The ranks of Infinite Summerians are thinning quickly, as participants drop out or finish early.
BLOOMINGTON, IL—Claire Thompson, author David Foster Wallace’s girlfriend of two years, stopped reading his 67-page breakup letter at page 20, she admitted Monday.
Jason Kottke reprinted an essay entitled Growing Sentences with David Foster Wallace, originally written by James Tanner.
If you know of more Infinite Jest or David Foster Wallace humor on the web, please let us know by email or in the comments. Update: In a recent post, infinitedetox proposed some Techno-Curmudgeonly Solutions for Life in a Wallacian Dystopia. Yeah, I finished early (July 21st), but I’m still here because I want to know what everyone thinks! Soon after Wallace’s death, the daily Woot blog was offering a pen set and the description was an ode to Wallace. OK so I had no idea it was Infinite Summer but just finished it LAST NIGHT having started in March. Join endurance bibliophiles from around the world in reading Infinite Jest over the summer of 2009, June 21st to September 22nd. Everyone seemed to enjoy the obviously fictional “Sharknado” — now a viral meme — that aired on cable TV a few weeks ago, but shark enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the Discovery Channel’s official Shark Week are “furious” over a documentary on the cable channel that they’re saying was completely faked.
The fakeumentary, which kicked off Shark Week Sunday night, was about the extinct giant shark megalodon (specially one nicknamed “Submarine”) and a team of “researchers” who thought it might still be lurking in the waters, wreaking havoc on marine life and even some humans. Christie Wilcox, who is a PhD student at the University of Hawaii and author of the Science Sushi, a Discover Magazine blog, wrote a letter to the Discovery Communications team lambasting the channel for fabricating stories and having actors pose as scientists in a convincing enough manner that “70 [percent] of your viewing public fell for the ruse and now believes that Megalodon isn’t extinct,” according to the channel’s poll. None of the institutions or agencies that appear in the film are affiliated with it in any way nor have approved its contents. Though certain events and characters in this film have been dramatized, sightings of “Submarine” continue to this day. Still, fans have taken to Discovery’s Facebook page, Twitter and blogs to voice their discontent over the elements in the show they feel is spreading misinformation.
Just a snippet of the more than 1,700 comments on one of the Discovery Channel’s posts about Megalodon on its Facebook page.
Taking it a step further, Wilcox rubs salt in the wound saying that at least Animal Planet had the decency in its mockumentary about mermaids to say in its disclaimer about the show that the claims were in actuality false. Then Wilcox said she plans on boycotting Shark Week — and others have followed suit as well. Actor Wil Wheaton, who has recently been featured in the TV show the Big Bang Theory as the Evil Wil Wheaton, called upon Discovery to apologize to its audience on its live aftershow. Discovery did tell TheBlaze that people in the documentary were “both scientists and actors” and that experiments, like one where they poured a bunch of chum into the ocean to attract sharks — one of which they hoped would be megalodon — did take place.
Some scientists estimate that Megalodon ate about 2,500 pounds of food every day, including whales and other large fish. Megalodon lived throughout most of the ancient world’s oceans, [with some scientists saying] from 17 to 2 million years ago. Megalodon may be extinct but it’s still with us…starring in books and movies, on stamps and jewelry, and even in cartoons and video games. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History also has an exhibit on the shark running through September 1. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them ? We know the sap which courses through the trees as we know the blood that courses through our veins.
The shining water that moves in the streams and rivers is not just water, but the blood of our ancestors ! Woshiwood Review, all by Wolf Apelt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License. Minecraft Building Inc All your minecraft building ideas, templates, blueprints, seeds, pixel templates, and skins in one place. The world is also perfect for you if you ever wanted to build a huge empire in creative mode . The Island Chain of Zorilak is ancient, and its hidden by the worlds largest oceans – Vast bodies of water that have been untouched by even the most daring and adventurous sailors and adventures. Nauxilos, the largest island to the east, is a fair land of plentiful lumber and livestock.
But now, after writing all of this in my letter to my family, I see that I should spark a new civilization and kingdom here… This is perfect land, and the perfect climates in most parts.
I am the new ruler of Zorilak, and I will be the first to set food on this sacred land, which as yearned for a new race to dominate it’s vast mountains and plains. Como decia Calderon de la Barca…No hay hombre tan desdichado que no tenga un envidioso, ni hombre tan venturoso que no tenga un envidiado.
Simbolo de exclusividad, de pertenecer a un grupo selecto, que seguro define un estilo de vida inalcanzable para la gran mayoria de nosotros. There are 200 wolves, 7,000 black bears and nearly 1,000 cougars living on Vancouver Island.
