LOW LEVEL FRONT RACKThe custom front rack is designed to carry any type of survival gear you may need. LET THERE BE LIGHTThe front holds two BajaDesigns HID lights that cut right through the dark of the night. SUPERWINCH MOUNTEDA 4,500 lb SuperWinch is fitted on the bumper with a synthetic rope that adds to the arsenal of uses for this thing. WALKER EVANS CUSTOM SHOCKSAll of the weight embraced from the custom front rack and bumper needed some support, so a set of Walker Evans 2.5 shocks are used on the front.
MASTER CRAFT 3G SEATSWith their own build in suspension system, these MasterCraft race seats add lateral support and comfort. MOUNTED TOMAHAWKMounted on the ceiling you’ll conveniently find an United Cultry M48 Hawk for quick, easy access. HMF DUAL EXHAUST: BLACKOUT EDITIONThe Polaris RZR XP 1000 HMF Dual Full System is available in the Performance Series. Blackout Survival GuideWhen it's as hot and humid outside as it is right now in the northeast, air conditioning feels like a miracle. Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowClick here for PM's ultimate guide to surviving any disaster, with 55 ways to save yourself, 115 gear ideas, 7 heroes and plenty of blackout tips and videos!When it's as hot and humid outside as it is right now in the northeast, air conditioning feels like a miracle.

His idea for an apocalyptic survival machine became reality, like something spawned out of an action movie. When it’s empty, the rack can fold up in front of the windshield for access to the extra batteries and provide a protective cage barrier from, well, zombies.
The UMP Air Filter was installed to accommodate for dusty conditions that can bog a vehicle down. Luenger stripped an already modified 2014 Polaris RZR 1000 and created the ultimate camping and survival machine.
With air conditioning creating massive spikes power consumption, occasionally the grid calls it quits. This beast has it all, including gun and knife mounts, truck tires, custom racks, a rear camera, an insane amount of performance parts and of course a Blacked Out HMF Dual Full Exhaust.
Additionally, the aluminum shells and stainless head pipe weigh substantially less than the stock exhaust.
That's just what happened on Tuesday evening, when more than 200,000 homes in the New York region lost their power. This machine is something that you’ll have to see to believe, tricked out with more accessories than you could imagine.

Even if the power does come back soon, chances are your food won't, and you don't want to let food melt in the freezer or, even worse, rot in the appliance.
When the Blacked out new exhaust system grabbed everyone’s attention and we started getting calls, we knew we had to make it available to everyone. When the power does turn back on, the combined load of thousands of air conditioner spooling up simultaneously can be enough to trip the grid again, starting another blackout. However, if everybody turned on their air conditioners individually, it would stagger the power demand on the grid. However, use shades on the sunny side of the house (south and west) to minimize solar heating.
This is a good practice in warm months, even when you've got your AC cranking like a Pratt and Whitney turbofan.If you really got caught off guard, take this opportunity to learn from the mistake and assemble an emergency preparedness kit consisting of lighting, food, water, a first aid kit, tools and anything else you'll need.

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