, there may be knives that are just as good or possibly even better. Even non-knife people would probably recognize this knife or they would certainly recognize the name.
Equipped with Full tang blade cuts, a sharpened edge, and a flat cutting edge, this survival blade was made for anything and everything.
The quality steel stays sharp for longer than most other survival knives, giving The Tom Brown Tracker an upper hand.

The only complaint we have heard about this knife is that the sheath that is included does not keep the blade firmly in place. That makes this a great deal for a good survival knife that great value with all of the accessories. When it comes to survival though, this knife has everything you could ask for all in one package. Whether you are making your way through dense forest, or fighting a Zombie, you can’t go wrong with bringing this knife along. If you are looking for something that is going to cut anything you put in front of it, than this is a good survival knife choice for you. It is one of the longest survival knife on the market, making it a good survival knife for just about any situation. The added length over other survival knives on this list also make it great for hunting Zombies.
Considering that this knife is less than $50, I don’t think you will get a better value on any other knife on this list.
Find something that is long enough that you can cut branches and cordage, skin an animal, and prepare a fish.
You don’t want to show up with one of the best knives out there and have it fall apart on day 2. They will have more experience and knowledge in what is and isn’t a good idea when making a knife. The KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife has proven itself in survival situations, combat situations, work and utility situations.
Now, as a personal judgment as to your specific use of the knife, for example, there’s a Becker BK2 and I believe KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife now currently makes it. New companies tend to have great new ideas when trying to make a good survival knife but they don’t know that others have tried that and failed.
If there is one major flaw, it would be the hollow handle meant for storing supplies like matches, fishing lines etc. Within the end of the knife is a compass, but not one of those exposed ones that is easily smashed to pieces but an enclosed one. It’s what made KA-BAR’s reputation and for many people, this knife is in fact the KA-BAR Knife company.
The KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife (Check prices here) is does everything well but is not the master of anything.
Read my review Survival Kit for the Ka-Bar Survival Knife I prefer the foliage green version.
I try to avoid any knife that is not equal or on-par with the KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife because I considered the KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife the standard.
I bought this particular version because I felt it would be useful and suitable for me if I did decide to carry it out in the bush. So we will just have a quick talk about what this particular knife has different to the original. So maybe for some, if you want to pry things and really abuse your knife, this maybe a better choice than a KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife. It’s hard to beat the KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife at this price point, it is an exceptional value for a survival knife.
KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife Is not just for Fighting Now, just for a fighting knife, if you are just going to fight with the knife, I would choose the KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife. The Ka-Bar is more streamlined, easier to wheel, has a little bit longer blade for penetration. It has got grooves and it has got a slight texture into it and just a little bit of softness to it and very, very grippy handle, very nice feeling handle in hand. It’s similar to the Ka-Bar, so there’s a full whole grind and it’s a little longer, a little different than a KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife. It has about the same durability, somewhere durability of the Becker BK2 and it doesn’t mean that – the Ka-Bar is also very durable knife.
But this is a little thicker and it’s a little longer so it’s a combination of durability and fighting ability.

And that’s why I choose the cold steel knife because preppers and survivalists have different needs. Good tool steel that will hold up to a bit of abuse and on YouTube, you would see plenty of guys who have successfully used this knife in the outdoors splitting logs and pretty much any other task you can think of.
Now, none of these knives maybe as good as some bushcrafting knife if you’re just going to be a survivalist and do skinning and a little – and things of that nature.
KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife Versatility You could use it for hunting, camping, hiking, obviously military use.
If you’re not going to use it for combat and you’re just in a survival thing, but there may be better choices. This is their KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife and probably also a service or survival knife quite adequately. There’s also a desert version which is kind of a sand color obviously to suit the current feat of military operations and the sheath is excellent, really excellent. This is for a specific purpose because I wanted a small, every day carry knife that I could stick easily into my expedition or bug out bag because it was easier to carry on a day basis. It’s durable, and it’s smaller, shorter than any of these knives, it’s even a shorter blade than the Becker BK2 and perhaps not as durable. You could use some para cord for those grooves if you wanted to secure it to your leg or pack.
What I’m really impressed, if you have a look at the profile that the sheath has narrowed, that is really brilliant. And I didn’t have this, the Becker BK2 would work, the KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife would work.
So the KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife and sheath combined, 14.7 ounces or 420 grams which considering you’re talking about a full seven-inch knife. And I’m talking about for prepping because here is a scenario, as a prepper, you are not in a survival situation that may last until you’re rescued.
Now the balance point is just around guard so it’s basically a perfect balance and you can imagine – not that I’m any sort of knife fighter but it’s going to be a very quick knife in that sort of application.
The quality of the knife, actually I got to say I was very surprised at just how good quality this is.
Interestingly enough this is, as I said, a modern update of a classic but I do like the fact that it still holds skill in its manufacturing.
KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife Now, as a bushcrafter, you may say, “These are too big or too bulky or too heavy,” or whatever.
You can see just through the back of the pommel, that’s where your tang comes through and that’s actually attached with a pin. This pin runs through and attaches to the handle and that’s right from day one back in the Second World War. I’m looking for fighting, self-defensibly, and so I want a knife that’s not going to break. And I believe all these knives have the characteristics of durability. This is a combination of great old skill way of building something and craftsmanship and some modern materials. The KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife is a little thinner but it’s a good, good steel and it’s proven and it will function.
I don’t care what knife you have, any and every knife can fail if you misuse it or if you don’t use it right. The value on these is absolutely outstanding, incredible the price you can pick these things up for and an outstanding value for what you’re getting. KA-BAR Fighting Survival Knife is a must-have for any serious knife collector to have at least one of these things.

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