Planned Paypal Maintenance in AugustPayPal continues to make significant investments and improve.. GERBER RECALL on Bear Gryls ParangGerber is voluntarily recalling all Stitched Sheaths for Ger.. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to contribute to this site by submitting your own content or replying to existing content. It has been available for PC gamers since mid-summer of 2015 and just crossed over to Xbox One around mid-December.
You'll be able to customize your profile, receive reputation points as a reward for submitting content, while also communicating with other members via your own private inbox, plus much more! The game is currently in "alpha" mode, which is pre-beta release where the game is updating throughout the week as you play. I bought the game for $30 (Steal) through the Xbox One Preview so when the game is officially released in stores I won't have to pay the $60. The environment and dinosaurs are greatly detailed that make you feel like you went back in time.Map The size of the map is massive in this game as it is for any MMO game really.
There are also three different Obelisk's in the game (Blue, Green, and Red) where you bring specified resources to in order to unlock bosses or possibly travel between servers. These regions have different difficulty settings based off of the environment and the creatures in the vicinity.

I personally like West Zone 2 since there is not many fierce predators to worry about and the abundance of resources on that island is perfect! The higher you go in the map, the harder it is to survive due to the harsh environment and the carnivores in those regions. It's always best to spawn in the lower regions and once you level up and get a tribe going, that's when it's best to start adventuring the North.Weapons Since the game takes place during the Stone Age, all the weapons are crafted through resources such as wood, stone, thatch, etc. Whether it's a barricaded 5 story hut or a fortress on the water, the possibilities are endless.The clothing and armor available in this game is pretty sick!
You start off with basic cloth clothing and eventually work your way up to chitin armor as you level up and unlock items. My favorite animal was the Argentavis (which is like a giant phoenix) since you get to explore all of the map fairly quickly and if you are ever in trouble, the Argentavis has great melee damage and is very fast to avoid predators. I've had friends tame a Megalodon for 3 hrs straight (real life time), where as I have tamed low level dinos in a matter of 10mins.CONS:Server Full!
This is the most frustrating part about this game and I have no idea how they can solve it.
Yet, sometimes it ranges from 5 min - 45 min or never because you just get sooo frustrated and get off the game. Developers have been creating more servers just about every week, but they are having trouble with the traffic of gamers that are flooding in to play game.

The servers can also be glitchy at times, but that's expected since the game is still in its early stages.
So I think Ark developers need to update the servers and get rid of the items that are not suppose to be in certain servers. Building up your fortress, taming dinosaurs, leveling up and trying to stay alive takes a lot of time and effort.
Starting off in the beginning is the most time consuming since you're leveling up, getting resources, making a fortress, etc. I believe they should increase the taming effectiveness so they taming time is not as long. Overall Review Ark overall is an outstanding game to play with your friends trying to take over the prehistoric world.
Just make sure you set aside some time and have no upcoming plans because you're re going to be playing this game for awhile, I guarantee that! The official launch date for this game is June 2016, but I suggest buying the game now for $30 instead of waiting and paying the $60 in June.

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