I know teens get tired of hearing this stuff from adults, so they just brush it off and don’t really listen. I know your grades may not seem very important right now, but you don’t want to feel overwhelmed your senior year because you have an awful GPA and little to no chance of going to college, especially with a scholarship. Don’t be like a lot of students who wait until their junior year to start caring, like someone I know.
Don’t just have good grades to make your parents happy, do it for you so you can be successful in the future. Whenever I’m 30 or so, I envision myself in a nice house with my husband and hopefully a few small children while working as a private investigator.
I know you probably won’t believe me now, but the truth is, people grow apart and that includes friends.
According to Uptown Magazine there are six simple ways to tell if your friend is a real friend. Something good happens for you, and they throw snide remarks in about your life and make you feel inferior to them. So learn to distinguish the difference between the real friends and the fake ones, because friends can be the cause of most of your stress. Kaitlyn Booker is a senior at Foley High School who has hopes of going to college for criminal justice to be a detective or private investigator.

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Patients who experienced early relapse of their multiple myeloma after undergoing autologous stem cell transplantation had worse overall survival and progression-free survival compared with those patients with a longer time to relapse, according to the results of a study published in Bone Marrow Transplantation.
The new Apple iPod Shuffle announced just yesterday, many, including us, are still curious about the feature of the third-gen shuffle, but the iFixit crew managed to locate one and has it dismantled right away. The disassemble was well documented with photos, details and steps to show its content and inner electronics. Back to regular channel, the content of the box includes the iPod Shuffle, an Apple Earphones with an in-line remote, a short ran of USB cable and a quick start guide. The optimal treatment strategy for patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma is consolidation therapy with high-dose melphalan plus stem-cell transplantation, followed by maintenance therapy with lenalidomide, according to the results of a phase III trial published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine. Believe it or not, four years is not a long time, and in 20 years, I don’t think you still want to be living with your mom and dad, do you? If you don’t go to college, the chances of you finding a good paying job is pretty slim. I had a friend that I had been best friends with since kindergarten, and last year we just stopped talking out of no where.
Now most of the people she warned me about, I refuse to talk t0, because they proved my mother right.

You get a new pair of shoes, they get a new pair… besides theirs are nicer, cooler, and 10 times more expensive.
Anything I say is intended to help you and just to inform you what I wish I had known at your age. We planned on going to college together, raising our children to be best friends just like us, and making fun of the stupid things our husbands did behind their back. If they always conveniently forget their money or never have it and let you pay for everything, then they’re probably using you. Maybe now I wouldn’t have to start at a community college and go on from there to the University of Alabama.
In this economy, I can guarantee they don’t have everything they probably want, and if they have kids, it will be 100 times harder to support them.
I felt like she was too immature, even though she was literally only five days younger than me. But I started to care about grades, college, and my future, and I felt like all she still cared about was boys and partying.

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