We are getting a Polearm for legion and since they confirmed we will be able to transmog them. Don't forget to do you CM's while you can if you haven't touched it because the ranged weapons suck, think of how jelly other melee classes will be. I dunno what i was thinking, anyways i almost never touched Challenge modes because i hated the ranged weapons. However, it does put a little more responsibility on Blizzard’s end to make sure classes with more than 1 DPS spec are relatively balanced. Even though I’m playing Marksmanship right now because of raiding, I still identify myself as a Beast Mastery Hunter. I do have to wonder, if the artifact system was in place for Warlords, would I still be playing Beast Mastery? I like the idea of two separate forms of progression on the artifacts — artifact points and relics.
Artifact Points are what you earn simply for doing stuff in game: Questing, dungeons, raids, PvP, etc.
Relics are things you slot into your weapon which increase its power, as if you were getting a weapon upgrade. The Artifact Points system sounds like it’s going to be the new reward for leveling up, rather than adding more talent tiers or class abilities. Class Order Halls will be the place you customize your artifact weapon and presumably complete the quests for it. Perhaps a more likely scenario is that our class order hall will be located in the Broken Isles. One more thing I hope they do with class order halls is take the opportunity to give every class in the game its own class mount. I am also a little concerned with how much the order hall will crash for hunters given our popularity versus monks or rogues. At least you will still have a choice to xmog out of the cosmetic that you don’t like. It’s an artifact, not a legendary and they have already stated you can transmog them to other looks but not other weapons to look like them, including one artifact to another. I understand the Artifact system for a lot of classes and specs since it helps differentiate between them. For my Dwarf I’ll always prefer a gun but I can imagine that elves would prefer a bow. I know this probably will not happen since probably only hunters have such a strong preference for which type of weapon they wield.
I’ll be playing survival on an old Troll Hunter (bringing her up to speed as we speak) and though I like the idea of her with a spear, I probably wont use any of the Eagle Spear designs. I would like to see a class being able to transmog each one of their artifacts into one of the other specs artifacts, if that makes sense.
My ideal Class Hall, assuming instanced, would include the chance to step out into that zone’s location.
I’d like a Daily Leader Board on some target dummy for highest dps of the day in a Class Hall.
I’d want a port to the Proving Grounds, a greatly improved Proving Grounds that let you work on your rotation and test your talents. Speaking as a broken-hearted SV hunter, one who refuses to become what is essentially a warrior with a pet, I will probably end up as Beast Mastery in Legion. Still, Blizz has not shown any compunctions about treating hunters as a special class when it comes time to experiment on them, so it would be nice if they threw us a bone in the form of a positive experiment by letting BM hunters choose bow or gun. In a unrelated reply about the Class Hall location, I like the idea of some pvp between the opposite factions of other classes.
As an elven hunter on both sides of the conflict, spec’d in BM on both as well, I really want that bow.
What really bugs me is that Blizz drops this bombshell info on us and then goes into silence mode.

