David airey — graphic designer, David airey is a graphic designer and writer in northern ireland. Graphic tees, cool designer shirts, Shop designer graphic tees from our amazing selection of illustrated designs. Graphic design inspiration, blogs, business & career, The best website for designers, period! The Indians were ‘presented’ to British Consul Roger Casement in their Putumayo homeland in southern Colombia in 1910. Casement, who had been sent by the British government to investigate atrocities in the Amazon during the rubber boom, brought the pair to the UK to publicize the horrors he uncovered. Sky-rocketing demand for Amazonian rubber was kick-started when US company Goodyear discovered vulcanization – a process that makes rubber hard enough to use for car tires. In just 12 years, Casement estimated that 30,000 indigenous people had been enslaved, tortured, and murdered to provide for Europe and the United States’ growing demand for rubber.
Many of today’s uncontacted Indians are descended from the survivors of the rubber boom atrocities, who fled into remote headwaters to escape the killings, torture and epidemics that decimated the indigenous population. It is not known what became of the two slaves, whose parting words to the Daily News were, ‘London is very wonderful, but the great river and the forest, where the birds fly, is more beautiful.

Survival International Director Stephen Corry said today, ‘The rubber boom may seem like remote history, but its effect is still with us.
We help tribal peoples defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.
We have a new name, a new look and a renewed sense of purpose for 2014, reflecting our bold mission to increase five-year survival to 50% within 10 years.
Chris Waugh had a blast running the London Marathon for Cure Brain Cancer in April, raising $20000 for research. A moving account of brain cancer's affect on those fighting it and those fighting to cure it. Project Background: It is known that survival from childhood cancer in sub-Saharan Africa is possible. A multi-disciplinary group of African clinicians and international experts has produced a SIOP PODC consensus treatment guideline adapted to local circumstances. Omarino was exchanged for a pair of trousers and a shirt; Ricudo was won in a game of cards. When the West began its marriage to the motor car, its love letters were written in Indian blood.

Twinning initiatives in the region have produced considerable progress over the last few years.
It provoked a gross crime against humanity which was perpetrated by a British company in the Witoto area. Wilms’ tumour is a relatively common and treatable kidney tumour with survival rates of around 85% in high-income countries. The parallel should not be exaggerated, but today there are still British companies, such as Vedanta Resources, planning the theft of tribal land, this time in India. Treatment is multi-disciplinary and involves paediatricians, surgeons, nurses, radiologists and pathologists.

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