To be honest, it feels like I’m only really scratching the surface on why this is potentially such an exciting title.
We each recall the glory years of the PS1 and PS2 period, where we revelled in a golden era of nightmares. By his own admission he didn’t even play games until he was 20 and was fully expecting to enter the world of banking after leaving college.
Maintaining that tightrope act of combining terrifying atmosphere with the thrill of combat and shooting monsters in the face, he created a style of horror that could only exist as a game. A return to a riotously entertaining story-driven adventure, it sees its protagonist investigating a disturbing murder at a mental asylum where, after witnessing the brutal killing of his fellow officers, is himself attacked and left unconscious. Based on reports it seems buildings and rooms will twist and rearrange themselves, thus heightening the level of panic within the player. From the moment that dog crashed through that window and into my life, Shinji Mikami became one of the reasons why I love games.

Both new IP’s are released and classic horror series get revamped for the new generation of consoles. The genre’s beauty was that instead of being an exclusive form of gaming, it was actually one of the most inclusive.
Upon waking he finds himself facing a world filled with terrifying demons and a reality that is just as dangerous as any monster. It inspired many to share stories of their favourite scares or that time they witnessed their friends freak out while playing through a particularly twisted section of a game. It was when the General Manager of Capcom, Tokuro Fujiwara, handed him his chance to direct that he would stun the industry by creating a phenomenon. Free from working on an established universe and franchise, Mikami is finally free to let his own imagination run riot. Yet with each new generation of consoles it seemed that publishers didn’t share our love of the genre.

Ces bannieres seront egalement diffusees sur les affichages geants lors des evenements publics. They cited surveys and statistics, and said that the gaming audience no longer wanted the solo horror experience. Toute l'actualite PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, NX, Casque de realite virtuelle, Oculus Rift et toutes les consoles.

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