Calling it a motorcycle is a little disingenuous, since it's really a roadster — but with only three wheels, the Polaris Slingshot Motorcycle is actually a bit of both. Building on the success of their racing-focused Atom, the chaps at Ariel have turned their attention to the two-wheel market. The Kawasaki Ninja250 is a fine bike all on its own, but if you yearn for something a bit more unique, this Brasse 31BLK Kawasaki Ninja Mod Kit should do just fine. If you’ve already read my article on How to Put Together a Survival Kit then you know that I stress the importance of making your kit modular and multi-tiered.
The PUSH Pack, short for Practical Utility Shoulder Hold, is a multi-compartmental, modern-day concealed carry bag. The benefit of the concealed carry pocket is that it allows for storage of a full-size pistol.

Since this bag is now a common companion in my travels, carrying the full size is no longer a problem.
If the 5.11 PUSH Pack had just those two features it would have been enough to sell me on it. Powered by a 2.4L engine, this two-seat open-air vehicle sits just inches off the ground, with a 5-speed manual transmission and lightweight polymer body panels to create an exhilarating motoring experience.
They have a great selection of quality made clothing and tactical gear and this bag is no exception.
Fashioned after the messenger-style concept, you wear this over your shoulder and the bag sits to your side allowing for easy access to your EDC gear and firearm.
One of the biggest headaches with backpacks and many other bags is the issue of them bouncing around when you need to be mobile.

Sporting a skeletal frame that recalls the Atom but is machined entirely from an aluminum alloy billet, this sporty bike is powered by a 1237cc, water-cooled Honda engine good for over 170hp, a top speed of 165mph and a 0-60 time of just 3.4 seconds.
However, due to clothing restricitions (especially now that the weather is getting warmer) lugging along the Glock is just not practical.
Beyond the specs, though, the Ace is incredibly customizable, sporting your choice of seats, handlebars, exhausts, brakes, tank sizes and styles, and front ends, with the promise that your entire cycle will be built by a single technician who signs his work when he's done. It also includes all the necessary tools in the kit, so you can transform your bike from the comfort of your garage.

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