Sad, Hunter has always been my first love, my main… but the SV change to melee coupled with MM losing the pet may cause me to hang up the bows and guns for good. There probably will have to be some sort of catch up mechanism on the artifacts, especially if the power increase of it is as significant as they make it sound, due to the healers and tanks.
And making it harder for people to pick up a secondary role will not do much to improve the already rather long wait times for a dps in queue content (timewalking content: 20 minutes as a dps. I won’t be going to any huntard hall anyways, especially if it will be anything like trade. A thought just occurred to me, couldn’t we get the MM bow and us it for Xmoging the BM gun?
But that does sound like a rather neat solution and one I would like to see Blizzard implement after they buckle under the assault of all night elves stuck with guns and dwarves stuck with bows. I know some people get kind of miffy about mixing game classes and what-not, but for me, they'll all drawing from similar roots, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who had this thought. But now, not only are we getting melee hunter back, we are fighting specifically with spears!
That with good ol Sparkwing, in essence, we can play our own little version of the Dragoon, and I'm elated. Outside of visual flair, the dragon-like pet and the spears, it even appears that it could very well go thematically deeper than that. It was actually something I was also hoping for when they announced SV's artifact was a spear lol.
The fact that every spec gets some lore surrounding their artifact weapon is pretty cool to me. Barring any wild changes or ridiculous imbalance, I definitely see myself going that route in Legion. These points are used to unlock traits, which is essentially a mini talent tree for your weapon.
There will also be a few other things there, like your Champions (evolution of garrison followers), but it is not a true garrison replacement. It could be done through a quest line at your hall, and the hunter one should probably be a sweet looking bear (assuming they finally update bear models). If your marks or SV and still want to play ranged with a pet, you know… play a hunter, your forced to play BM. I hope it won’t be on the Lost Isles but somewhere in Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms so it will still be useful after the expansion as a quick way to get to a capital city. They already use the power thing to mog it into different looks, it doesn’t sound like a terrible long shot to add just a wee bit more.
But a) we’re still like 14% of the playerbase b) Blizzard has put time in for just a single class before.
So I will mog away my gun as a BM hunter…but it will be with some regret as it already feels like I am missing out on some of the cool cosmetic versions they build for the artifacts. It makes no sense to me that every race can be a hunter except the ones that make the guns. But I have always been a bow hunter, so I guess my only option is to transmog out of the artifact gun.
I say let BM choose, because in my opinion it is the only real hunter spec Blizz has left us. Looking at neutral territories, or close to neutral, I can remember all the fun of the contested area between Tarren Mill and Southshore. Bottom line is that whatever Blizz chooses, I’ll REALLY be looking forward to this expansion.
There is so much unclear concerning artifacts in pvp, stats and pets in pvp and the new Survival Hunter in general and we get nothing from them. While doing the basic pve stuff as a tank is not a big deal (my dk happily smashes things in Tanaan in blood spec), doing so as a healer will be a bit less smooth.
I’m perfectly fine if it requires me to grind a bit to get the other artifact weapons so that I can be able to turn my gun into a bow.

Since I was a kid, my first MMO being FFXI and then moving to WoW in vanilla I always wanted to play a Melee Hunter with a Windserpent and be essentially a dragoon.
We see gems like the Dragonsfire Trap and the interesting aspect that traps are elemental which is a fun link to the elemental nature of some dragons. I don’t expect them to be ground-breaking quest lines (since they have to do 36 of them), but the very fact that each spec gets a little something unique means a lot.
The other part of me wants artifact points and artifact relics to 100% share between all of your specs simply because I do not trust Blizzard to keep the specs balanced (sorry, Blizzard).
If you gave people a choice between the artifacts regardless of spec, it would also take away from the fantasy and lore behind the weapon.
Well, some of the examples they gave are outside of the Broken Isles, so it’s certainly possible. The launch of WoD caused a big mess in my guild where a lot of folks ended up server transferring temporarily off our server.
I mean, everything but gnomes can be hunters, so I could see a lot of options for hunter aesthetic. I’d love it if we get a quest at the start of Legion which when handing in the quest allows us to select the weapon-type we want. I’m sure some gnome got tired of the daily grind in Tinkertown, made himself a gun, befriended a badger, and took off into the wilderness. Without a pet, without high mobility, and without ranged physical damage, you are no longer a hunter.
Hunters and Warriors feel like a great combination to me, with Nesingwary and Gurubashi Arena in STV being likely destinations.
We could have a loch modan like retreat against some of the mountains there or reclaim feathermoon island. Levelling to 110 as a druid or priest as a dps to then have to regrind everything for a half decent healer artifact might create a shortage of healers for the lvl 110 content in the beginning. It also looks like I will be stuck with only BM as a spec as I refuse to go MM or SV now as melee, which in turn means I will be stuck with the gun. Most of the pieces were there, but then they totally gutted the melee play style and it just didn't have the same feel to it anymore. It puts a lot more weight behind your choice of spec, and sort of commits you to that choice. I suspect the reality will be somewhere in the middle, even though I’d prefer it to be one of those two extremes. The good news is, if you’re a BM hunter who hates guns you can still transmog your artifact. I would actually like it if you didn’t melee auto swing either and instead had to weave strikes, with your pet making the white dmg. And if you get to suggest Ironforge, then I shall go suggest Ghostlands; Windrunner village. My main has always been SV since just before BC came out but had to switch to BM for this current expansion. Or another scenario would be for Blizz to create some area, not too big, that had a nice variety of critters running around in a jungle setting.
Mostly as that is about the only place I really connect with hunters, but it is just as likely as Ironforge or Loch Modan due to being a bit too tied to a faction. Way too many melee classes now and with demon hunters coming in, just another one to get in the way.
Probably rooted in the fact that it’s a choice rooted into a certain type of fantasy.

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