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The most memorable and successful run with the series came from Turok — a game that released nearly two decades ago on the N64. The SPAS-12 never saw serious adoption by military or police forces, and sold relatively poorly in the civilian marketplace before its production ceased. Rambo hijacks a truck in a National Guard caravan and asks the driver what weapons are in the truck. ARK: Survival Evolved gives players an MMO first person shooter in a natural Jurassic environment with lush forests and dark, murky caves. ARK’s stand-out feature is the ability to tame and ride dinosaurs to benefit the small civilization you and the hundreds of other players can work to create. The survivors can also turn and form groups against each other adding an element of survival beyond avoiding the dinosaurs. The game comes during a time where there’s a notable lack of Dinosaur based games on the market relative to the general popularity of the subject.

The only contemporary game to gain significant traction is Primal Carnage when it released on Steam in 2012.
The driver tells him that there is an M60 in the back of the truck, and Rambo throws the driver out of the car. It was designed as an semi-automatic shotgun, firing standard 12 gauge rounds, but with pump action mode to fire tear gas rounds or other less-lethal rounds. Its biggest problem still lies in its complexity, difficulty of maintenance, and a pronounced lack of spare parts.
Rambo rams through a police roadblock and reaches main street at sundown, ramming into the pumps of the town's gas station. The pump action mode is slower than on traditional pump-action shotguns due to the complicated nature of the changeover system. The M60 is mainly composed of plastic, and therefore is incredibly light, only weighing around 23 pounds. Rambo ignites the spilled gasoline and causes a massive explosion that makes a huge fire that blocks the highway so no further backup can arrive. It should be noted that the earlier production models of the SPAS-12 used a lever-type safety that grew increasingly unreliable as the weapon aged, causing the potential for the weapon to discharge if the safety was worked while a round was loaded in the chamber. Rambo takes the M60 and begins firing the gun at the businesses on main street, destroying windows and walls.

Rambo then turns the machine gun on the town's power lines and annhilates the transformers, knocking out the power to the town. Rambo then uses the M60 to ignite cannisters of gunpowder and bullets, destroying a sporting goods store.
In non-descriptive gun games the SPAS-12 or a gun that looks like the SPAS-12 is called the "combat shotgun ".
Under the cover of darkness, Rambo runs through the town and destroys the town's police Rambo firing the M60 at the main street shops.
Rambo uses the M60 to fire through the roof of the police station, severely wounding Will Teasle.
Before he can kill him with the gun, Trautman stops him and Rambo begins raging to Trautman about the horrors of war, ripping the disintigrating 100-round ammunition belt that he had wrapped around his shoulders in half. Rambo then threw the gun across the room, shattering a window.  The gun is not seen afterwards and it can be assumed it's been found by the police.

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