Bookmark and stop by often as we update with recent launchings and unearthed shots from the archives (scroll down as things are in chronological order).
Her color scheme and diamond-shaped trunk windows may have a vintage look, but Vinalhaven, ME lobsterman Lee Osgood’s Isabelle Laurini is brand-new.
Catch ‘Em All is a Wayne Beal 46 finished by Taylored Custom Boats in Addison, ME for Beals Island lobsterman Nathan Barrett. Light’s Fiberglass in Steuben, ME finished the Brittan A, a Calvin Beal 44 owned by lobsterman Michael Porter of Cutler. That’s My Boy is a Calvin Beal 44 owned by lobsterman Jason Simmons of Friendship, ME. First brand-new boat out of the doors at Stonington, ME’s Oceanville Boatworks was the Mussel Ridge 46 Rock Bottom for local lobsterman Richard Larrabee Jr. Renegade is a Mussel Ridge 42 finished by Mainely Boats of Cushing, ME for Matinicus lobsterman David Ames. Benny Beal built the Donna Marie for us up on Beals Island – that was our first offshore lobster boat.
The engine box cover washed off and the deck was flooded because we had extra redfish on deck – they plugged all the scuppers. So my younger brother Billy and I were trying to clear the scuppers, heaving everything over the side, while my old brother Manny’s supposed to be heading her downwind, right? I’d just made some plywood covers for the lobster tank a couple days before we left – plus I bought a 20’ length of 3” hose with a quick-release for the Lister pump we used for the lobsters. When the main engine was out … it was like being sunk on the beach; totally awash and sunk. That night it was three of us in a wet sleeping bag at a time, trying to stay warm – with the fourth man on the wheel for a half hour at a time.
Bob was coming in that same night with the Sea Fever and he busted up a bunch of her 2”x2” oak ribs. When we got close to the Cape, I ended up shooting flares at a dragger off the GRS buoy because we had no lights. Benny bought the Donna Marie back years later and fished it … I think somebody else had it for a while after that.
Elizabeth Grace is a Calvin Beal 38 built and finished by SW Boatworks in Lamoine, ME for Stonington lobsterman Jay Clough.

Shelby E is a Holland 38 custom finished by Marine Systems of Southwest Harbor, ME for Bar Harbor lobsterman Seth Kane. Harrington, ME lobstermen Jason Strout and Chad Fenton pooled their talents and finished a pair of Osmond 47s for themselves. Simmons Boatworks of Friendship, ME finished the 42′ Mussel Ridge Lisabeth Ann for Michael Dawson of New Harbor.
Jenna Marie is a Northern Bay 36 finished by Leighton’s Fiberglass of Milbridge, ME for lobstermen Eric and Josh Beal. Cutler, ME lobsterman Patrick Hallissey’s Mandy Jean is a modified Young Brothers 42. Sherrie Marie, a Sargent 42 custom finished by Eaton’s Boat Shop of Deer Isle, ME for local lobsterman Bill Smith.
SW Boatworks in Lamoine, ME built the 38′ All Out for Boothbay Harbor lobsterman Nick Page. Black Pearl is a Calvin Beal 36 built by SW Boatworks of Lamoine, ME for Blue Hill lobsterman Phil Black. First launched by Buxton Boats in Stonington, ME in 1997, Uncle’s UFO is a Northern Bay 36 lobster boat still fished by Andrew Gove, who turns 85 in May of this year. Misty Dawn is a Calvin Beal 44 finished by Light’s Fiberglass of Corea, ME for Cutler lobsterman Justin Wright. Sargent’s Custom Boats of Milbridge, ME finished the Osmond 40 Gina Lynne for Sorrento lobsterman Mark Bennett.
Dedicated to lobster resource conservation and preservation of the offshore lobster industry.
AOLA is a fishing industry trade association dedicated to the conservation of the offshore lobster fishery and preservation of the fishing industry.
Lobsterman Matt Finn completely refurbished the 37-footer and put her to work tending gear out of Marblehead, MA. Drohan is a Lowell 43 built by the Lowell Brothers (Even Keel Marine Specialties, Inc.) of Yarmouth, ME for Rockport, MA lobsterman Ryan Drohan. General Marine of Biddeford built the Spencer Lincoln-designed 36-footer’s hull and molded top.
Sargent’s Custom Boats of Milbridge began the process by laying up and lengthening a South Shore 38 hull.

John’s Marine Care of New Harbor custom-finished Francisco Lavon, starting with a hull and top built by Hutchinson Composites of Cushing. Our members and associate members are vessel owners, captains, and fishing industry suppliers.
Students in Deer Isle-Stonington's innovative Marine Studies Pathway participated in ocean survival and cold water immersion training as they earned industry certifications preparing them for a wide range of modern careers in marine industries.On Saturday February 8th, 8 students in Deer Isle-Stonington High School's Marine Studies Pathway took to the water to earn a United States Coast Guard-approved Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor safety certification. The wooden 45-footer (originally named Rebecca & Heather) was built in 1987 by Story Shipyard in Essex, MA for Bill Bartlett of Beverly. After a morning of rigorous classroom instruction from a renowned maritime safety expert, students donned survival suits, deployed life rafts, and simulated vessel emergencies in the Maine Maritime Academy pool.
The students also spent Friday afternoon and evening on the Maine Maritime Academy campus investigating modern computer assisted engineering processes by using CNC router technology to fabricate a model boat hull in the machine shop. And then she’d roll the other way – and he’s trying not to wash overboard while I’m hanging onto the rope. Students explored maritime career opportunities, simulated navigation scenarios, and learned basic ocean survival skills in the pool on Friday evening.A Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor certification is particularly relevant to the students at Deer Isle-Stonington High School, which serves Maine's leading lobster port.
While almost all of the students in the Marine Studies Pathway have worked in the fishing industry, several of the students have or are working towards their commercial lobster license.
The Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor certification required in the State of Maine to acquire a commercial lobster license and the safety concepts and survival skills are applicable to any career on the water, including those in marine science, tourism, and recreation. Students in the Marine Studies Pathway program will learn in the community, on the shore, and on the water, working alongside teachers, scientists, fishermen, and local marine professionals.
They will acquire the knowledge, skills, and work ethic they will need to succeed in college and in challenging modern careers.
Instead of learning only in the classroom, the Marine Studies Pathway blends rigorous academic study with the kinds of real-life experiences that make learning stick.
Graduates of the Marine Studies Pathway will earn the same diploma as other Deer Isle-Stonington High School students.

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