If your company announces a new position and you believe you are qualified enough for it and you consider that it suits you better, or that it will give you the carrier development you dream of, then you have to write a Job transfer letter and inform your superiors you are considering this position. Another reason for a transfer could be that due to family matters, you have to move to another place.
Its hard to break out of the normal, and try something different. Today I’m going to challenge you.
I can’t tell you how many times I walk past a super long line, at the airport, or at a store and find an empty line, where I can breeze right through. Almost every legal jurisdiction considers striking a downed person with shod-feet potentially deadly or crippling force.
After QUICKLY maneuvering to the zombie's side, fully draw up (chamber) your striking leg and thrust diagonally into the knee joint--the movie Roadhouse nicely demonstrates the technique (against a zombie, leave out the punch-to-groin setup Sam Elliot uses).
To knock down a zombie, use the same technique police officers and first responders use to knock in residential doors--a thrusting front kick. To parry a flail is about the hardest thing you can do, even shields offer little protection against them, as flails are known for simply going over or around the shield, possibly hitting the opponent or even digging into the shield and ripping it from the user's hands. A dangerous weapon from Japan, the Kanabo is a heavy, 3–5 foot long club A Kanabo.
An impact weapon invented by Native Americans, especially associated with Iroquois and Algonquin warriors.
Even after the introduction of steel-headed tomahawks, ball-headed war clubs remained popular for Indian warriors as they never needed to be sharpened, did not rust or have their heads come loose, and could be carried slung through a belt with no fear of cutting the user. While wood replicas of the ball-headed war club are available, a more affordable and durable polypropylene model is available through Cold Steel (pictured). Traditionally used by the East Woodland Indians such as the Iroquois and Huron-Wyandot, gunstock war clubs resemble gunstocks, but are not made from actual gunstocks. Popularized by martial arts and screen legend Bruce Lee, nunchaku (or in common English, "nunchuks")  were famous martial arts weapons. A police officer's nightstick, also known as a Baton or Tonfa is specifically designed so that it doesn't kill people, An outdated Police baton (Nightstick).
Made to be sturdy due to their purpose of prying things open, this is an incredibly useful weapon, and extremely versatile tool as well.
Spiking a bat is not recommended, as the nails may bend and it may weaken the structure of the bat. Baseball bats are most commonly found in sporting goods stores and at baseball fields, though they can also be found in homes, often as ad-hoc home defense weapons. Not really any better than a section of pipe or crowbar of similar size in terms of damage or length, and also a bit harder to find, a ski pole would bend pretty easily and be overall useless, but hey, if this is your only option for a weapon, then you might as well use it. A typical two-piece cue for pocket billiards is usually made mostly of hard rock maple, with a fiberglass or phenolic resin ferrule, usually 0.75 to 1 inch (19 to 25 mm) long, and steel joint collars and pin. A hockey stick is a piece of equipment used in field hockey, ice hockey , roller hockey or underwater hockey to move the ball or puck. Although a hockey stick offers 2% less encumbrance than the fire axe, the accuracy cannot be improved as much as the axe.
Although it is known to injure many people in fights, a hockey stick sadly lacks the durability and strength to smash a skull.
However, a vintage (or antique) golf club of extremely high quality would be surprisingly effective, assuming the head, and not the shaft, is what hits the zombie. One handed hammers, however, require the survivor to be perilously close to the zombie, and require several swings from even the strongest wielders before the brain is destroyed. One should not underestimate the value of good tools in a Zombie Apocalypse however, especially in building or maintaining a base.
Tennis rackets lack the strength to break the skull no matter what, and they should never be used for a weapon.
Popularized by Shaun of the Dead and the game Left 4 Dead 2, cricket bats can be found throughout Britain and other cricket-playing countries. There are light and heavy bats, though the extra speed that can be achieved with a light bat is probably not worth the lower force. Pipes are generally to be found anywhere there is plumbing, which is basically any village or town. While flipping channels you may have stumbled upon “Doomsday Preppers” on the National Geographic Channel, a show that highlights the great lengths some Americans will go to in order to ensure they are prepared for apocalyptic events.  Cameras follow survivalists preparing for various end of the world scenarios – war, pandemic, economic peril – and an expert assesses their preparedness efforts and determines if the “prepper” would survive the catastrophe. Jokes aside, the article ends with the premise that gaps do exist in the government’s ability to respond to mega-disasters and that essentially, everyone (extremist or not) becomes a first responder who must be ready to take on that role. The ability of individuals to prepare themselves for emergencies can likely mean the difference between life and death in the face of a disaster. Comment All comments posted become a part of the public domain, and users are responsible for their comments.
