As a trainer myself in a volunteer and professional capacity it was a pleasure to have you training me as I found you articulate, engaging and well timed in the delivery and explanation of the course content. Training Aid Australia provides quality marine training across a range of industries for the public and the corporate sector. Samples of the types of skills and techniques that are learnt on the Wilderness Survival Course.
A selection of shots from the various Advanced Outback Survival Groups based on a 200km walk in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.
Traditional bushcraft technique instruction including napping for knives and spear heads and resin preparation. Antipodean Aviation offers a comprehensive training course in aircraft ditching techniques for both fixed wing and rotary wing flightcrews with certification through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide.
This course is divided into two (2) components with Phase 1 providing theory training and Phase 2 the practical in-water skills.
Antipodean Aviation’s course objective is to best prepare ALL aircraft occupants for what you can expect in a potential controlled ditching event and arm you with the knowledge you need to survive it whether you are in a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. As this course starts with the theory component which is delivered 100% online, students can book onto the course at any time at their convenience and complete the Phase 1 Theory at their own pace. In Australia, HUET training courses are usually run in Goulburn and Sydney, NSW, and Canberra in the ACT, year round. For students based in Europe, dates will be scheduled in 2013 for practical course completion and will be advised to students throughout their Phase 1 training. The Aircraft Ditching, Escape and Survival with Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) Course introduces graduates of this program to the use of Emergency Breathing Systems in the scenario of an emergency water landing or ditching. Attend expertly run bushcraft courses with The British Bushcraft School in the heart of rural England. Dale is famed for his skill with the hand drill and bow drill, with many people booking with the school for specific training in these bushcraft skills.

Bushcraft is a vast subject, encompassing a vast array of survival skills and native living skills. Bow drill and Hand drill courses are now run by request with a maximum of 2 people per course allowing us to give the highest possible level of instruction. In short; we are running these courses, not to make large amounts of money, but simply because we love teaching them and enjoy seeing clients succeed in aquiring these ancient and essential outdoor firelighting skills.
For some, bushcraft is an invisible tool-set that helps them to feel confident, so that they could take control in an emergency and look after their friends and loved ones. Bushcraft courses - north wales outdoor skills provider, Bushcraft courses in the uk bushcraft and survival courses delivered by experienced and professional instructors. Copyright © 2012 Rachael Edwards, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. People often ask me where they can do their training and I certainly won't hesitate in recommending you as their trainer and will direct them to Training Aid Australia to book their course.
Relocation techniques for venomous and non venomous Australian snakes including Snake Bite First Aid instruction. This course is ideal for any pilot, aircrew member or passenger to best prepare them in case of the need to conduct an emergency water landing by day or night. During Phase 1 participants are instructed on topics such as aviation life support equipment (ALSE) familiarisation, flight planning, aircraft configuration and equipment setup, emergency management and decision making, aircraft ditching techniques, water landing and various cabin egress techniques including underwater escape, along with sea survival and search and rescue procedures. Once completed, students can then book onto the next available practical training day convenient to their location. In the United States, courses are currently available in Prescott, Arizona with a number of new locations commencing in 2013. From 2014 onwards, Antipodean Aviation will have a permanent base in Europe to facilitate all practical training elements of all courses. The use of such equipment requires additional knowledge therefore the EBS course is essential to those who will use such devices for over water operations.

The school isn't just about Fire by friction training though, as you can study a full range of bushcraft courses with us.
The empowerment of self-reliance in the bush, can help to alleviate the anxiety of potential disaster if a survival situation occurs.
The course syllabus covers subject areas for pilots as well as passengers from the pre-flight planning stage through aircraft configuration for water landing, techniques suggested for both fixed wing and helicopter ditching along with post-ditching sea survival knowledge and procedures. Phase 2 covers skills training in the swimming pool where course participants can demonstrate their knowledge and skills learned from the theory elements of training in a practical way. For both fixed wing and helicopter aircraft types, conducting an ideal water landing conducive to environmental conditions at the time, surviving the initial impact with the water and underwater escape from the aircraft cabin gets you only half way through your ordeal.
With our Mobile Training Unit’s, Antipodean Aviation’s instructor crew can conduct training onsite anywhere worldwide (where logistically possible).
People travel far and wide to attend our bushcraft courses, in the last year alone clients have travelled from Ireland, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and from New Zealand. We run taster weekends and four day long in depth bushcraft training in a wide variety of the most fundamental bushcraft skills.
Traditional Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) courses usually focus on training from the submerged cabin and underwater egress stages; the problem is you first have to get the aircraft on to the water in one piece!
Having made it through these challenges, survival until being found and rescued completes the picture which could take days or even weeks. We also specialise in meeting the unique needs of our customers, individuals and organisations alike and your time schedules so if you or your staff are in desperate need to be certified as quickly as possible for HUET or Emergency Ditching currency (initial life jacket and life raft training) then contact us as we will most likely be able to help at short notice! This course arms you with the knowledge and skills training from start to finish to help prepare you for any such emergency.

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