You are out in the woods alone, (this is not advised) and you have nothing but your survival knife to accomplish all of you basic needs to survive. This illustrates the importance of buying a quality knife for all of your survival purposes. This knife is very durable, A I have read hundreds of reviews on the KA-BAR website as well as Amazon where a lot of people have been very pleasantly surprised because of the fact their knife had lasted so long and so well. The handle is a man made Kraton G handle made to fit comfortably in the hands (right or left) of the user. This is the second choice because in reality its pretty close to the KA-BAR but it didn’t quite make the cut for first place.
When you hold the Schrade SCHF9, it has a great handle that is meant to fit the contours of your hand as well as aid you in maintaining your grip.
The Ontario 499 knife is a super durable knife issued obviously to the Air Force, also available to the public. This monster of a knife has the look of a true survivor knife and according to the hundreds of happy people who have bought this very knife off amazon, it is very well built and feels super sturdy when they handled it.
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Cloaked in an all Green Digital Camo finish, this survival knife is sure to blend in while out on a hunt. A These five survival knives are great examples of survival knives that that will do what you want and do it well. A  Customers have said that they have been able to use their KA-BAR to split wood, pry things open and just slash things for fun. A Kraton G is a synthetic rubber, so it has that texture of a hard rubber, which is great for increased grip. A It is a great knife, it is a military issued knife, so it is a little smaller for convenience.

A One thing that makes this blade a little different from the others is the fact that it is Parkerized. A  Another great thing about all of these knives is that they are all in a very close price range, so if you like all of them they are all decently affordable.
Razor sharp out of the box, the 7.5 inch clip point blade on this beauty can slice and dice with ease while the tip is pin point sharp and perfect for piercing. A  A Out of the hundreds of great reviews this knife has received on amazon, A  almost everyone was impressed by its beefy bulky features that make it durable. A It is a little different than the first two, but if its good enough for the military its probably good enough for us. A When a blade is parkerized it has a chemical phosphate coating put on it to protect the steel and reduce the amount of corrosion and increase the resistance to wear.
A The 1095 carbon steel can hold and edge very well, it just depends on what your uses are with it. A By spreading out the times you use each blade, you will reduce wear in it, so it will last longer. I always do my knife shopping online at Amazon due to the fact that they can offer the best prices. The fully serrated spine of the blade is perfect for cutting rope, straps or even timber as is a half serration on the cutting edge.
Then you live to be 100 years old telling this story many more times than you have years and A the story only gets better each time. A  Others who have reviewed this knife have also said that the edge of the blade on the KA-BAR held up very well.
A This ensures that the handle is large enough for most users to use the knife comfortably. A It comes pre sharpened, so right when you open it up it is ready for all of your survival adventures. A It is a little smaller in comparison but it is a great option for something a little more compact.

A Depending on the tasks performed with this knife it will more than likely last you forever. A  It is comparable to the Aus-8 Japanese made steel as well as the 440b stainless steel that contains 0.9% carbon.
A The long length of the blade enables a longer reach and more momentum during the swinging motion. A The length of the handle plus the material it is build out of make it great for survival purposes. A Of course this is the story we all want to tell our kids, grand kids, great-grand kids and everyone else kind enough to listen.
A Another said that the blade is made from a thick steel and that it is a full tang construction. A Follow the links to amazon to purchase any of these five great knives or even just to check out the prices, but hurry, the prices may go up at any time! An ideal survival knife, it comes with a FREE nylon sheath and belt loop so you can always have it ready by your side. A On the back end of the handle is a very strong butcap which can be used for hammering and pounding things.
A It also has slip protectors at the top as well as the bottom of the handle, ensuring safety for the user. A That is not as good of a story as the first, and it all starts (and ends) with the knife.

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