You concentrate, start working and sometimes, pretty soon, you realize that you don’t have any options for development.
In this case you have to write a Job transfer letter and inform the company you work with that because of family affairs you have to move to another place but that you would like to continue working for the same company. There might be details in your job transfer that would be good to be pointed out, or in the contrary – be avoided.
Do you find yourself following a slow line of cars, for no good reason? If you do, you may be the victim of a very predictable and instinctual behavior.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed a long group of cars to find that one car in the front was going slow because it had problems, and someone they knew, was in car behind them tailing them to safety; yet everyone fell in behind them. Then you’ll start to understand how military planners and refugee drift analysts do their thing.
Not only are high-topped and thick-soled military, hiking, or work boots essential survival wear, under the right circumstances they are highly effective impact weapons.
The first priority target is the skull, using the floor or ground to brace the target so none of the kinetic impact is dissipated by the "shock-absorber" of the zombie's neck .
With either of these goals accomplished, the choice is then to flee or to finish off the zombie with boot stomps. Avoid steel-toed work boots--not only can they cause foot problems (especially bunions) they can suck heat out of an already frostbite-prone region of your anatomy.
Typically, they are heavy weapons used by various nations across the globe during the Middle Ages. It was commonly used by infantry to knock horsemen off the horse, and could penetrate the plate armor with a well-struck hit. Basically an Asian staff, mastery of these weapons began millenniums ago in the Shaolin Temple, in what is now Henan Province, China. It is a tree branch cut into a club or whatever shape you want it, and with rows of metal bolts protruding from the sides for bashing zombies heads in. They are Victorian exercise equipment (borrowed from Asian-Indian Athletes), and fell out of use in the 1930s but have recently regained a retro-comeback among some fitness enthusiasts. This pre-contact weapon was traditionally carved from a single piece of hardwood (usually hornbeam, a variant of ironwood) and was much more durable in close-quarter combat than the indigenous stone-headed tomahawks.
The Cold Steel offering also features a steel-post set into the striking head to concentrate the bone-crushing impact. Gunstock War Clubs regained weapon-fan popularity after the 1992 remake of The Last of the Mohicans, where one was carried and used by the character Chingakook (Russell Means) Cold Steel currently offers a polypropylene model (pictured). Most nunchuks were comprised of two identical wooden sticks connected by rope or small linked chain. Not only can you bash zombies with it, but, with a good swing, the claw end can puncture the skull and rip through the brain with minimal splatter (be careful not to get it stuck). They are also quite durable, and are readily available from any hardware store. Polypropylene is the most recommended out of the three, due to the fact that it has more durability, wood is the second most recommended, although it can break with use, and aluminum can depend if it's hollow or not, however it's not recommended due to the fact that it can get dented and even when hit, it can cause an uncomfortable vibration.

Also, using a spiked bat may completely shatter the skull, sending blood and brain matter everywhere, raising the chances of infection.
Modern ski poles are most commonly made from aluminum and carbon fiber, though materials such as bamboo are still used. However, a hockey stick can be used to gain the upper hand against poorly armed or unarmed human adversaries.
