Joseph Michael Graceffa (born May 16, 1991 (1991-05-16) [age 25]), is an American Teen Choice and Shorty Award nominated YouTuber, blogger, gamer, comedian, singer-songwriter, actor, writer, producer, author, model animator and internet personality from Boston, Massachusetts. On May 16, 2015, Joey released his first original music video, "Don't Wait," in which he also came out as a homosexual. Joey's videos are mostly vlog based but he also does tag videos and challenges with other YouTubers. It was announced that he and fellow YouTuber Meghan Camarena would join the cast of the 22nd season of the show. Although it have been speculated since mid October that Joey & Meghan would be racing for a second time, it was officially announced on January 27, 2014 that they would indeed be racing again.
At the start of the second leg, due to some teams receiving time credit due to production difficulties, Joey and Meghan started the leg in 8th place instead of their original starting place, which was 10th. When they left, they were told that they had to go to the Chen Clan Academy, where they had to watch a demonstration of martial arts students. Many of the series' have since ended, and will be marked with an asterisks to indicate that.
In Crafting Dead, along with Stacy, he started playing with a new companion, Meghan or strawburry17.
In The Hardcore Games, Joey and Stacy play on a Minecraft Survival Games server that allows them to break blocks, make food, mine diamonds, etc.
Joey and Stacy also had a series on a map by Bodil40 called Epic Trolling Jump Map where they go through difficult obstacles, trying to achieve all 69 checkpoints.
Along with Stacy, he had a series of the mini game, Levels PVP, which is exclusive to SkyDoesMinecraft's server. Along with LDShadowLady and Stacy, they had a series called Quest For Pumpkins, similar to Epic Trolling Jump Map, this series has been completed. Joey also started a Crafting Dead series with Stacy and iJustine, after having a long history with the mod as it emulates the scenarios from the television show, The Walking Dead, of which Joey is a fan.
A new Hunger Games series was started called Quarter Quell, However, it appears to be discontinued.
With Alfie, Joey also started a series on the map "Herobrine's Mansion" where they complete quests. In Mega Walls, along with Will and Carter; Joey played the minigames "Walls", or "Mega Walls" on the Hypixel network. Along with Stacy, Joey has made a series of UHC, where they play on Ultra Hardcore servers. Joey has also played a variety of short-lived series such as, Bridges!, Rollercoaster Tycoon, The Orphanage!, and Find The Button!
Along with Stacy, Joey started a new series called Water Temple Challenge; Stacy has stated that this will be a short series with limited episodes.
Survival horror games are part of a somewhat niche genre that constantly break moulds and, in the process, either make unexpected, monumental strides in innovation or uproarious setbacks by straying too far into other genres. This seemingly spiritual successor to Resident Evil 4 was yet another controversial title in its genre with opinions ranging across the board on whether its shameless design dripping with nostalgia makes it a return to form for survival horror or an archaic bore stuck in the past. It consists of two story campaigns with gameplay entirely predicated on being stealthy, and another where you play as a hulking brute that smashes all in sight from a first-person perspective.
While playing as Kidman, you'll be solving simple puzzles and progressing through areas with some backtracking much like Sebastian, but the twist is that you will rarely have firearms. Indeed, her only means of defence are a stunning melee attack, axes that can only be used once to instakill a foe, and occasionally using the environment itself. One might think that exact levels pulled from the main campaign in both her DLC packs would be frustrating, too, but it works perfectly in conjunction with the narrative. The Assignment and The Consequence are two parts of a whole, and playing both is essential to get the full experience of seeing Kidman through her perilous task filled with tough decisions and danger. The Keeper is one of the most terrifying bosses in The Evil Within – a massive butcher with a safe for a head who's carrying around a meat-grinding hammer and a spiky sack of heads. Unfortunately, the majority of these bosses that Sebastian previously fought as well are not much of a challenge, especially since you can upgrade your weapons' effectiveness and increase attributes like your speed, defence, and health.
There are also too few variations of other enemies to spice things up, which is why the Execution Chamber – a challenge map arena that offers currency for beating waves of Haunted – only became a means to an end for us. The threadbare story holding the simple, repetitive gameplay together is interesting in some respects, such as finding letters from your daughter that detail her declining state of mind and documents that get really technical about how STEM works, but these aren't enough to significantly hold it up unlike the other add-on content. Joey has an unholy amount of Lego sets in his room and loves stuff like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Bionicle, DC comics and anything pertaining to dragons.
