The ability to make long burning fire logs or fire bricks could be a life saver during and after a major crisis.
Right now, devices used to make fire bricks and logs are as close as your favorite hardware store; but in a time after a major crisis there will be no place to buy them. Fortunately, you can use simple materials from around the house, the yard, or even a junk pile to make a fire log or fire brick maker.
Standing at a sink or other water proof surface, take the first wet section of the newspaper out of the bucket. Place the dowel rod about 1 inch down from the top of the wet paper and begin to roll the dowel rod down the newspaper.
Start the paper near one end of the dowel so that it is easier to push off once you are done rolling paper. After you have rolled up 2-3 inches of the wet paper, shape and compress the log with your hands to get more excess water out. Store logs in a shed or other covered area where the temperature and breeze can air dry them. If you do not have a shed, stack the wet logs on a platform, old pallets, or anything else that will keep the wet logs off the ground. To remove more water and to compress the contents of the sieve bucket put the bucket press in the sieve and stand on top of it. Dry bricks the same way as paper logs.  To speed up drying, cut the bricks into pizza wedge shapes with the machete. Use a brick or some other heavy object to assist you when pushing downward to push out as much water as possible out of the sieve pan.

Turn the sieve pan upside down and tap on the bottom of the sieve pan to release the paper brick. Why freeze or starve to death when making fuel from paper can be achieved by even a beginner prepper? About the Author Latest PostsAbout Fred TyrellFred Tyrrell is an Eagle Scout and retired police officer that loves to hunt, fish, hike, and camp with good friends and family. This is great - I remember this process from the 70's when everyone was going all "ecological." Question: Should we avoid shiny or glossy printed materials? Thank you for any assistance with this, and I very much appreciate the information you provide. You can make small plugs in an assembly line fashion using a caulking gun and a PVC pipe that will fit in the gun. As for question on using colored shiny papers -- the reason it was suggested you do not use them in the 70's was because of the heavy metal atoms (in the inks) were somewhat toxic if use in high enough concentrations. I HAVE BEEN MAKING MY OWN FIREBRICKS AND FIRE LOGS FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS, BUT INSTEAD OF USING WATER, I USE USED ENGINE OIL.
My grandfather use to do this but he just stuffed the wet paper into a milk carton, let them dry and then burned the whole thing. If using a fire place or wood stove, one should be careful as to what you burn, so the creosote buildup does not cause a chimney fire.
All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property. Put the two 2”x4”s over the water bucket and place the sieve bucket on top of the boards to drain (if you are planing to reuse some of the water).

Make sure you poke holes from the inside of the pan outward so that paper does not snag on the metal later on. You can also gain additional leverage by placing a second pound cake tin on top of the paper and pushing with the brick on that.
Making your own fire logs and fire bricks from old paper products, dried leaves or other burnables will be a lifesaver. He believes a man's word is his bond, and looks forward to teaching others what he has learned over the years. Keep a grocery sack hand and stuff the wads of lint in there till you get enough to add to your stash of other materials. In a dire situation, perhaps this would not be a consideration, but I'd still like to know. I read somewhere that you can add melted wax or parafin to this to make good fire starters, but that could be messy when it's burned. Then just fill the mashed paper in the PVC pipe, insert in the gun and crank the mass down to fire pellet that is then dried for several days. Are paper towels used to clean things like windows that have remnants of chemicals like window cleaners safe to burn inside too?

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