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Back when I got married I did something very similar, but I actually sewed some little makeup bags and stuffed them with treats. Rigcht lick here (and open into a new window) to get the printable below as a full sized, high rez file then right click and save. The boxes I used are the really heavy duty ones you get from GlossyBox, but seriously any box will work. Using a paper crafting glue stick (so it won’t curl the paper) glue the card stock to the center of the top of your box. Here are my recommendations, but the fact of the matter is that this box is a personal gift to people who you love and care about enough that you’ve asked them to stand next to you in a dress they will probably never wear again, and support you on the biggest day of your life thus far. TOILETRIES – Hit up the travel section of your local store and snag some cheapie basics! BEAUTY ESSENTIALS – You can grab lots of mini makeup essentials at places like Ulta and Sephora!
FRESH BREATH – With all the hugging and posing for pictures and shouting over the music, your breath better be fresh!
Pack all the treats inside the box with some cute paper grass and add a little personalized thank you note about what makes your bridesmaid so special to you. You can give these to the bridemaids the night before at the rehersal dinner, or have them set up in the bridal suite for when they get there to get ready and dressed. With everything going on the day of the wedding, you’ll need some caffeine to get you through it! You can grab all these scrumptious treats at Walmart while you’re picking up all the ribbons and travel sized gifts for your boxes.
J’ai eu la chance de recevoir ces goodies il y a quelques semaines par Cacpom et j’adore ! Like most, if not all, of the subscription box systems, Battlbox does offer all the contents for less than if each item was purchased individually. Batman V Superman : Deux editions collector avec statuettes Darkgringo 5 avril 2016 2 Creed, une tres belle edition collector !

Blizzard: Une sublime statuette pour Grommash Darkgringo 20 mai 2016 Les figurines Star Wars par Hot Toys Darkgringo 2 janvier 2016 God Of War 4 : La statuette collector de Kratos pour les 10 ans ! I’ve already done one wedding this year so far, and I have a few more booked this Spring and Summer.
You never know when you might forget something and not be able to run back to the house or hotel room to grab it! I love Skinny Cow snacks because they taste AMAZE and I can indulge without having to worry about not being able to zip up my dress. Grab a few travel sized breath fresheners – floss, mouthwash and mini disposable toothbrushes, in case you stay out all night and have to make it to the farewell brunch in the morning. Fancy shoes cause unsightly blisters, so bandaids are just the trick for helping keep that at bay. You can even add a Wedding Itinerary or any other info your bridesmaids might need for your big day! As stated on the packaging, Battlbox offers “survival & tactical gear”, such as paracord, knives, water purification, packs, compasses, etc. Customers are free to pay one of four flat fees per month to receive the appropriate level box.
The MoraKniv is definitely the highlight item, although the SOG Survival Hawk isn’t bad, either, and the paracord and associated survival materials are still functional, even if they are zombie themed.
In all honesty, it seems more like a way to get rid of an excess of initial inventory rather than introduce customers to the system and brand.
Aerodreams 28 avril 2016 1 7.5FUNPlants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2: a la reconquete du jardin!
Darkgringo 24 mars 2016 L’Age d’or DC Comics, un coffret en edition limitee et numerotee !
All you need is my free printable (below), a glue stick, a cute box, some ribbon and lots of little treats. You could set up a little breakfast bar, with bagels or fruit, the Bridemaid Survival Kits and a bucket of insanely indulgent and delicious Skinny Cow® Mocha Latte Creamy Iced Coffee! Indulgent and low-fat frozen treats for the walk down the aisle would definitely calm my nerves.

The ice cream bars are in the frozen section as you might have guessed and the iced coffee can be found in the stand alone coolers near the front of the store. Inside were two cards: one explaining the theme of the box and the other listing off inventory with MSRP pricing. To be fair, Battlbox is still a relatively new service, with the Mission 2 box dated for April 2015, so with time this could be a non-issue. So if you’re a bride to be and have a ton of those nice boxes laying around unused, save them up and use them for this easy project! These are FANTASTIC things for bridesmaids who are worried about you and forget about themselves! I recommend the Skinny Cow® Blissful Truffle Candy Bars for a yummy indulgence – they come in both milk and dark chocolate, though I am partial to the dark myself. We sprung for the highest tier, Pro Plus-KOTM, to see everything that could be offered within a box. We sprung for the highest tier, Pro Plus-KOTM, to see everything that could be offered with a box. Additionally, the items inside are functional and will work well enough within their intended scenarios. This little DIY Bridesmaid Survival Kit is the perfect gift for your ladies in waiting, and a great gift to give the night before at the rehearsal dinner!
This is also a great way to use up product samples you didn’t use or want for yourself. You can pretty much pack them with ANYTHING you want, and make them as decadent and customizable as your heart desires.

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