In Radiation Island, players craft their own destiny in an expansive open world environment. Experience Atypical’s console-quality gaming on mobile through spectacular visuals, an interactive open world, and clever AI. Explore vast forests inhabited by dangerous wolves, bears, and mountain lions, and investigate abandoned villages and old military compounds where zombies guard vital tools necessary for survival.
Complete the campaign mode to unlock multiplayer mode: fight for valuable resources against real players online in a closed arena. Radiation Island takes advantage of Metal on compatible devices to provide improved graphics, visual effects and unparalleled performance. Founded by a group of passionate video game developers, Atypical Games is a California-based company with a fresh take on publishing. SubscribeSubscribe to the Newsroom to get relevant gaming and tech press releases via email, exclusively from TriplePoint clients. Action RPG Eternal Arena Rolls Out PvP Update – Gather Your Team for Intense 3v3 Battle Arena Combat Now!
It was a rather melancholy day in the realm of gaming news this Wednesday, with most of the talk of the web leaning toward the unfortunate situation that’s taken place with Depression Quest game developer Zoe Quinn.

Our Time Lord and savior will making his way to the block-filled escapades of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft this September. Dead Island 2 is getting a beta in the UK region, as revealed by a Deep Silver press release from earlier today. We conclude today’s big happening with another look at the famed ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Bringing the focus back to the player’s experience and the true values of game design, Atypical promises to bring to the public games of the highest quality and great value. All it’ll cost you is $3 and you can have your very own boxy versions of the Twelfth Doctor and his lovely companion Clara. Well, that time has come ladies and gentlemen, because you can pick up the game for $14.99 as of midnight Eastern time. Anyone who pre-orders Escape from Dead Island– the third-person survival mystery spin-off of the original Dead Island coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360– will receive early access to the game when in comes out God knows when.
Interactive announced that their modern revamp to the Gauntlet series will now be releasing on September 23. A really nice keep which can for example be used to build a larger castle city map out in the sea.

As part of a mysterious experiment, players are stranded in an alternate reality where they must fight for survival on an inhospitable island. Players must employ their wits and resourcefulness in this new and mysterious world to not only survive, but to solve its puzzle and return to the real world.
Atypical’s developers are the makers of all Sky Gamblers™ titles and are considered the premier maker of combat flight games for mobile devices. Now Creepers and Daleks can work hand and hand to exterminate the entire Minecraft universe forever! So any iPhone or iPad owners who plan on indulging in some touch screen plasmid spewing: would you kindly tell me how this game is?
Sure, it’s quite entertaining watching two of the industries big wigs get drenched with bone-chilling ice water, but the true MVPs of this video were without a doubt the several Ubisoft game characters that joined them for the challenge. That just means us dungeon crawlers will have to keep Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition fired up for a little bit longer.

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