Best known for her creation of Baby Einstein, Julie Aigner-Clark is sometimes called the original “mompreneur.” In 2001, exactly five years, 30 children’s books, 10 videos, and six music albums later, Clark sold Baby Einstein to The Walt Disney Company.
Over the years, Aigner-Clark has found herself wearing a number of hats—entrepreneur, mother, wife, creative director, teacher, writer, and cancer survivor.
We always hear that the most successful entrepreneurs create products or services simply because they personally recognize the need for it in the marketplace.
Julie Aigner-Clark: You’re exactly right—I made the product that I wanted for myself and that I couldn’t find in the marketplace. Aigner-Clark: I’ve just completed a children’s picture book, to be published in October (2010) by Harper Collins, called Your Love is the Best Medicine.
Speaking of perspective and pride, Baby Einstein has recently come under some scrutiny by a small group of researchers. Aigner-Clark: Even though I don’t own Baby Einstein anymore, my husband has filed an open-records complaint in Washington state court against the University of Washington.
In my opinion anyone with common sense will disregard the negative reviews about Baby Einstine videos.
Fast forward about ten years or so…Noah is 16 and enrolled in all honors classes, in Marching Band, and plays piano with aplomb. All in all, I think Baby Einstein was a very positive influence to our boys appreciation of classical music, and are all, in their own way, young renaissance men;) Thank you, Julie, for your gift to us mamas who appreciated a lovely way to introduce fine music and visuals in a way that our little ones would love and remember for years to come. I am rewatching all of the wonderful videos that I shared with my now 13 and 9 year old granddaughters with my 8 month old grandson.
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. The sale allowed her to regroup and move on to her next venture—creating new brands that combined her love of the creative process and charitable giving. The Safe Side’s first home video, Stranger Safety, was awarded three Emmys and even featured a cameo with John Walsh, the host of America’s Most Wanted.

Health & Wellness recently had the opportunity to catch up with her at her Arapahoe County home to talk about mompreneurs, cancer, the recent Baby Einstein controversy, and most importantly—survival. I’ve survived breast cancer twice in the past five years, and last year went through chemo. It’s caused me to reflect on my success and helped me realize how proud I am to have made businesses that have had a positive effect on others’ lives. I’ve spent the past six years fighting for my life, and now I find myself fighting for my reputation. It seems that most children are exposed to TV, whether they are watching Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, Thomas the Train, or Dora the Explorer.
The researchers who conducted the studies have apparently lost all the records for one study, and refuse to share the raw data for their other study.
What’s your advice to other women who may be fighting against a chronic illness, disease, or simply find themselves in the position of defending something they believe in? I saw the need for a book that would help moms tell their children about what to expect while mom is in cancer treatment and how important a child’s love is in mom’s healing.
I’ve brought classical music to babies (Baby Einstein), safety to children (The Safe Side), and hope to cancer survivors and their kids.
I never claimed that putting a child in front of a video for hours on end would make them smarter, and any parent who would believe such a thing should not be a parent at all. Most people have televisions and computers and cell phones with screens, and most babies are exposed to them. As for it hurting children, I have 3 degrees in early childhood education and I would recommend them to everyone.
Newdless to say, I wanted the best, most educationlly sound, as well as inellectually stimulatING and fun environment for my boys.
I always tear up at the end of baby macdonald and get goosebumps when the baby laughs at the silly puppet antics.

I had taught English and art and had a love of classical music, so I wanted something pure and of high quality. It’ll be released for breast cancer awareness month, and all of my proceeds are going to cancer research.
And it occurred to me that while I was reassuring my children that I was going to be okay, they would be watching me go through treatment and looking worse and worse.
As you probably know, some researchers have said that any television viewing by babies or young children is harmful; and because of this, my reputation has suffered. I think most parents would agree that a child is better off listening to Beethoven while watching images of a puppet dance or a flower bloom than seeing any reality show that I can think of.
Patrick is 14, has progressed slower, but has improved dramatically in his adolesence, far more spontaneous in his conversation, loves school, and is a very talented artist. We are a family of musicians and I am positive that watching and listening to all of these amazing videos had a major impact on my grandchildren. While I was telling them that I wasn’t going to die, I was looking and acting sicker and sicker—losing my hair, feeling tired, staying in bed—looking like I was going to die. I made videos and wrote books that exposed babies to Mozart and Shakespeare and Van Gogh; and because of that, I’m being accused of harming children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating these memories that will live on for years to come.
I wanted to write a book for children that would let them know what to expect while their mom was going through treatment and also make them feel that they could help her—by participating in her life and loving her. At home, Baby Einstein and it’s successors were an amazing vehicle for conversation prompting and play with my little guys.

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