David is a wonderful person to work with,he is always very responsive to our request and is prompt on delivery.We reccomend him anytime.
David is an outstanding owner who is very responsible, Knowledgeable, and prompt in responding to customers.
I highly recommend David from Deep Blue Smarthouse for people looking for steel framed housing solutions that can be shipped anywhere in the world. What a wonderful team,I'm happy to be partners, and i'm also happy to become friends in lives.
Our after-disaster portable emergency shelter is a foldable ,modular, multipurpose prefabricated housing solution that will serve your needs and requirements in the best possible manner.
External door: steel, single fold, filled door with opening dimensions of 850X2000mm, furnished with a cylinder lock with 3 keys. Windows are made of: PVC, white color, with dimensions 900X1100mm, single glass in a thickness of 4mm, sliding style.
Focus on the front one, let the rear sights become slightly blurry, and the target should look almost completely blurry. To find your dominant eye, extend both of your arms in front of you, placing your hands together so they form a small triangle.

Hold your firearm with the proper grip, and extend your arms in front of you until the gun’s sights come into view.
Align the sights so the front sight is centered in the space created by the two rear sights, and put your front sight on target.
Pulling back on the trigger will cause the gun to jerk when you fire it, resulting in an inaccurate shot. But this guide should give beginners the information they need to reliably shoot a handgun for the first time, whether at the practice range or in a real-life survival situation. While this post will not cover safety information in detail, you need to be familiar with all the basic functions of your firearm and need to FOLLOW SAFETY RULES AT ALL TIMES. Align your forearm and wrist in as straight a line as possible, and keep your index finger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to fire. However, you don’t want to turn blue, so a relaxed breathing pattern with appropriately-timed firing is ideal.
For the best possible accuracy, place your index finger on the trigger so that the trigger is about halfway between the first knuckle and and tip of your finger. Let it recoil in your hand, keeping a relaxed posture, and let it set itself back on the target.

If shooting with two hands, cup your non-shooting hand under the other, folding your thumb down to ensure it is not hit by the slide when you fire. While finding a breathing rhythm is an individual thing, a good place to start is to take a breath, let out about half the air, hold your remaining breath and fire, then let the rest out and take another. Squeeze the trigger straight back in a slow, continuous motion without any tensing or anticipation of actually firing. This ensures that your shot is as accurate as possible and that you are in the proper position to fire accurately again. If you use this same grip everytime you shoot, you are well on your way to hitting the target. If you become short of breath and your muscles start to shake, take some time to relax and start again.

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