Fire resistant canvas will burn as long as flame touches the canvas, but will not burning if external flame is removed. But our tent has not shrunk more than about 1% in three years, so the tent still sags on the frame.
There are many other fabrics used to make tents today and some wall tents are also made from man-made fabrics. Relite is another polyester-based fabric used by the Montana Canvas Company for a lighter weight version of their wall tents. Three percent may not sound like much, but it adds up to just over 5 inches for the 14 foot length.
We also looked at the Alaknak Tent at Cabelas’, but decided against it after seeing the tent setup and examining the synthetic material. They also make a blended tent that has a canvas roof, but with Relite side walls, end wall and door.
Size Comparisons & Layout DiagramsThe size of a wall tent you need depends on several basic factors.

If you are also considering buying a wall tent, here is some information about choosing the type of canvas for your wall tent. In the past, army tents were as heavy as 17 oz, but as the joke goes, the tents were so heavy, it took an Army to set them up. Waterproofing can be a dry silicon treatment or a paraffin treatment, either way, today’s double fill canvas with waterproofing does not leak or seep like canvas used to.
In our case, since we have only camped near the truck, weight is not so important and since we only use the tent about two weeks per year, the 10.1 oz. I wish I had planned on about half the shrinkage at first and re-adjusted (re-cut poles) later if necessary. If you read some of the reviews, it is obvious that the material can not breathe, so condensation is a big issue.
You can also read our wall tent buying guide that discusses features beyond the different types of canvas.
Anti-mildew treatments are important to keep the tent from mildew damage after it has been wet.

To compensate for the condensation, the newer tents have so many vent holes that according to some, the tent hard to keep warm. When I cut the poles for the internal frame for our tent, I planned for the full 3% shrinkage, because I didn’t want to have to re-cut poles every time I set the tent up. I was also concerned about snow building up on the complex shaped Alaknak roof and that sparks from the stove would burn many pin holes in the fabric. So it might be an option when reduced weight is absolutely necessary, but don’t count on it lasting 20+ years like good canvas.
No matter what type treatment canvas has, it must always be completely dried before storage. At first thought, this seems to defy normal engineering and physical properties where the increase in weight should be higher than the increase in strength, but hard data is hard to argue against.

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