PVP Specific World where you can compete for resources, or just gather people for a huge fight! Additional NotesHere at Acidflux Minecraft, we have 64x64 plots free to all users and protected from griefing!
I joined the server but there are no players online, its kind of boring with no one else there.
Minecraft is not just ordinary video game which you often see in stores.This game is great for those who are creative and like games without any rules. In minecraft you can also find multiplayer game mode.It is very interesting to interact with other players in huge game world.
I love this map,I play it on my server with my friends all the time(I'm the best and I'm willing to challenge anyone to a match just pm me) please make more here take a diamond. Great staff (including me, lol), great system, great plugins (some mine, lol again), and just a great, fun experience for all types of gameplay.

We really do try to make a fun and entertaining environment.You guys make this server great not us.
There are plenty minecraft game servers so every gamer will surely find suitable server to play in. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
If going to another minecraft server, you will need to go back and specify the Use Latest, or other version they may be using. Even though the server is not that popular, the staff here is awesome (love u guys, no homo), people on it always try to help you out, and it is a fun gaming experience! However, this sandbox game is really addictive and fact that game creator is now dirty rich only proves this fact.
For example some hacks allows you to build or craft very fast while others gives ability to fly!

If live in a cave and not never have played this game I recommend to do this right away, because you are  missing something wonderful.
There is also a specific area just for PVP, you can mine, and build, and PVP to your hearts content there.
You start with $500 to spend in game, buy from other players, or pick up a few quick things at the server shop!

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