This is a great knife and made of a better quality, even though it is CHINESE STAINLESS steel. The Survival Rip Kit is vital for family emergency first aid kits so they can patch up members after disasters which render normal medical services out of commission. I recommend you buy 500ml of Vetadine or iodine to be used in conjunction with the Survival Rip Kit. 2 x Sutures Vicryl Rapide (polyglactin 910) Sutures, Undyed, Braided, Synthetic Absorbable Sutures.
Products are sterile and designed for use on humans, but the needle is strong enough for many parts of pets and farm animals.

If you think you are brave enough to use one, then you’ll also need 500 ml of vetadine or iodine and a pair of needle nose pliers.
The handle is tough textured glass reinforced nylon with a weather-resistant zinc olive drab coated steel guard and cap. Often ideal for trampers and wilderness campers who encounter dangerous terrain and need self-reliance in medical care. It is complete with a barrel ring and bayonet attachment mechanism on the pommel of the blade. I used needle nose pliers in adverse conditions (rain) in a mucky pen and still saved my livestock.

I am trying to put a first aid kit together that would last a long time, and your website has the best information out of the ones I’ve found.
The ABS lined scabbard offers a stainless steel wire cutter attachment that links to the wire cutter hole in the bayonet blade and a built in sharpening stone.
The liner is held to a stainless steel belt clip with a nylon webbing shell which offers a quick release snap and a detachable button-closure ammo pouch.

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