I honestly just wished they stopped all the DLC nonsense, instead of making a good game with add ons just make a great game. I was kinda disappointed in this game so I didn't get the dlc, felt too much like resident evil 4 but worse in everything except visuals.
Probably in the minority here but I've enjoyed the evil within more than any other games on the ps4. GenusPhascolarctos (1)One of Australiaa€™s most iconic animals, the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is bear-like in appearance with a stout body and large paws, but is in fact a marsupial. The koala is well adapted to a life spent mainly in the canopy of trees, possessing unusually long forelimbs in relation to their hind limbs, and specially adapted, padded paws to aid in gripping and climbing. Koala biologyThe koala is primarily nocturnal, spending most of its time in the branches of trees where it can feed, rest and gain some protection from ground-dwelling predators (5). Both the male and female koala reaches sexual maturity at around two years old, but the male is rarely large enough to compete for mating access until four years old.
Koala threatsKoala numbers reached a low point in the 1930s, when hunting for the fur trade made many local populations extinct, including that in South Australia. Major threats to the koala now include land clearing and urbanization, which result in the loss, fragmentation and degradation of habitats. Climate change is predicted to cause an increase in drought frequency and fire-causing weather in many parts of Australia, owing to reduced rainfall levels, increased evaporation rates and an overall temperature increase of about 1 degree Celsius by 2030.
Koala conservationDespite being a protected species, the koala population has declined markedly due to habitat loss, and many populations are now living in isolated patches of habitat, putting them at greater risk of localised extinctions. Legislation, along with continued research and monitoring, will be necessary to prevent this Australian icon from further declining as a result of competing land use pressures (4). Terms of Use - The displayed portlet may be used as a link from your website to ARKive's online content for private, scientific, conservation or educational purposes only.
MyARKive offers the scrapbook feature to signed-up members, allowing you to organize your favourite ARKive images and videos and share them with friends. Dead Island will also contain 4-player drop in and out co-op gameplay and include RPG elements.

Joey has also created and starred in his own webseries called Storytellers, which aired on Joey's YouTube channel from December 22, 2013 – January 19, 2014; Joey is trying to get Storytellers another season. In their first challenge, they had to search through several of UCLA Bruin Marching Band members with a Chinese symbol on their Shako, which was displayed on the band conductors' Shako. At the end, the "master" would approach the teams and stamp their next clue on their forehead. This includes, from the whole Amazing Race franchise, the American Version of the Amazing Race and in the season that they competed in. This is so fans can not follow them, making their experience more challenging and like that of a regular player.
Regardless, many of them have shocked the gaming world, and The Evil Within was no exception last year. But even if you're an ardent defender of The Evil Within, the season pass's worth of DLC gives cause for one to be sceptical, too. Needless to say, it's quite the change of pace, and while this particular scribe may have enjoyed the base title slightly more than its reviewer, we couldn't help but be perplexed at these almost experimental add-ons. When you do, though, the feeling is absolutely incredible, specifically in The Consequence where you'll wield both a pistol and shotgun at times. Basically, the gameplay's a heavily stripped down version of vanilla The Evil Within with a couple new, minor features centred on covert action. Anywhere you saw Kidman as Sebastian is where you will go as well, filling in gaps and smoothly connecting her journey with his, making Kidman's tale feel like important, lost pieces of a puzzle rather than a needless expansion to the main story. If you're looking for a meaty story that better conveys and builds on top of what the primary narrative established, with serviceable stealth gameplay and more wonderfully creepy environments and enemies in tow, these two pieces of additional content should be on your wishlist. Now, you get to rampage as him in a series of boss fights, as a man who's willingly entered STEM as this monster to save and evacuate his daughter from this twisted world. While this upgrade system kept us coming back to see what we could get over time, the gameplay is seriously shallow.
You can swiftly jump in any direction, lunge forward to launch a foe into the air, and form strategies to use your items in specific orders, but these actions cease to be exhilarating after the first 30 minutes since there's no meaningful or rewarding ways to string any moves together. You can beat the bosses at a leisurely pace in about two hours, and the replay value is minimal. It's relatively inexpensive, looks fantastic, controls rather well from the first-person perspective, and drives you along to try out other items and upgrades well enough, but everything else rapidly becomes devoid of any excitement and creative obstacles. They should if they have to just add DLC codes in with copies of the game, anyone that buys a game second hand can pay extra, that'd be a better model. The fur is predominantly grey to light brown, being lighter and shorter in the warmer north of its range, where the koala is also smaller (3). Mature males are further distinguishable from females by a brown gland on the chest that produces scent used to mark trees within their territory. Much of the koalaa€™s time is spent sleeping, and when awake it is still a fairly sedentary species.
