Introducing themselves with a: 'We got some zombies that need killing', the pair show off the AR-15 assault rifle.
It is already stirring interest in the area, with the shop reporting a roaring trade in shoppers keen to help make the undead deader. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Can a meat- and cholesterol-free burger REALLY look, smell, sizzle and taste just like the real deal? There's nothing wrong with a little home security or having a hobby, but things do get a little weird when you're carving your own guns out of garbage. Just two months ago we featured the double barrel semmi-atuomatic pistol, but it appears that someone had a more extreme idea, many years before… enter the insane tripled barrel revolver.

Unfortunately not much is known about Spanish gunsmith who created the firearm, the only information passed on by the previous owner is that the piece is indeed a ‘unique’ one-off. You can search for the perfect list of the items and things which you should put in bug out of the bag.
Umbrella – if you are living the area that is very rainy, then you probably have to carry on your pair of umbrella. Check out the rest of the list below to find 50 other items you forgot to include in your bug out bag.
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But we will try our best and will cover some basic items which you should put in bug out bag.

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