An about-face from shows like CBS’s gameplay-driven Survivor, Alone leaves its participants just that.
With knowledge of combative arts, edible and medicinal plants, hunting, fishing, archery and the like, the participants were physically prepared for almost anything the soggy yet striking environment threw at them.
Says Kay: “I just really tried to be in the present, not look too far ahead into the future.

Miller says he found sustenance with a mixture of seaweed, mussels, clams, Copper rockfish, nettles and chanterelle mushrooms. Three years into a nine-year agreement, the council has formally written to Visit Isle of Wight to confirm it will cease funding because of its own budget pressures.
This decision is no surprise as it was agreed at the Isle of Wight council’s 2015 Annual Budget Meeting, but the letter today confirms the decision.
Just three years into a nine-year agreement, the council has formally written to Visit Isle of Wight to confirm it is stopping its annual contribution because of the authority’s budgetary pressures. Yet the council still continue to subsidise Ventnor Haven to the tune of ?100,000.00 or so a year for the benefit of two tiny companies? What we need is a strategy to either improve tourism or call it quits and concentrate on the Island infrastructure for Islanders and let tourism run its course. What we DO have is a beautiful Island in pretty good condition, loved by many and great to wander through. Stick at what we seem good at and stop throwing money into projects that do nowt, cost loads, and really pee off the locals!
The fact that some local Island families can trace trace back their ancestors to the time of Henry V11th, and some old English families have been looking after this bit of our nations coastline since the 18th century through times of peace and times of War,and still do, is just wonderful! The point I make about the roads is that the contract is a bit more than just re-surfacing.
We are holding to account the service provider but that has to be within the contractual arrangements we find ourselves in.
Yet another nail in the island’s economy on top of the closure of attractions recently announced.
Not that it matters overmuch, because those who campaign in its favour have never come up with any means of funding it that could withstand more than a few minutes’ scrutiny.
So a fixed link is not a solution but the IW cannot go it alone and our services cannot survive given the size of our area. If improving our transport links across the Solent is not a solution to allow us to move more freely and create a more competitive environment on the Island, then what is the solution that will deliver seed funding to help the IOW’S economy recover and come up to the standards enjoyed across the rest of the Solent region? A fixed link is not the only way to improve our transport links,it would be ludicrously expensive to build and that cost would be passed onto the people wanting to use it. A fixed link could be delivered by government on an exclusive franchise basis, much like the Severn Crossings. Firstly you only have to look at the votes on here to see the reaction that Thomas C and his views receive on here. Sorry but organising hundreds of millions of pounds of capital doesn’t work at the speed of social media. If the use of a ferry is SO essential, why has the IOW lost 300,000 annual visitors over the last five years?
Don’t worry though, even with a fixed link the ferry companies would still be able to compete if that *was* the case.
Maybe you should go read the Highlands Travel report on improved ferry and fixed link services, which states the 30% improvement in GDP for Skye is likely to have actually been more than double that. 5000 for vs 1600 against a link on a validated government poll demonstrates how far out of step your view really is with the needs of the IW.
Is there a sense of realism, development and understanding coming to the Isle of Wight economy through actions such as this. Tourism is not solely and purely justified by the financial positives and balance sheets it brings to the Isle of Wights economy, the amount of seasonal work or the numbers of people it employs during the ins and outs of the seasons. We do not promote adequately the existing industries we currently have and tend to put a ? value only on the things that are important to previous, current and future generations. Areas such as Isle of Wight in Bloom, Seaview Wildlife Centre, Fort Victoria Aquarium represent more than a budget figure that cannot be realistically judged or quantified for they are about our pride, education, hobbies and opportunities that we are able to facilitate for residents and visitors alike.
Things like the development of the hovercraft, flying boats and the Schneider trophy are insignificant memories to many people and if it were not for a few minor information boards and promotion through the mosaics at Waitrose would soon be lost in the ether of our minds. Yes lets be proud and promote the islands previous achievements, what currently exists and let us all show pride and sense of achievement in what can brought to the islands economic future if we promote and develop ourselves positively in the future. Visit IW knew from day one that the money was a one off and wouldn’t continue forever.
I largely agree with Tiki; not something I say very often, but in this case both Tiki and Robert Jones have hit the nail on the head.
However, Conservative governments do have a history of commissioning large infrastructure projects to assist deprived areas, one of which we most certainly are. Other ways lack of money could show itself in paying salaries plus the employer’s NI and pension contributions. Regardless of views on the Local Government Pension Scheme their are contractual obligations for both employer and employee.
