In Final stages, Island is being polished, builds completed, chests are being placed, traps are being made.
We where not able to upload our map, we where uploading it at the final hour of the contest time frame, but PMC would not let us upload our map. Well done team, what a great map :) As I don't know how to contact the organisers of the competition, I am just going to comment here about the download.
Yes i can :)Thank you, been working on this about 2weeks time now, and then i realised they will judge in Default texture pack, this is built in ozo's. This seed creates a giant hollowed out mountain at (x=25, z=275) and was discovered by the legendary seed-finder aminom. This is a normal survival island seed except for the fact that there is a large collection of mushroom islands to the left of the spawn point. The seed walruswalruswalrus spawns you inside a Blacksmith's house with some diamond and iron in the chest. This seed generates some epic mountains, lava flows and waterfalls around the area at (x=-250, z=150).

DJMartin on the Minecraft forums discovered this seed which generates a very mountainous mushroom biome right opposite the spawn point. IHaTeD2 on the Minecraft forums discovered this seed which creates a large island in the middle of a vast ocean, perfect for waterside city builds. This Project is in the Minecraft Survival Games : Arena Contest contest, now Complete!See the Final Leaderboard!
The seed Dovahkiin generates an NPC village very close to spawn at (x=135, z=145) and inside the Blacksmith's chest are 4 diamonds amongst other items. There is a section of exposed stone on the smaller island making it easy to find coal and iron. If you manage to escape there are some interesting mountains in the surrounding area at (x=400, z=275). South of spawn at (x=540, z=300) is an End Portal which can be seen through the water and reached by swimming down to the ocean floor.
I am so sorry to disappoint those who where excited about our map and where waiting to play on it.

Story:Memories of an ancient timeBack in the days, when the gods had no intentions of war in sight, they builded this temple, to protect the earth, and ito s belongings.
The memorial statue, builded by the slaves of the legendary Xenos, placed it here to rot, as a symbol for peace, and that the war god should retire, since his centuries had run out.But then, a little group, set off the riots. They wanted everything to be randomized, simplified, and they wished for a time, with no rulers, and no gods.
They wanted to be the top of the chart, the ruler of them all o The Victorian.Today, this temple still stands. As a memory of what happened back then, when the mighty Xenos ruled, with millions underneath him.

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