Here at Wildside Survival we aim to teach you the key skills to live comfortably in the great outdoors, Our courses are run in a lovely part of West Sussex which is only an hour away from London. Wildside Survival’s main instructor is Kevin Wadey who was bought up in the local area of West Sussex and spent most of his childhood learning about the outdoor life. To gain this qualification Kevin had to show an Understanding of the natural environment along with various teaching skills, legislation and Health and Safety and of course Bushcraft.
Wildside Survival School - providing a range of survival skills and bushcraft courses in the Sussex countryside.
Of course you could go out and purchase a crossbow, but making one yourself is far more satisfying and once you have learnt the skill you will be able to make other crossbows in the future. When I went through training back in 1997, it was the hardest thing physically that I’d ever done. I rehearsed it over and over in my head, then pushed myself and was able to pass the initial Pre Training PT test a second time around.
In 1991, the EU adopted a policy of a single emergency services number which would operate for free on any phone, landline or mobile including foreign mobiles. The map shows 112, your new favourite emergency number, if available and 999 or 911 otherwise. Another feature of the GSM network is the ability for the call centre to get a general location of the phone.
If you can determine your position, it's important to ensure that you know how to describe it.
A periodic summary of what's been happening at AaSoS and the Survival's Cool blog together with Wild Food info, updates on the book, course information & offers, product reviews and interesting comments from Facebook.
I really get tired thinking that Augusta (and many other PGA Tour stops) are really the epitome of a golf experience.
Maybe a lot of courses will be slightly redesigned (or simply rebranded) to make their courses links-style in order to justify the lack of green grass. We want all our customers to have fun and to go away from our course with a sense of achievement. This skill would be especially useful for anyone concerned with a SHTF future, as the ability to build your own weapons could be vital for protection and bartering. By the time I got to 1st Phase of training after a few weeks of “Indoctrination” I was a complete train wreck. While everyone else stretches and drinks water you and a select few get your ass handed to you a few yards away.

It came when our fastest runner, a guy who was always being rewarded praised by our instructors (“It pays to be a winner gents”….), rang the bell and quit training one Monday morning. Read on and easily remember how to contact the emergency services throughout most of the world.
Though many of the 80 countries including all of the EU and beyond which adopted this number have their own services number or numbers.
In some countries outside the EU, the number only works on GSM mobile phones or only connects to one of the services, but in a survival situation, who gives a damn who you talk to?
Of course, some countries support more than one such as the UK supporting 112 and 999 and the US 112 and 911. In addition, an emergency call can routed over any network, not just the one on which you are registered. This is not as useful as passing a latitude and longitude or grid reference, but will aid search and rescue greatly in narrowing their search area.
112 is much more useful than any one of the myriad emergency services numbers used throughout the world. They are almost getting to be a parody of themselves – like high-end costume jewelry.
Playability, he said, “should include concepts of firm, fast, and yes, even brown, and allow the running game to flourish. I could see some private clubs and high-end daily fee facilities reduce the amount of water they use to reduce operating costs.
This qualifies Kevin to take groups of people out for walks in lowland britain (Kevin is hoping to do his Mountain Leaders award some time in the near future) Kevin also holds a creative craft certificate which involves wood carving and he is also a qualified First Aider. I thought to myself that if this guy quit, then surely it’s just hanging in mentally, and I’m good-to-go, just don’t quit.
This single number sits alongside their own and functions either as an alias or to an additional call centre which brokers the call to the appropriate services. If the phone is locked and the phone recognises the number as an emergency number either dialed or entered as the unlock key then the phone will allow that call to be made. Given the opportunity, you may wish to ask for your location as this will aid your self rescue should you need it. The first is that SMS messages need very little bandwidth and can be sent in a very short window if coverage is patchy. John has written about this before in an article a few years back (he’s always ahead of the trends!) called, Brown Courses are Good Courses.

I was targeted by the instructor staff for termination and they threw everything they had at me (just ask anyone in my class and they’ll agree). China has 112 as a recorded message describing local emergency numbers (which we now don't have to remember). Most GSM phones recognise 112, 999 and 911 as emergency numbers and some accept more such as 119, 118 and 000 and will unlock and call any of them.
This is not the case in the UK however, where this aspect of the service was removed due to excessive untraceable hoax calls. In addition, most mobile phones will queue a text message until it gets signal unlike a voice call which will simply fail. Of course, if you're travelling to a known location, always look up the local emergency services numbers.
Text messages are also carried over a single control channel rather than a voice channel of which you need two to make a voice call.
If you can only get one message through in an emergency, you don't want it to be your registration message which you'll have to follow by confirmation and then the real deal. Ecuador requires you to dial *112 on a mobile and 112 is only available in Kabul, not all of Afghanistan.
The composition of an emergency message should contain the service required, your location and the nature of your incident. That's a trick question really, as France has three different numbers for their services. It's hardly surprising the central Africa does not support 112 as most of the continent has no GSM network coverage. Even if it does, it is noted that getting a reply may take up to three minutes and a text confirmation message is not sufficient to prove that an agent has or will see the message. Keep your message under 140 characters to ensure that even if the phone is set up for some funky alphabet, you only need one SMS to transmit the details. The best strategy to mix calls and texts at appropriate intervals until you get a response. The International Telecommunications Union suggest that its members adopt 112 or 911 or both as an emergency number.

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