So if your lucky 9-iron was passed on to you by your father, who may or may not have received it from your grandpa, maybe. If nothing else in the general area would be useful, tennis rackets may serve a purpose for simply knocking zombies aside. They are similar to the American baseball bat, though heavier and slightly more durable, but with many of the same problems. A good rule of thumb is that the heavier something is, the easier it will crush a skull, although it may take you off balance and tire you out more quickly. Much of the force put into swinging a bat in cricket is used to swing the arms, rather than the bat (as it is wielded in two hands) anyway. While the scenarios profiled on “Doomsday Preppers” are extreme, there are actual disasters – like Superstorm Sandy or the recent tear of extreme storms across the southeast and up the eastern seaboard – that are much more likely to occur and for which personal preparedness is essential. While you may not need an underground bunker with a year’s supply of canned food, it is a good idea to have a weather radio, flash light, and some non-perishable food items on hand in case the power is knocked out by a storm for example. When we had natural predators, the herd was safety.  When men lead other men, against you, the herd can be a dangerous thing. If given a choice between catching 100?s of people or a group of 5, which one do you think the enemy will go after?
One such proponent is Max Brooks (author of The Zombie Survival Guide), who has written in his book, with outstanding clarity, "Blades don't need reloading." This ignores, however, that blades do require reloading in a very real sense, as they rely entirely on the user for the energy needed to kill something, and melee combat, even with an edged weapon, is extremely tiring and wears on the body. Weapons marked with a *^ are weapons that could either be made or be improvised with another item to produce the same effect, but besides this, they are still pretty common.
Finding one that can take repeated punishment of smashing zombie skulls is a bit trickier, but things made from aluminum are both lightweight and durable.
Limbs are secondary targets only so far as to cripple the zombie enough to then be able to attack the skull.
Not only is the knee joint more susceptible to damage from side-impact, it means a collapsing zombie will not be falling literally into your lap, which can very well result if you attack from the front. Avoid any "urban combat" footwear that may look threateningly cool but are often shoddy-quality, ankle-turning, and fatigue-inducing monstrosities. The only problem with this tactic is that the flail is more likely to wrap around the weapon, effectively making both weapons useless, which can put either user at a great advantage or a disadvantage depending on the strength of the fighters and whether or not they have another weapon.
The slightly inverse-curved weapon typically ranged from 18" to 25" in length and was highly regarded by both Indian and Euro-Americans for its capacity to smash a human skull with a single full-arm awing. While potentially devastating to a human opponent (who reacts to both pain and visual misdirection) nunchuks are ill advised to dispatch a zombie. Finally, the crowbar has a key advantage over other melee weapons—it can be used for its original purpose of prying open boxes, doors, windows, and what have you. Plus there would be no way to holster a spiked bat therefore making it your primary weapon. They have a long reach and can be found anywhere baseball is played (which is to say, anywhere in the United States), and most importantly, they have enough power to crack a skull open in one blow or if you need to cripple it, a good hit in the spine will do. Bats are very easily found, require no prior experience to become effective, and are very durable and light weight. Poles are used in alpine skiing, freestyle skiing (with the exception of aerials), and cross-country skiing. While there are many custom cuemakers, a very large number of quality pool cues are manufactured in bulk. If someone in your group is breaking order, you can use this to restore order, although it isn’t recommended. If the club head says stuff like "1926" "Hand-Forged" "Made In Edinburgh, Scotland" or anything like that, if the head has a good heft to it and if the shaft is varnished wood, chances are a direct hit (or two) would kill a zombie. However, in isolated cases, an old tennis racket can be used to restrain a single zombie until dealt with by removing enough netting until the racket can be easily placed around the neck of a zombie. A professional cricketer can exert an average force of just under 9,000N on a cricket ball, with the peak being almost double this, and so a bat can exert more than enough force to decapitate or crush. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. To get this information across, CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response and National Geographic Channel announced a joint venture to have CDC public health preparedness and response messages appear on the program to get rational, credible information to a segment of the viewing public curious about preparedness. While you’re putting together your emergency supplies talk to your family about where you would go if you needed to take shelter in your home or if you needed to leave town for an impending hurricane.
From there on, you are free to look around for additional advices, consult with your friends, and look in the Internet for samples of Job transfer letters.
If everyone else is standing in line, then they know what they’re doing and you should follow their lead. If a force, whether it be government, foreign troops, militarized jackboot private armies, or zombie robots from hell, you need to move in a planned path away from the herd. Blades also require extreme care in their use and constant, regular maintenance anytime they are employed; a blade that sees regular use can require as much or more maintenance and care than a firearm. Targeting the torso should only be done to knock back down a zombie attempting to get back up.
