It helps to have a gluten free grocery list as a reference when you have gluten intolerance. The GO Gluten Free Pack consists of 24 pouches of our gluten-free products including Natural Oatmeal, Cheddar Broccoli Soup, Southwest Tortilla Soup, Sweet Corn Chowder, Potato Cheddar Soup, Western Potato Chowder, Au Gratin Potatoes, Chicken Cheddar Rice, Santa Fe Fiesta Rice, Seasoned Mashed Potatoes, and the Tropical Fruit Mix. Many of the GoFoods Global products are gluten free, so look for the icon if gluten is a concern in your diet.
Tags: celiac disease, fish filets, free grocery list, gluten free, health food store, lunch meats. Enter your Name and eMail address below to download our eBook, How to Survive the Coming Crisis and to get more details about high quality gourmet dehydrated emergency storable food to protect and feed your family. Our book, The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a major disaster in the city or suburbs.
How To Prepare Your Home For a Hurricane Now that you’ve learned how to detect an imminent hurricane, you need to prepare for one.
Hurricane Preparedness Kit List Making a hurricane preparedness kit should be the first thing you do to get ready for a hurricane.
The largest hurricanes can cause tens of billions of dollars in damage and claim thousands of lives. Biggest Dangers of Hurricanes • Storm Surge – This is perhaps the biggest danger of a hurricane. Keep in mind that whatever you buy at the grocery store every week might not be available for purchase after the hurricane kits, so keep a couple week’s worth of supplies on hand and rotate through it. We’ll discuss evacuation later, but for now we’re going to talk about what to do if you decide to stay home and ride out the storm. The storm surge is the huge amount of sea water that is swept onto land by the force of the hurricane. Massive waves will crash against the shorelines and send large volumes of water into the city. Low lying areas will be covered with the sea water very quickly, and it won’t let up until the storm has passed, meaning the water levels will only continue to rise. During hurricane Katrina, many people drowned in their attics because they didn’t expect the storm surge to get so high.

If you have any small buildings or sheds on your property, make sure they are securely anchored to the ground.
The Uniden MHS75 is waterproof, has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and comes programmed with all NOAA weather channels so you can stay up to date. Once the flooding becomes high enough, it can overturn cars and carry them downstream, making evacuation by car impossible (another reason to evacuate early).
The flooding can also pour into homes and make them inhospitable, forcing people to move after the hurricane is over. Consider investing in hurricane shutters that simultaneously serve as an outside decoration and as a strong shield against flying debris that could smash through the windows.
Instead, get some propane lamps (if you already have propane cylinders for your camp stove) or battery-powered lanterns (if you already have rechargeable batteries and a charger), or my personal favorite, a solar air lantern.
Hopefully you’ll be alerted by the authorities or weather people on TV, online, or on the radio that a hurricane has developed. The ocean levels can rise anywhere from six to sixteen feet before the hurricane hits land, and they will continue to rise slowly but steadily as the hurricane draws near.
If you see the shoreline along the coast being covered with water and the waves becoming faster and more frequent, it could be a sign that a hurricane is on the way. One to two days before a hurricane strikes, the wind levels will rise up to fifteen miles per hour more than usual. If a mandatory evacuation is necessary, the local authorities will make the decision and alert the population. Just one hour before the hurricane strikes, the winds can reach anywhere from seventy to over one hundred miles per hour. But even if an evacuation is not made mandatory, you may decide that the incoming storm is too strong for you to stay put.
Limbs can be ripped from trees and unsecured objects will be blowing uncontrollably through the air. If you see increased ocean levels and these kinds of wind speeds at the same time, an imminent hurricane is almost certain. The closer the hurricane gets, the heavier the rainfall will get until flooding begins in certain areas.

But if you want something cheaper and more affordable, get this single-burner propane stove and some extra propane cylinders.
Flooding is a major concern when a hurricane strikes, and it can happen from the pouring rainfall alone even if the ocean levels don’t rise very much.
That way if one road gets shut off by the authorities or clogged with traffic, you’ll have an alternate route.
You should also keep enough containers of gasoline in your garage to fill up your tank completely.
Keep in mind that even if the gas stations aren’t already closed during the emergency, it’s almost certain there will already be long lines of cars trying to get to them. As I said above, depending on the severity of the hurricane, you might not be able to purchase these things for a while. In case you have to evacuate, buy travel size versions of these items, put medications in mini Ziploc bags, and pack them (along with a couple rolls of TP) in a small bag you can carry with you. You should buy the most complete first aid kit you can, which is why I recommend the Patch-Up First Aid Kit. It comes in a waterproof, heavy-duty nylon bag and has over 270 pieces of medical equipment including a first aid guide. In case you get stuck outside somewhere or have to travel by foot, you should get ponchos for yourself and your family. The Charles River Apparel Pacific Poncho is very durable and fits nicely into a storage pouch. Burglars know this, so sometimes they take advantage of the situation and loot houses, knowing they’ll have plenty of time to get away before the police arrive.
Consider getting some battery-powered alarms, motion sensor lights, and a weapon for self defense.

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