We should point out that Animal Planet, like the Discovery Channel, is also run through Discovery Communications LLC. Most sharks have at least six rows of teeth, so a Megalodon had about 276 teeth at any given time. This land, was once a world of its own and these are the oldest origins of the elves of Terra, from what many say. The three islands of this beautiful island chain, have each healed a race that has been moved onto other continents. It seems perfect for making a dock, if I can move all the mud and dirt out of the way, to make a canal. I stood up from my boat, headed outdoors, and went to survey the land, and to have a new life.

Aqui tendran cabida los mas diversos productos, servicios y noticias relacionadas con esta peculiar forma de entender la vida. The weather would wear you down, the elements,” says Alan Kay, a corrections officer and survival instructor from Blairsville, Ga.
Without this annual contribution we are going to have to urgently consider how, in an increasingly competitive market, the Island is able to promote itself as a quality destination. Some activities and costs will have to be scaled back immediately to ensure that there are sufficient funds in place for the all-important spring and early summer campaigns.
Not only are we losing money that has been a pivotal part of our destination marketing activity, this is happening at a time when many other destinations on the mainland, including our competitors, have re-organised the way they fund their activities. We have NOTHING by way of attractions to bring holiday makers here, never have and never will. The ferry companies appear to be content with their increasingly expensive and less frequent services, just how broke does the island have to be before we get our fixed link? The answer to everything on the Island is NOT a fixed link no matter how much semi religous fervour you throw at it. For starters if they had a big city like Southampton or Portsmouth a few miles away they would never have got their bridge!
These apply equally to those working in the NHS an education whether state schools or academies. The stories have been out there for years and with 95 percent of the ocean unexplored, who really knows?” the statement from Sorensen continued.
It’s inexplicably depressing that you’ve gone from “the world’s #1 nonfiction media company” to peddling lies and faking stories for ratings. On these continents you will find a lot of different biomes, from taiga, over corrupted woods, swamp and a lot more to desert savanna and jungle.
I wonder how it is untouched by the great kingdoms and empires of Dasgnir… Perhaps I should create my own kingdom here, and make myself the forth ruler of this vast world.
It is filled with pine and spruce, a fine group of trees that are good for lumber and bonfires.
It has a fairly low amount of lumber but as always, each tree holds a great amount of lumber for building, cooking, and fires! Conocen sus caprichos, inquietudes, aspiraciones y tambien deseos, solo se necesita ver cuales son las peticiones de esas personas.
Just them, each placed miles apart, facing the elements until the last man standing claims the US$500,000 prize. And the most terrifying night of my life occurred on Vancouver Island,” says Chris Weatherman, a 42-year-old post-apocalyptic fiction author from Umatilla, Fla. They will be aggressively marketing themselves and we must compete with them if we are to maintain and grow our share of the market.
We seem to have a massive influx of tight Lycra clad Cyclists wobbling all over the place, so obviously that side of tourism is sorted. Personally I feel that the likes of Scoot are the answer and would urge anyone with a need to get across the water to try them.
They may even lose their heavily discounted Red Funnel ticket perks but hey ho welcome to the real world.
We want these things, but we (as a nation) have voted in a government which is intent on paring local services to the bone.
Their bite is thought to be the strongest of all time—strong enough to smash an automobile—beating out even the most monstrous dinosaurs. You’ve compromised your integrity so completely with this special, and that breaks my heart. We also seem to have more Elderly crocodiles walking up and down the Downs, so THAT seems to be working too. I have no connection and have never used the service as it’s not a route which suits BUT small independent operators with support from the travelling public may well be the way forward. Thirdly the population of the IW is more than 120,000 so your 5,000 who voted yes still doesn’t make a majority (how many of those actually live on the island?).
Shout-outs to Infinite Detox, Daryl the Infinite Zombie, Gerry Canavan, Chris Forster, Paul Debraski, and Aaron Riccio.
The real science of these animals should have been more than enough to inspire Discovery Channel viewers.
The use of a ferry is (from my experience in the tourist sector) an integral part of the holiday. It was partly because of you that I became transfixed by the natural world and pursued a career in science. We have problems here, other tourist towns have the same issue, it’s social and economic changes in the population as much as anything else. I once dreamed of having my own Discovery Channel special, following in the footsteps of people like Jeff Corwin. I’m also assuming the people behind the so called fixed link will buy large parcels of land on the island to create new roads. Grandes empresarios, deportistas de elite, politicos de primer nivel… la flor y nata de cada disciplina.

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