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Interesting science news, crazy science fair experiments, fun brain games and more cool science stuff for kids, parents, teachers at Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab. Pack the right swimwear: Huggies Little Swimmers disposable swim pants are made for worry free water play. Sunscreen: The sun will be out in full force for the summer and where we are it has been hot hot hot! First Aid Kit: Along with packing pool towels and water bottles, parents should not forget a basic first aid kit. Don’t forget plenty of fluids to keep your loved ones hydrated while running around in the hot weather!

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We are always going somewhere or doing something and I feel like I need so much more stuff!
When the kids are ready to take a break from the water, protect their eyes from the bright sun light with sunglasses. The easy open sides make changing a breeze, so everyone can get back to having fun in the sun.

Include plenty of waterproof band aides, antibiotic ointment, children’s pain reliever, ear drops and bug spray. I can only owe it to having my body completely covered in lotion as I checked and none of the others lotioned their bodies that morning. Whether you are running around in the sprinklers at home, going to a water park, the beach, or the pool, you never know what fun water adventure is in store for you! Parents should keep a couple sets of replacement lenses in the pool bag just in case someone’s shades get cracked or scratched during the trip.

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