Females normally give birth to one young every year, but older females may only reproduce every second year.
It is also listed as Vulnerable in the southeast Queensland bioregion under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, and classified as Vulnerable under the New South Wales Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.
The koala is confined by its diet to a specialised habitat, of which around 80 percent has been destroyed since Europeans settled in Australia. Climate change is predicted to result in increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, which causes plants to grow faster. Koalas are particularly vulnerable to bushfires as their slow movement and tree-dwelling lifestyle makes it difficult for them to escape and their food supply can be destroyed. Remaining koala habitat is mostly on privately-owned land, meaning landowners should be given responsibility to conserve this species. To learn about climate change and the species that are affected, visit our climate change pages. Joey appeared as Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games parody of Britney Spears' "I Wanna Go," which has reached 4+ million views. In the 3rd leg they traveled to New Zealand, when arriving at the mat in 5th place, they were told that there will be no rest period and they had to continue on to their next destination. Once they brought the correct band member with the correct symbol, they were given tickets to their next destination, which was them going to Guangzhou, China. Meghan did the roadblock for this leg, which was to assemble a child's motorized car from a provided kit. However, Joey announced in a vlog on July 11, 2013 that there were difficulties receiving all of the money from the Kickstarter.
Much of its appeal is founded on old school, survival horror conventions wrapped in current-gen graphics and a few modern design principles. Anyway, your primary objective is to avoid what were once the easiest enemies at all costs, since they are now extremely hazardous to your survival since Kidman has lower health and less stamina than Sebastian. We feel like more could have been done to flesh out Kidman's abilities and increase the complexity of encounters, but at the same time, being in a state where you are so helpless makes this satisfyingly tense in its own way. Thankfully, you'll be exploring new environments as well in between the familiar ones, set in dilapidated versions of MOBIUS's post-modern facility with different areas of familiar locales.
But if The Evil Within was simply average to you in the first place, we don't believe the different character and gameplay focus would be enough to garner your interest. In doing this, you'll accrue currency that can not only be spent on items like his signature wire traps that ensnare rivals, but also new weapons like the chainsaw, RPG, Molotov cocktails, and more as you beat each boss.
So we would recommend stepping into the shoes of The Keeper for one time if you purchase the season pass to play Kidman's missions, but in any other case, we suggest keeping the contents of it under lock and key from your wallet. Did you enjoy how Shinji Mikami brought back survival horror to its roots, or did you find his effort to do this uninspired and messy? The chin, chest, insides of the ears and forelimbs are white, with long, white hairs edging the large, round ears. The first and second digits of the front paws, as well as the first digits of the hind paws, are opposed like thumbs to help grip branches. It feeds on the leaves of a variety of trees, but the bulk of its diet comes from only a few eucalypt species (5), with marked local and regional differences for the eucalypt species preferred (4).
The newborn a€?joeya€™ is underdeveloped and crawls rapidly through the mothera€™s fur to her pouch, where it suckles for six months. It is also threatened by fires, droughts and disease (particularly due to the Chlamydia bacterium) (4), while around 4,000 koalas are thought to be killed each year by collisions with road traffic and predation by dogs (8).

As an important step to achieve national legislation that would effectively protect koala habitat in privately-owned land and elsewhere, in July 2004 the Australian Koala Foundation submitted a nomination to the Australian Government, supported by a large amount of scientific data, to list the koala as Vulnerable nationally. The tiny neonate crawls into the marsupium (pouch) and attaches to a teat where it stays for a variable amount of time. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Zombies club tagged: zombie undead dead blood zombies gore team apocalypse. We don't have much info on the game yet other than the fact it will be a first person survival horror game set on a tropical island. Joey has also released an album with Luke Conard and Meghan Camarena, known as Strawburry17 on YouTube.
In the Technical 4th leg of the race, they traveled to Indonesia, where by the end of the leg they ended up in 5th place for a second time in a row.
Joey and Meghan where U-Turned for the second time by Hockey Playing Brothers Bates & Anthony. In Guangzhou, teams went to the wedding boutique district on Jiangnan Avenue North and searched for one of three boutiques that had their next clue. Part coming-of-age story and part episodic horror series with plenty of light touches of comedy, STORYTELLERS plays with familiar tropes and archetypes in fresh, unexpected ways.
