If you’re planning on starting a square foot garden, here is a guide on how many plantings you can have per foot for various vegetables and herbs. You may use the infographic above on your website, however, the license I grant to you requires that you correctly attribute the work to me with a link back to my website by using the following embed code below. So I mentioned a little while back that we’re driving from Louisiana to Utah in a few weeks. I’ve been checking airfare since the beginning of the year, but the same flights we took last year would cost us 3-4 times as much this summer. So I’ve put together a binder of simple activities to keep my kids at least semi-aware of their surroundings. None of them are exactly earth-shattering (although one of my favorite and last memories of my mom is a rather epic round of the license plate game that took months before we finally tracked down Hawaii), but I’ve put them all in one place and used cute fonts. After the postcard passport, put several pieces of cardstock so kids can glue the postcards onto it.
My son will be 2 in August, when we will drive 2 days each way to visit my family… I’m already wondering what I was thinking!
We took our first road trip last year, from VA to UT and back, with kids ages 11, 6, 3 and not quite 2. I printed a map of the whole route (with every overnite stop and attraction labeled, etc.) big enough that it took 10 pieces of paper to print and tape together. I had a big tub full of activities that were new to them (thank you, Pinterest) and I spaced out the presentation of them.
We drove from Massachusetts to Washington State when my oldest kids were almost five and 2, because we were moving. I’ve road-tripped alone with three kids before and we actually had a surprisingly good time!
Stop at rest areas and use the playground, or find a small town park right off the highway so the kiddos can burn off some energy. Books – either the kind they can read themselves, or a book you can read to them (or have on tape) to pass the time.

Outside the car games – like the license plate or I-spy or the alphabet game are great. My kids are obsessed with electronics though, and this last trip mommy and daddy were lazy, so we let them do video games and movies the whole way. When I was little, we lived in CA and would drive to UT to visit the grandparents every few months, so my mom had sewn up little covers that went over the back of the front seats, and on the back had a bunch of pockets (like those shoe things that hang over your door) and she would put crayons and books and stickers and such in those, so we could easily reach them from the back seats. One road trip with our nephews we gave each child a roll of quarters at the beginning of the journey. We take lots of road trips and have played the license plate game with our kids (now 21 and 24 yo) every summer for the past 18 years! We’ve gone all over with my two kids – one summer we traveled over 2,000 miles so needless to say my kids are pretty good road trippers!
Perfect post for me as we are traveling across the nation in a couple of weeks (31 hour drive with 2 kids and dog). Free Blank Outline Maps of the United StatesClick here for Blank Outline Maps of the Fifty States.
If you don’t have a lot of space you might want to consider a square foot garden for their good yield and variety. The Art Gallery goes next, followed by several sheets of plain white paper, then the vacation journal followed by lined paper.
I bought cheap plastic serving trays at target and covered the bottom with glossy contact paper.
Funny enough, I’m actually launching a packing checklist next week with a whole section just on getting ready for a road trip with your kids. She is perhaps best known for portraying Angela Weber in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, which are based on the best-selling Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer. I came later in my parents’ lives, way after their cross-country road trip days, so we never really did road trips growing up.
They used dry erase crayons to color on them and it gave them a hard surface for other activities.

If you are interested in having me send it to you, just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’d be happy to get that to you! I had a cardboard file box filled with gallon bags of activities (we were gone for 6 weeks, although not all time was travel time). Each bag had 2 of the same activity, note pads and stickers, color wonder books and markers, travel aquadoodles, giant pipe cleaners and foil for building blocks, play dough inside balloons. In the summer toys section at target (by the bubbles) I got her some of those mini no spill bubble blowers she can do all herself. Having some books they each like and my boys are Lego crazy so a small Lego tray with a few figures gets us a long way on trips these days. The kids will sleep for the first 4-5 hours of traveling and then there’s a breakfast break after the first long stretch.
Plus, I know you’ve blogged about road trip snacks before and I totally agree that an un-hungry kid is a happy kid. Some items were craft items that could keep them busy through the trip, sometimes it was a pack of gum or other treat or food or a little game of some kind.
When I road-trip by myself, I usually just plan on stopping real fast on the side of the road every 30-45 minutes to change out activities and snacks. We planned some stops ahead of time, but if we needed a car break, I would put in our location and it would bring up unusual points of interest in the area.
Good luck on your long trip–you are building family memories that I hope you kids will remember for all the right reasons! I can clean a window after all- better than I can deal with screaming for 27 hours – my five yr old loves these as well.
But there was also really great stuff like a huge dungeons and dragons themed playground in Illinois.

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