Head out to the Oil Boom they said, make great money they said, find a cheap trailer park to live in they said.
In what is shaping up to be one hail of a storm season in the Northern Plains, a few residents of Watford City, ND, captured some amazing footage of a tornado touching down and slowly moving on top of them.
When moving about, any squid's tentacles will open and close, giving them the appearance of pushing themselves through the water, which they will do slowly. As of 1.4 updates, squid now start getting hurt when brought up to land and getting beached. In Minecraft: Pocket Edition, squids can produce a floating black ink particle when attacked. In Minecraft: Pocket Edition, there is an exclusive feature where you can find Baby Squids.

Squids can glitch through glass, which can give a bit of a surprise to any player walking through underwater tunnels.
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Squid do not take an exact path of travel and will make no attempt to interact with the player.
Squid are the first water-dwelling mob to appear in Minecraft, the others being the guardian and the elder guardian. Squid become immobile when they become beached, also taking damage over time as they are out of water.

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