Joey has also uploaded a special UHC Season 4.5 video, this was supposed to be Season 5 however, there were too many problems causing them to restart. To stress the stealth you're forced to engage in, there's a new mechanic where you can lock yourself behind cover to effortlessly peek around corners and move to the left and right. At times we wished there was more to the gameplay, but during other moments, the lack of options made some scenarios pulse-pounding, so we think that the stealth-oriented gameplay is a mixed bag of equally fun and underwhelming aspects, which will either capture or repel your interest depending on your gaming tastes. With a couple new Haunted to face and an entirely different approach to playing, even previously explored places feel fresh. Are you likely to play it for yourself now, return to it again with this additional content, or avoid it all entirely? In addition to milk, the joey feeds on a substance called a€?papa€™, which is a liquefied form of the mothera€™s faeces and provides the joeya€™s digestive system with the micro-organisms necessary for digesting eucalyptus leaves (7). Recently there has been a lot of attention in the media suggesting that koalas in some isolated patches of habitat have been the cause of defoliation of eucalyptus trees, resulting in calls for a cull of the koalas in these areas. As carbon dioxide levels continue to rise, the koala will need to cope with increasingly nutrient-poor and tannin-rich eucalypt leaves.
The game will focus on melee combat, with the player able to pick up just about anything and use it as a weapon.
Each store had a limited number of clues, forcing teams to travel to the others if they ran out.
Once given their next clue, teams had to donate the car they just built to The Guangzhou Children's Activity Center, where they would receive their next clue. Following a Skins-esque format, the series will have seven episodes, with each of the first six centering around a specific member of the group, leading up to a final episode bringing all of them—and their stories—together.
Filming lasted between late September to mid October & the series was released from December 22, 2013 – January 18, 2014. Many of these questions and more are answered in her unnerving journey through STEM as an agent working for the ominous MOBIUS organization. In addition, you can call the Haunted to your location and throw glass bottles to distract them, which helps you strategically get around tight spots. After leaving the pouch, the joey rides on its mothera€™s belly, and later rides on her back. The koala may respond to this by travelling further in search of the most nutritious leaves.
Guns will also be included sotake it easy, with the game also played in a sandbox style environment.
Joey is also known for his love for the Hunger Games, as he most always ends his videos with "May the odds be ever in your favor; gooodbye!" Joey is well-known for his popular vlogging channel "JoeyGraceffa," which he updates almost daily with vlogs that occasionally include other popular YouTubers. Joey did the first Road Block of this season, which was to dress in a special costume and, while suspended 300 feet (91m) in the air by wires from the stadium's towers, perform 5 aerial somersaults. In the detour, Joey & Meghan had a choice to either play a game of Jianzi (a game similar to hackeysack but you use a shuttlecock instead of a ball) and once the teammates successfully volleyed the shuttlecock 10 combined times they would receive their next clue.
We found her stoic, bland personality uninteresting when we played as Sebastian, but after learning about her past while playing as her, we came to see there are reasons behind the walls she puts up around herself. She does have a trademark item, though, which is a flashlight that you must utilise to unveil hidden passageways and solve environmental puzzles. However, koalas have evolved to cope with these problems with special cheek teeth that grind the leaves into a fine paste, which is then digested by microbes in the caecum part of the intestine.
It is largely speculated that Joey is homosexual; he has hinted many times that he is a homosexual by referring to a relationship as "someone" other than a girl, like most other YouTubers.
She has an underlying feistiness, and while she's still too stiff to be entirely likeable, there's great character development with her all the way to the end. The koalaa€™s caecum is unusually long, at around 200 centimetres, and has a blind end, unlike in most other mammals.
Many other YouTubers have mentioned him and his sexuality and have their own opinions on the issue. Other lightly-touched areas in the story are cleared up as well, such as with more information on how STEM functions, the importance of Leslie, and the intriguing relationship between Ruvik and Dr. This diet does not provide much energy, so the koala spends long periods sleeping, which helps compensate for this (3). The story alone is a must to experience for those who enjoyed The Evil Within's narrative and desire more clarification and insight into its world and characters. As of 2013, Joey was living with his friends and a couple: Anthony Padilla (Smosh) and Kalel Cullen (KalelKitten), but then moved in with Sawyer Hartman, so he would have more room. On the 10th of April, 2014, he announced he would be moving again; this time with his friends Megan and David.
The show was hosted on August 10, 2014; Joey lost both awards, to Tyler Oakley and PewDiePie respectively.

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