This kit has 12 of the best selling paracord colors to get you weaving paracord in no time.
You can choose to make them as a single color bracelet or combine the colors to make 2 color, 3 color,  paracord bracelets. Survival Bracelet Kit March Madness  Madness is running rampat her at the shop with all the basketball games on! Paracord Bracelet Kit X-cords All American Survival Bracelet Kit Make 10 Survival Bracelets  Includes Cocbra Weave Instruction Sheet and Video Tutorial Links to Make All the Top Paracord Bracelet Patterns Including the Thin-line and the King Cobra! In this amazing image, we see all of the parts that make up a Volkswagen Golf Mk2 (see higher-res image here).

The Mk2 succeeded the Mk1 as Volkswagen’s volume seller from 1983 and remained in (German) production until late 1992.
While it appears to be a promotional shot for VW, please let us know in the comments if you have any more info about this photograph! The book celebrates their 50 year anniversary and was an exclusive gift to all Volkswagen employees and not sold in bookstores.
Minimalist by design, the 6-foot-wide camper is equipped with a sink and stove, mounted rifle rack, four panels in the floor for additional interior storage, ramps with a front platform that can hold an optional dirt bike and a roof rack able to haul a canoe or kayak. The caption tells that the photo shows a disassembled 1988 VW Golf CL version, disassembled in 6843 parts.

The Massillon, Ohio-based company also introduced a 6-foot-wide retro-look “clamshell” Silver Shadow featuring a king-size mattress, LED lights and a dry weight of 1,180 pounds.

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