Finally, avoid "speed-zippers"--these accessories will break under severe or sustained wear. The flanged mace favored by the Mongolians was so effective that it could literally disintegrate a human skull in a single strike. Because Asian history is devoid of armies or cavalries donning heavy armor, bashing weapons were reserved for unarmored combat, and piercing and slashing weapons for light armor.
The main problems with the Kanabo are that it is heavy (over 8 pounds), hard to find, and has little to no secondary purpose (unless you are hunting and need a secondary method of putting prey down, which would need to be around the size of a elephant to not be overkill).
Some look like short, thick turned-wood chair legs with an adjustable-length metal shaft and a D handle.
They can be made of wood or polypropylene, and are effective in bashing skulls and bones of both the living and undead.. One has to get within grabbing distance to connect a blow with them, and unless the entire structure is made of a sturdy metal or studded, the impact on a skull will, at best, cause a small crack. However, actually doing so takes a great deal of upper body strength, as their light weight actually worked against them in this way. In recent years, more technological materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum, etc., have been increasingly used for shafts and butts, and there has been a trend toward experimentation with rubber, memory foam and other soft wraps. Don't plan on using your lucky 9-iron on an attacking ghoul, unless you plan to make him look funny with that 9-iron wrapped around his neck as he starts biting your face off. This can be useful for keeping a zombie at bay and creating a target when said zombie is attacking a survivor.
Not sure what disasters are likely in your area or where you should go during an earthquake or tornado? There are plenty of resources online to get informed about disaster preparedness. If it goes down, in my neighborhood, and the herd panics and bolts, I have a mapped out plan how I will respond, and it won’t be like the panicked sheep in my area. Always remember while active a zombie is ALWAYS attempting to grab and bite any human within contact range. Even if they were wearing a helmet, the flail would deliver some serious blunt force trauma, and the helmet could become so distorted that should the intended victim somehow survive the battle, they'd require a blacksmith to help pry the helmet off his head. It is most effective when you know how to handle it as it is quite heavy, but it can penetrate or crush the zombie skull. Even in feudal Japan, the weapon was rarely used by soldiers, instead being more of a weapon for those with major strength who could swing and recover fast if they missed their target.

The gunstock warclub is also good for knocking zombies out of your way and its not only lethal but also looks nicely nasty. Even then, the chain cannot be too thick, which means it will quickly wear thin, rust, or outright snap like a bicycle chain. Steel and lead pipes would be best suited for the task of bashing heads, although, like bats, they still require a great deal of upper body strength. When you decide to make the step and ask for a promotion by applying to a higher position in the company you work with, or when pressed by personal reasons you request changing of your job location, consider carefully all the pros and contras. If my plan fails, and I must improvise, I will not run with that herd, I’ll fake it and do my own thing. Since ammunition will become increasingly difficult to come by, it is important to keep a quality close-quarters weapon handy. Simply take a flat shovel, preferable no larger than two feet long, and weld two axe blades on either sides.
For this reason, avoid the jumping two-legged stomp ("Bronco Kick") against any zombie who is lying face upward. And being the heavy weapons they are, your speed is greatly reduced while wielding them and much skill and strength are required to use and carry them.
An even more insidious weapon was the morning star, which had numerous spikes on the ball itself, and when used on an unarmored human head, could cause such damage that most of the brain itself could be flung out of the shattered skull.
Use of hardware store dowel rods are inadvisable as they are frequently made from pine, which isn't sturdy enough for combat. In addition, the kanabo may smash a zombie's head a little too well, splattering infected brain matter all over you like watermelons at a Gallagher show. Some can take the shape of a glass bottle (pretty much any glass vessel with a narrow neck) and some look like giant, over sized bowling pins with faded circus paint and fading fancy letters that say stuff like "100-pound Herculean". The speed nunchuks generate is substantial, and can cause substantial bruising, pain, bleeding, and hairline fractures in smaller bones.
Best to ignore these, unless the situation dictates that you get out of an area as quickly as possible, leaving you little time to kill each and every zombie, in which case these would be useful in shoving aside ghouls in your way. Titanium crowbars recently have become available in North America and are lighter than their steel counterparts, yet more than twice as strong. For most people, taking a ghoul down should be easy, assuming the person is not suffering from intense strain in a muscle. However, using melee weapons causes you to run the risk of exposing yourself to infection, either through a zombie bite or blood splatter (although Solanum infected blood congeals, partially minimizing this concern.
Alternatively, sharpen the edges of a flat-bladed shovel until it is suitable for zombie-killing.
However, if you can find one and have the considerable strength and fitness required to effectively wield it, you have yourself a great close-range zombie-smasher. Over time and repeated usage, the spikes wear down and become nubs, but this does not significantly diminish the damage rendered. Also, the studs can come off with enough force, making the weapon less useful after every fight.
It's worth noting that the vast majority of ones that say they're 100 pounds or more rarely approach that weight. It can also generate concussive force, which is irrelevant to a zombie.  It was never designed to penetrate armor, or the thick human skull. On the other hand, a steel tonfa (while rare) could provide the weight and therefore generate enough force to take out a zombie in only a few, well aimed strikes. Because it is so light and cracking the skull takes a powerful swing, it's advised that you only use it if you're fighting a few zombies at a time, or if you're trying to quickly get through a crowd of zombies and don't have the time to kill them. PVC piping is generally rather weak, however an episode of the Internet series Zombie Go Boom proved that multiple strikes can be effective depending on the thickness and length of the pipe. You can build it yourself and it should work in all directions.I hope you like this system and don't forget to show me!
Once you have taken the decision, you have to be precise in writing the Job transfer letter and follow the guidelines. Safety goggles and a closed mouth while attacking should protect most melee weapon wielders), especially if you are tired or injured. It can be used for piercing, smashing, and slashing, though the latter works somewhat ineffectively.
However, don't even think of using this against the undead unless you have lots of practice, or no alternative. An ordinary, one-handed Indian Club offer a slight increase in range over a knife, but multiple strikes may be needed to smash the brain.
Also, if you find yourself an antique police nightstick then by all means use it, those things are made of solid hardwood and a direct hit would be surprisingly effective. Better to strike ahead and make a mistake, than to sit in traffic, and take an extra hour, just because you were afraid to be different. In addition, while a katana or a scimitar might be great to have during a zombie apocalypse, they're about as useful as bare hands if you don't know how to use them.
Train your technique using a store-bought coconut lying on the ground--you will get valuable feedback in the necessary technique and commitment. It would be possible to make a makeshift mace by attaching something somewhat heavy (like a rock) to a thick stick or a metal bar.
When using a flail, having a slightly longer handle and using two hands can improve one's control over the weapon. However, the majority of Indian Clubs that still survive are extremely well-made out of the most durable hardwoods, or occasionally metal.
The PR-24 (short for "prosecutor"), as pictured on the side, can be used to kill zombies by holding the short handle and spinning the baton, connecting to the head.
Once you begin to move on your own, you will quickly start to see how the herd works, and why it’s a weakness. One should be careful not to underestimate the effects of fatigue while using melee weapons. Even fully trained modern experts wear reinforced helmets when demonstrating these weapons, because the whirling ball is so unpredictable that the user has a very good chance of smashing his own brain in with the thing.
The design maximizes centrifugal force by maximizing speed of the spin (force= mass x acceleration).
They travel together, they stand in line together, they watch the same shows, they wear the same clothes, they buy the same items…all because the Herd does it. While adrenaline will endow extra strength and energy, this chemical reaction is an emergency fight or flight response, and will not last long. It is advisable to practice sufficiently before the zombie apocalypse in order to attain the necessary level of competence with the nunchuaku, as they are also functional against multiple zombies.
However, this does require practiced skill and to be most effective, spikes should be added to the end of the PR-24.
Only the highly fit should engage in melee battle for more than a few minutes without having an escape plan.
Another useful quick modification would be to sharpen all ends so they may be used in a stabbing manner to penetrate the skull, though this would require good aim and massive force to successfully execute.
Flailing zombie arms and hands will effectively defeat this weapon (unaltered) as they stop the momentum required to deliver a zombie-stopping blow.

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